Ruby Ring Episode 11

Ruby Ring Episode 11 Anya wakes up from coma, her identity gets switched

At the wedding reception, Gregory wished the newly couple happiness and welcomed the imposter into the family. He gave her a necklace. She fancy it, her action attracted gossip from the family friend. The pretty damsel had an alternative opinion about Anya (Yana). To her, the imposter was evil and not as good as the Davorsi family were saying about her.

Lyuba is still upset with Pedro for posing off as a different person on a dating site to make fun of her. Olga said Denis and Anya looked good together. Catalina admitted that they looked good and said sorry to Olga for talking ail of Anya (Yana).

Lyuba spoke her mind again, and Catalina complemented her straightforwardness and had a toast for the newly couple. Anya (Yana) and Denis hit the dancefloor.

As the family were making merriment, Olga had a call from the hospital that Yana (Anya) has regained consciousness. The family left for the hospital and they told Catalina to inform the newly couple later.

The impostor realised the change in atmosphere and was told that her sister has regained consciousness. The impostor collapsed.

She later woke up and thought of means to cover her lies. She told Denis to send her to the hospital. She was scared that Anya would inform the family the whole truth.

She cursed Anya for making her happiness short lived. At the middle of the road, she told Denis to pull over and tried convincing him to take the lead to where they were supposed to have their honeymoon but Denis rather cancelled his flight.

He said he would be with her by any step of the way and would not leave her alone as her family issue was his issue as well. He then drove to the hospital.

At the hospital, Olga was told by the doctor that Yana’s case was delicate, although she has woken up but she should not be agitated with so much issue. The doctor said they could continue reading books to her.

Olga went in to see that Yana (Anya) did not recognise her so she introduced herself and Lyuba to her. The imposter and her husband also arrived but Anya had a negative reaction once she saw the impostor’s face.

She became agitated and started touching her face, a doctor was called. He told everyone to leave.

At Dovorsi’ mansion, Catalina said everything about the wedding was wrong. She said when they planned the wedding, there was an accident, then plastic surgery and during the wedding Yana (Anya) woke up which was a signal of something she could not lay her hand on.

The impostor got to her Marital home with Denis and they were asked about Yana. She said she has woken up and said she was tired. She recalled everything that Olga said concerning her sister’s situation.

She then called the doctor who did her plastic surgery to inform him about the development. The doctor demanded for his money before he would help her.

She later met the doctor and she wanted to blackmail the doctor. The doctor said he would not be in trouble but the impostor would be exposed. Yana was compelled to send 30,000 to the doctor.

The doctor said they agreed on 50, 000 and that was the amount he would take. Yana pleaded with him to understand since any movement would expose them. She promised to give him the rest of the money later.

She told him to start her sister’s surgery as soon as possible before their secret comes to light. Denis had an alert that 30,000 has been transferred from the joint savings account. He wanted to call Yana to ask her what she was doing with that huge sum.

He had an alternative thought that she might need it for her sister’s medication since her sister just woke up. He told himself never to mistrust his wife. That night he never wanted to touch his wife due to the issue in her family but Yana said they had waited for long time for that. She also pleaded with him to trust her no matter what happens. They had $e× .

The next day, Olga was told that Yana (Anya) was suffering from amnesia, the doctor explained that it was due to either head injuries or her prolonged coma.

The impostor was happy that her sister’s situation could help her roll out her plan and said she was saved. The doctor said it was a miracle for Yana (Anya) to wake up. Lyuba introduced Anya, the impostor to Yana (Anya) and she said she did not know her.

Anya (Yana) was happy, she told the doctor to perform the plastic surgery. Gregory send his daughter, Carolina to a media house he owned and gave it to her to run it.

The surgeon after settling his issue with the clone head to the hospital to talk to Olga and Yana (Anya) that they could perform her surgery now since her doctor has given him the go ahead. Olga spoke with Andrey, who was working outside the country that Yana has regained consciousness.

Carolina planned to hire Yana to her TV channel and Anya, the impostor said she also liked television show hosting but Carolina said Denis said her interest was in marketing.

Anya was sad that Greg did not give her the studio, she thought she would own the TV station but promised to play her role well to get everything she wanted in the house.

Days later, Andrey arrived and went straight to the hospital to be told by Olga that Yana (Anya) was having her surgery. Andrey was not happy about the development and asked Olga why she did not inform him about the surgery.

Andrey confronted the surgeon for putting his profession on the line to make clones out of two sisters. He asked the surgeon how much Yana the one he changed her face to Anya paid him but the surgeon denied. Unbeknownst to him, Andrey was recording their conversation.

He then head to Anya’s ward but Olga told Andrey not to say anything that would upset her. He went in and said sorry to her for whatever het witch sister had done against her. Yana (Anya) seemed fine since she did not know what was going on around her. All that she knew was that Andrey was her boyfriend and she was called Yana.


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