Rhodora X Episode 8

Rhodora X Episode 8 Cita gives her consent to Joaquin’s relationship, Angela runs secret DNA test on Rhodora

Cita was unpleased with Joaquin’s decision to go after Angela. Joaquin made it clear that he would follow his heart and walked out on Cita. Cita ran after him, calling him but Joaquin failed to respond. He drove his car off and Cita ordered the driver to follow Joaquin as she was not ready to lose her grandson to Angela.

In bed, Lourdes told Derick that Panchang has started to get along with Rhodora. Panchang was listening unto their conversation and she was determined to expose Rhodora. Roxanne went into the room of Angela to pick her black sëxy dress.

She headed to the Unwind bar and Panchang followed her there. She was not allowed her in. Roxanne saw Bianca and the latter said she saw her at the coronary class and she pretended not to know her. Roxanne made it clear that she was a dancer and not a caterer.

Panchang made her way through to cause a scandal. She check the knife scar on Roxanne’s chest and realised she was Rhodora. Roxanne denied knowing Rhodora while she reflected on everything that had happened between her and Panchang.

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The security took Panchang away for harassing Bianca and her friend, Roxanne. Roxanne left since she was no longer in the mood to party. Cita who followed Joaquin quietly listened to the conversation of Joaquin and Angela. Joaquin told Angela that he did not allow his grandmother to stop him from seeing her.

Angela said it was not fair to his grandmother since she was the one who raised him. She said family was important and he should convince his grandmother to make her understand before they marry.

Roxanne got a ride from the bar owner who said she was popular and lōved by many so he wanted her to be the PR of the place and gave her money for the beginning to prove how serious he was. Cita arrived home and was drinking while Santi tried to calm him.

He told Cita to give Joaquin chance to be with the woman he lōved. Cita indicated that lōve fades and she believed in her heart that Angela would bring bad omen to Joaquin. Santi said that was what she thought but she should allow Joaquin to experience it himself. Joaquin arrived there and told Cita that he was not ready to leave Angela.

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Panchang got home to find Angela sitting outside and she started claiming that Rhodora was an imposter and she caught her in a bar with a whore friend of hers. Lourdes and Derick appeared and Panchang insisted that Rhodora was out and she was not Rhodora. Surprisingly, Rhodora appeared and said she had been sleeping inside.

Panchang insisted she was in the club. Derick objected and believed Panchang was seeing things. Panchang tried to look for the red box which Roxanne kept her fashionable attire in but couldn’t find it in Rhodora’s room. Rhodora said the red box did not belong to her it was Panchang who was holding it the other time and insisting that she was the owner but she was not.

Derick threw her out from Rhodora’s room. The next day, someone found the red box and took the dress. Angela sent Panchang’s breakfast to her room. Panchang pleaded with her to believe her that the girl was a two timer so Angela should help her expose her. They decided to run a secret test on Rhodora so when she was with Derick and Lourdes at the hospital, Angela rushed to her room to take hair strands from Rhodora’s hair brush.

At the hospital, the neurologist said Rhodora was fine and there was nothing wrong with her. Lourdes said she had been having some blackouts and headaches and the doctor said per her traumatic past, her problem might be psychological. That she said was from the post traumatic stress and she was adjusting to her new environment.

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Lourdes told Derick that they have to talk to Vivian instead. Rhodora got home to find Angela in her room. Angela quickly hid the strands of hair she took and told Rhodora that she was there to check if she had returned. Rhodora said she was fine per the neurologist. Joaquin went to see Angela at her work place to announce to her that Cita finally accepted their relationship.

Nico, the boss of Angela introduced him to Rian, his kid brother who would be in charge of the Industry unit. Rian met Joaquin Vasquez, head of the Vasquez industry. Joaquin said he was not there for business but to talk to his girlfriend. He told Angela the good news. Nico gave Angela the entire afternoon to be with Joaquin.

Cita told her secretary that she would go and make up with the Ferrers since Joaquin and Angela were back together. As Lourdes was telling her husband how Panchang was now coiled back to her shell and Derick was making a joke out of it, they received a call. Derick went for it and it was about the test Angela secretly conducted on Rhodora.

Angela arrived home and her parents questioned her. Before she could answer, Rhodora also arrived and was stunned to know that angela performed a secret test on her. She urged them to go for it to prove to them that she did not lie about her identity.

Derick together with Panchang went for it. When they came home, Panchang opened the test and it was positive. Rhodora said they now have it and she was sad that Angela who she thought on her side would do that to her. She rushed to her room and Lourdes told Angela that she has hurt her sister’s feelings while she had told them that she did not want anyone to perform a test on Rhodora.

She told Angela that she did not listen to her and urged her to go and apologise to her sister. Panchang saw that there was something wrong even if the test came out positive. She did not understand why she goes to the club.

Rhodora layed on her bed to cry about what Angela, her most trusted ally did to her. She saw the door banging and began to reflect on the days she was locked up inside the barn and was struggling to be out. She began to have relapse when Angela was begging her while standing outside the door.

“Apology isn’t accepted!” Rhodora whose identity has switched to Roxanne hissed.

“Brace yourself because you’re going to pay for everything you did to Rhodora.”


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