Ruby Ring Episode 1

Ruby Ring Episode 1 Yana uses lies, deceit, men and body to work her way to fame 

The scene opened up with a family which was hit by a catastrophe of l*ve. Nicolas left his pregnant wife, Olga for his mistress and asked his sister Lyuba to be with Olga. He pleaded with Olga, saying he had tried to put up with her to save the marriage but his heart belonged to someone else and could not cope anymore.

Olga wanted him to stay with her due to her pregnancy but he revealed to his wife that his mistress was also pregnant and left. His kid sister, Lyuba pleaded with her brother not to do what he intended doing but he refused and left his wife in his sister’s care.

The act of her husband forced her to be in labour. Later, Nicolas arrived home with a baby claiming his mistress died out of complications while giving birth.

Olga had passion for the baby and breastfed her. Some months later, the kids had already sat down and Lyuba came up with a news that Nicolas had an accident at work and died. Olga promised to raise the girls all alone.

22 years later, the girls were already grown up and Yana wanted to borrow her sister’s dress but she saw her sister’s dress no match to her due to the nature of her job.

The two sisters have different dreams, aims and aspirations and they work their way through to achieve it.

As the scene got rolling, Olga who is a cook in a restaurant lamented that her children had failed to open up their relationship to her. She said Yana kept indulging in problems while Anya who used to talk to her about her relationship had failed to do so lately.

Early in the morning as the sisters were going about their daily routine, Yana who had a dream of being a TV host complained about her mom. She said she did not take good care of her but Anya said their mom has not been stingy with them.

As they were walking, Yana bumped into items which had been displayed for sales. Anya helped the seller to pick up her items but Yana blamed the seller for selling on the way.

She realised that the seller has cards which meant that she could be a sorcerer. The seller admitted that she tells people their destiny and told the sisters that she could tell them their destiny but Anya said she was not interested since she did not believe in it.

However, Yana cooperates and was told that her dreams would come to pass as she would have a glory, recognition, money and all of a sudden everything would fall into place but would have to pay high price for it.

Yana said she was willing to sacrifice to get her dreams to come true. She displayed another card but the sorcerer saw a bad omen. For a moment Yana was shaken due to how silence the sorcerer was she asked the woman what fate had for her and she said nothing.

The two sisters left while the woman kept staring at them. Yana was happy with her fortune. She later got to a production room to find out that her name was not selected for the role as a TV host.

She attacked Marina as she thought she sabotaged her but the director, Andrey sent her out and convinced her that he would get her a new show to host. Andrey promised to get her name in a new TV show and she proved herself by seducing him.

She flirt around with the director and asked him for money to buy new clothes. Andrey did not give her money but told her he was busy and would give her the money the following week.

Yana left him and went to a boutique. She got a dress she wanted but had no money to pay. All her cards had no enough money so the shopkeeper asked her to remove the dress. Yana torn the dress in the process and the storekeeper compelled her to pay otherwise she would inform the police.

After exploring all her chances with her men, she called her mother and her mother refused to send her money as she wasted money on unnecessary things. She tried Anya’s contact but Ana did not receive.

Anya was working as a marketer at the Cherkasy-SilikatBud. She was made to make a report for the company as the company would soon be in the hands of different investors since it has been sold so she was busy with work and was not close to her phone.

Fortunately, Vikil, one of Yana’s victim came to the boutique and Yana made him to pay her debt. The man decided to go home with Yana but she insisted on going to the club and dance.

The girls mother wondered if she had been a good mother for denying her the money. As Yana was happy having fun with the man in a club, her sister who was at work slept and hard a dream about she and her boyfriend playing and making l*ve.

After spending the man’s money in the club to break bottles, Yana wanted the man alight her at her house but the man wanted to send her home to make her repay him with her body.

Yana was smart and quickly ran off from the car when Vikil pulled over. Vikil got hold of her and was forcing her into his car when Anya reached there to save her sister. Vikil would not have none of that and still insisted on sleeping with Yana since he already knew Yana was just using him to settle her debts.

Their aunt finally reached there to rescue them. She hit Vikil which enabled the girls including her to run home. Their mother asked why they were running. She learnt about the issue and asked Yana who the man was. Yana lied to her mother that she did not know Vikil and referred to him as psycho.

Vikil kept making noise to disturb the family so the girls’ mother was compelled to settle Vikil. She took his credit card number to send him the money. Later, the woman disciplined Yana for using the man to settle her debt but her daughter blamed her for failing to help her out.

Meanwhile, Yana gave her sister the dress to mend. The mother was thinking on how to raise the money. Anya advised her sister to stop wasting money and told her about the problem she was facing at work which would make her unable to help her settle her debts.

The next day, Andrey, the director managed to get Yana a show to host which she wore the dress she bought at the boutique. Her family watched her on TV and was glad to see her.

Her mother complemented her daughter, saying she looked good on screen. After the show Andrey sent Yana to a room to have $e× with her.

Andrey after the $ex told Yana about his mother who passed away in an accident. He was into Yana that he wanted to marry her but Yana cut him and left.

At the restaurant Pedro eavesdrop when the girl’s mother’s friend was lamenting on how men used her money and dumped her. Pedro wanted to be nice to the woman but she left since she had promised herself not to make any man make a f00l out of her again.

Zorena, one of the cooks apologised to Pedro for her friend’s behaviour, however, Yana did a pregnancy test and realised she was pregnant.

“This cannot be happening,” she cried.


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