Ruby Ring Episode 2

Ruby Ring Episode 2 Fate joins Ana with her old l*ver, Denise while Yana tries to abort her baby

It was a sudden darkness that switched the workaholic Ana into a state of shock. Her heart beat rapidly when her eyes fastened through the dark vision at the basement. She is a person who is scared of darkness and the incident made her recall her childhood days when she called Yana and her mother for help.

A light rays emitted on her eyes, it was Denise who heard the screams of the poor lady and came to her aid. As surprised as she was, she had a glimpse of the gentleman at the basements and left hurriedly as if the man was her devil.

So soon, she came across Denise again as her colleague introduced him to her. She suspected that something happened between the two hence Ana’s action of distancing herself from him.

Knowing the lady was not feeling at ease, Denise decided to excuse himself to play a piano. The sound of the piano seemed to pierce the heart of Ana so she put up a character again to flee from there.

Denise was her new boss but Ana was finding it hard to get along with him since there was a secret between them yet for us to find out.

Denise later got home to meet his parents and they asked him of his first day at work. His parents were actually waiting for him for dinner so he made up his mind to change and return.

In his room, he recalled his previous romance with a particular l*ver, who turned out to be Anna. Meanwhile, Anna got home to find Yana covered in a blanket sleeping on the bed. She wanted to talk to her but Yana who was not having a good time after the test result yelled at her sister, thinking her sister would lecture her about her extravagant lifestyle.

Ana then went to bed. The next morning, Denise and Anna bumped into eachother. She greeted him and he wanted to talk to her but Ana did not want to give him such opportunity.

Denise carried her to his office and queried her on why she failed to pick his calls all those years. Anna demanded him to treat her as a subordinate otherwise she would report him. She considered Denise’ action as harassment which was against the law.

At the restaurant, Pedro informed the cooks that he was not married and had no family. However, Yana hosted a live broadcast and wished to get into the house which was the location for the live broadcast.

Anna tried writing a resignation letter but she had other thoughts about how she would inform her family about it. The Director found out that Yana was pregnant for him and was ready to marry her but Yana was not ready to get fat and lose her shape.

Yana was not ready to sacrifice her dream to have a child. The director, Andrey assured her that everything would be fine as he owned an apartment and a car which was not all that expensive but assured her that he would get a better job for them to live happily.

To Andrey, the baby was a miracle since Yana was taking in contraceptives yet ended up getting pregnant. Andrey sent Yana home and she introduced him to her mother as his director.

Andrey told her mother that she had a beautiful daughter, referring to Yana and wished to marry a woman like her some day. After Andrey left, Yana was asked by her mother about her actual relationship with Andrey and she insisted that he was her director and denied having any special relationship with him.

Later, Yana came to meet Ana’s phone ringing. She asked her to receive the call as she was not doing it, Yana received the call since the name was a great business tycoon she had heard.

She asked Denise if he liked her sister and he said he was in l’ve with Ana so she passed the phone to Ana. Denise then told Ana that he was on his way to her house and would be there till the next day or two days time or anytime she would come out to talk to him.

Ana then agreed to talk to him. It turned out that Denise and Ana were dating while in school. Denise arrived and he pleaded with Ana and tried explaining that as he was leaving the country to United States of America to further his studies, he called, wrote a letter and texted her yet she did not answer.

Denise expressed worry, as the silence of Ana was killing him and was feeling tortured. He still l*ved her and was willing to do anything to make their relationship work.

Ana said she was happy that he was going through that emotional moment she also passed through and left, saying she did not trust Denise anymore.

Meanwhile, Yana was dying to know what her sister and Denise were talking about. Ana came in and Yana insisted on her to spill the beans from her date but Ana said she was not in the mood to talk about Denise and it was not a date, they were only talking.

Their mother got into the room to demand Ana to tell her who the man she was talking to earlier was. She asked if he was her boyfriend but she denied and pretended to be sleeping.

Meanwhile, Denise reached home in foul mood and his father asked him what was wrong. Denise said his dad compelled him to have an MBA degree in the United States which he abandoned his friends and girlfriend to do it without protesting.

His father also gave him an enterprise and he was taken care of it and asked his father to have more trust in him. He then walked out on his parent. Leo was not happy with his son’s foul mood and decided to get to the bottom of it.

The next day, he went to the office to find out how things were going at the office and he learnt about the hardworking employee whose name was Ana.

Elsewhere, Yana went to hospital to get her pregnancy aborted. As Leo was making a call to find out more about the dedicated employee, he had an heart attack trying to mention that employee’s name. Ana arrived at the scene to find the old man collapsing while having trouble breathing. She ran to his aid.


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