Rhodora X Episode 39-45

Rhodora X Episode 39-45 Angela runs mãd after Roxanne holds her captive in a container, Angela executes her revenge on Rhodora with Martin and Nico’s help

Angela took pity on Roxanne when she mistook her for Rhodora to save her. She later acted with care and Roxanne asked why she was giving her that look. Angela said she changed so quickly and could be blamed if she was being cautious.

Roxanne played along and Angela soon fell into the sea. Roxanne also helped her on the raft with the belief that leaving her in the sea would not help her because she might make it to an Island and returns home.

The next day, they reached a pier and finally Angela was relief that they have made it. Unfortunately, Roxanne hits her neck with an object and kept Angela in a container. She later met a samaritan who sent her to the hospital.

When her family joined her and regained consciousness, she seemed not to know where Angela was and wanted to go and search for her, which the doctor stopped the family from interrogating her as that could affect her health. Later, she lied to the family that Angela drowned but Derick promised to find his daughter at all cost.

Believing Rhodora was telling lies, he hired an investigator to interrogate her but Roxanne did not cooperate. Per Roxanne’s words Angela was wearing a life jacket so the investigator said Angela wouldn’t drown.

This led to a misunderstanding between the Ferrer couple. Derick smirked that Rhodora was not their only daughter and did not care if his action would trigger her sickness, he would do it to find where Angela was.

Roxanne talked to Joaquin to talk to her father not to stress her out because it makes her recall all the frightening moment she passed through during the time the yacht got exploded and were trapped on an Island. She told Joaquin that she did not even have a good to eat so she ate fresh fish.

Joaquin spoke to Derick to refrain from questioning his wife but Derick refused. Joaquin reminded him that he was still the owner of the house so Derick packed out. Joaquin and the family were able to stop him.

That moment Pia had received a video message from an unknown number which the content showed Angela telling her family in tears that she wanted to refix and starts her life all over again so no one should search for her. She wanted them to know she was alive and well.

It turned out that Roxanne realising Derick was suspecting her and believed Angela was alive went to where she kept her and took her next to the sea and got her seated to record her that video. She threatened Angela to do it otherwise she would k!ll Derick. So out of fear, Angela gave in and after the video, she handcuffed her to the container.

Derick called the number and when it didn’t go through, he went to the police to give them clues on where Angela could be found but watching the video, the police said the case was no longer a missing case, hence they would not follow it. Angela was of age and they could not compel someone who didn’t want to get home to return.

All Derick’s plea fell on deaf ears. He questioned Pia to voice out the truth if she knew the whereabouts of Angela but she had no clues. Roxanne gloated and ensured that her secret would be kept to herself. Even when Rhodora pleaded with her, she threatened her and told her if she wanted her to save the life of Angela she should go by her rules.

Fast forward, Rhodora could not contain the truth and tried so hard to figure out where Roxanne had kept Angela. She found some keys to a container in her bag one night when she woke up. Joaquin saw her and she gave him the keys, saying Angela was kept somewhere and the keys could lead them to her she pleaded with Joaquin to find it out.

Since she was not making sënse to him, Joaquin threw away the keys in the washroom and thought Rhodora was just affected by the disappearance of her sister. He later went to ask Derick and Lourdes whether Rhodora has a history of sleep walking and they said no.

At work, he told Santi about it and Santi asked if his wife was acting strange and he said no. He believed he would be able to see it should her sickness reappear. Soon, Derick saw that the body of Rhodora was swollen and asked Joaquin if he had been laying his hands on his daughter.

Joaquin had no idea about what he was saying so he talked to Rhodora and she said she hurt herself while playing with Jenna. She later went to smoke at the pool when Joaquin was at work. There, Rhodora took over her body and quickly threw away the cigarette.

Her alter fought with her when she threatened to find where Roxanne had kept Angela to set her free. She warned Roxanne not to meddle in her family’s issue to hurt her only sister. As they were fighting, Rhodora fell into the pool and her cries caught Derick’s attention and went there to save her.

She woke up at the hospital and her family was worried about her. She said she was okay and they asked who she was. She said she was Rhodora and that calmed the nerves of everyone. She was made to narrate how she got into the pool and she said she slipped and also recalled her last activity before she was admitted.

The family saw that there was no cause for alarm. When she was discharged, Rhodora worried her to go and check on Angela as she might be hungry, Roxanne blamed her for the earlier incident but accepted to go and check on Angela to feed her.

While kept hostage in the container, Angela thought of means to break from the clutches of Rhodora since she was no longer the sister she used to know. Later, Rhodora visited and was setting her free but Angela did not allow her.

Rhodora then threw the keys for her to free herself since Angela failed to believe that she was Rhodora. Before Angela could take the keys, Roxanne took over the host body and stepped on Angela’s hands to snatch the keys. Rhodora fought her alter but to no avail.

Fast forward, Angela removed the strings in her bra to unlock the handcuff. Rhodora left home to the pier but least did she know that Derick was keeping tabs on her. The calling of her name at the pier made her stepped up her game for Derick not to find her.

She went into the container which she was keeping Angela as a prisoner only for her to find out that Angela was calling out to her father and has unlocked herself. She hit Angela for her to faint so that her voice cannot attract Derick’s attention.

As she went to ride her car, Derick who had been desperately searching finally saw her and asked her why she was there. Roxanne lied to him that she was supposed to meet Bianca at the place but realised Bianca, her culinary classmate sent her a message that the meeting was now cancelled.

Derick led her home and when they reached home, he told the family about keeping Rhodora company on that day and she went to a pier. Roxanne went on with her lies that she was planning to set up a restaurant so she and her friend were partnering. Joaquin saw that as a good idea as that would even help get over Angela.

Roxanne knew Derick was spying her and did not believe her so she planned to give overdose of her medicine to Derick in order to get rid of him so that she could have freedom to proceed with her plans. However, when she missed it with the drink, Rhodora threw it away.

Since Rhodora was against it, Roxanne thought of a different plan to ensure Angela and Derick did not get reunited. She visited Angela in the container and announced to her about the deàth of her beloved father. She even went further to show her the newspaper containing his deàth announcement.

Angela became devastated and she kicked her head that no one would be able to save her. As she left, she forgot to handcuff her because Angela has unlocked it. She turned back and when she went Angela shoved her to flee. Roxanne did not find Angela so she rushed back home in hopes of waiting for the return of Angela but the latter never showed up.

Angela began to act like a blind person that evening while walking on the street and was almost hit by a car. She found a refuse dump and spent the night there, the next day, some to cops stumbled on her and she screamed out seeing the handcuff.

She fought the police to break loose from them. One of the cops saw her as a familiar person but couldn’t recollect. Kids who stumbled on her termed her as a mãd person and hit her with stones. Angela was in denial that she was acting mãd. She was being followed and she ran to some uncompleted building but the person saved her.

As Roxanne was wondering where Angela was taking shelter, Angela woke up in an hospital and she met Martin, her saviour. Martin sent her to his house to make her stay with him after she was discharged. There, Angela completely recovered and began to execute her revenge against her sister.

With the help of Martin, she was able to kidnap Jenna from a park where the family was together to have a fun. She told Jenna that she was spending time with her. Meanwhile, the Ferrers and the Vasquez were desperately searching for Jenna.

Soon, the family received a package containing the dress of Jenna which she was wearing before her kidnap and found some hairs making Rhodora believe that history has repeated itself. Angela revealed her plans to Martin that she wanted Rhodora to suffer. She and Joaquin were together because of Jenna so kidnapping her would destroy their marriage.

She also wanted Rhodora to go insãñe for not seeing her daughter. Coincidentally, Rhodora became upset with Joaquin for his careless action which has led to the disappearance of their only daughter. Roxanne intervened on Joaquin’s behalf and blamed Angela since Joaquin had said he got distracted after seeing someone like Angela there but turned and never found Jenna.

Roxanne was positive that Angela abducted the child. Rhodora trusted Angela and knew h she bore no grudges unlike Roxanne. Soon, Lourdes talked to Rhodora to advice her against how she was treating Joaquin since he did not intend for their daughter to get missing but Rhodora thought her mother was siding with Joaquin.

Joaquin who was observing silently decided to leave the house in order to give Rhodora space to miss him and change her spiteful character for him. Jenna, on the other hand, misses her mother and wanted Angela to send her back to her mother. Angela got upset since Jenna would not take no for an answer and shouted at her.

Jenna saw Angela as mean and sneaked out. Heeding to the advice of Martin, Angela went to find out that Jenna was not in her room and she chased after her with Martin. They found her at the gate and she apologised to her, trying to convince her but Jenna was not ready to listen, she ran to the street and was almost hit by a moving vehicle.

This resulted in the kid having an amnesia. Angela took advantage of the situation to change the identity of Jenna to Princess and became her mother while Martin became her father. Elsewhere, the police received a hint about a child which was found and went to the morgue to check.

The family was relieved that the child was not Jenna. Martin forged a passport for Jenna and travelled with Angela and Princess to the state for Angela to finally meet his boss who he had already told her was the reason he searched to find her.

Angela was surprised to find the person was no other than Nico. Nico narrated how he was able to use his situation to his favour to escape the law. He did his with the help of a family friend who was a doctor and had made his heart to stop palpitating to pronounce him deàd. As they were transporting him, the doctor kicked his heart and he survived.

Due to his deformed face, he was able to break protocol at the airport and was sent to the state for medical treatment. There, he had a surgery and got better while he kept in touch with Martin to find Angela.

Martin talked to Angela to give Nico a chance into her life, stressing that Nico was a good person and he was the one who helped him and his father during days in poverty for them to be who they were now. Angela stayed with Nico while Martin travelled back to Manila.

Four years later, Angela saw announcement of Rhodora, Derick and Lourdes looking for Jenna and she decided to go back to Philippines to see her father. She sent unanimous invite to Rhodora and the Ferrers’ family to come to a party of someone.

Not knowing the person, the Ferrers were shocked to discover that Angela was the one and introduced an eight years girl by name Princess as her daughter and also introduced Martin to her family as her husband and Princess was his daughter from his first marriage.

Later, Roxanne was able to figure out the child as Jenna but Angela denied her claims. Her parents apologised to Angela and they told her that Jenna got missing and since Princess’ birthday falls on the same day with Jenna and their age were also same, Rhodora was mistaken her for Jenna.

After the party, Rhodora went to inform Joaquin about the new development on Jenna. She was sure the child Angela was posing her off as Princess was actually Jenna. Joaquin informed the police and they went to Martin’s place, only for Angela to drive them out.

Martin told them he was a lawyer and before any interrogation with his wife concerning their daughter, they needed to come with a warrant. Angela then told Princess to tell them who her real parents were and she also said Angela and Martin.

Joaquin while alone with Rhodora said she might be mistaken because Jenna could not say Angela and Martin were her parents. Rhodora believed she was brainwashed or Angela has cast a spell on Jenna. She told Joaquin to believe her that Princess was Jenna. Joaquin doubted Angela would brainwash their daughter so Rhodora thought he was siding with Angela.

Later, Rhodora witnessed Derick setting up a date with Angela for them to have a drink at the mall. The next day, she tailed Derick to the mall and when Princess was given a chance to go with her nanny to shop so that she could give it to her friends back home, Rhodora dragged her from the shopping centre to introduce herself to her as her mother.

In the restaurant, Derick tried to fish out why Angela left the family. Angela said she desperately wanted to start all over again that was why she left so everything in the video was true. Derick now confirmed that Rhodora has no hand in her bitter decision.

Princess began to cry, saying she was not Jenna and Rhodora was not her mother. The nanny searched everywhere and couldn’t find so she returned to the restaurant at the mall to check if she was with Angela. Angela got upset with the nanny and they went back to the shopping centre but found Princess with Rhodora.

She got upset with her father Derick for conniving with Rhodora to kidnap her daughter. She called Rhodora a worthless mother and sister for neglecting her daughter for her to get missing and walked out on her father. When she reached home, she fired the nanny but Martin was not in support of it.


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