Ruby Ring Episode 3

Ruby Ring Episode 3 Denise and Anya rekindle their relationship

After assisting the father of her new boss who came to Cherkasy-SilikatBud silicate plant to check on the work, Anya and Denis addressed their issue at the hospital. Denis realised that Anya unnecessarily got jealous of his sister who she thought was his l*ver.

Gregory, the father of Denis set that trap to make Anya get jealous and breakup with his son.

Denise assured her of his sincerity and proposed to be with her again. He was head over heels in l*ved with her. Anya was ashamed for getting jealous unnecessarily. She could not answer Denis and walked out but Denise followed.

At the restaurant, Pedro spoke with Olga about working at the restaurant as part time. Denise’ father told Catalina that he wanted to be discharged already.

Catalina asked about the person who saved him and he voiced out that the lady he tried ruining her relationship with Denise actually was the one who saved him and was grateful that Anya saved his life.

Denis and Anya sorted out their differences. He apologised for his inability to explain things to her before traveling to school. Anya also apologised for not trusting him more. They agreed to start all over again and planned to meet in the evening.

He tried k!ssing Anya but she swerved and went inside her car and drove off. At the restaurant, the girls mother prepared food while Pedro helped out.

That evening, Denis’ father was discharged and was sent home due to his stubbornness. The family were prepared and dying to meet Ana. Denis told them that he and Ana were not dating yet, they were just starting all over again.

His grandmother asked him to bring Ana home so that she would detect if she was able to get along with her, then she gives her blessings.

Denis and Anya met that evening and he complemented her looks while giving her a bouquet. She asked how his father was doing and he said he was fine. Denis used that moment to apologise for every harm his father caused Anya.

Anya said she has forgiven him, on the contrary, Denise said if he was Ana he would not easily forgive his father. Elsewhere, Lyuba told her that she should go home as she was waiting for someone.

Olga wanted to know the person Lyuba was going to see but she denied Olga that opportunity. Olga thought Lyuba had gotten herself involved with another scumbag who would spend her money and dump her but the desperate woman said she was no f00l to allow any man to dump her again.

She promised to get married before turning 40 and would ensure she got a rich man. As Olga left, the woman pushed Pedro’s head into the bush. Unfortunately for her, Olga returned to her friend’s house to find her in the company of Pedro.

She later visited Olga to beg her for telling her lies. The l*ve birds after their outing had a little chat. Denis brought Ana home while carrying her in his arms and gave her good night k!ss.

Meanwhile, Yana who was devastated and drinking her head out appeared in the dark to watch the l*ve birds with her disdain eyes.

Anya got home and found her mother sleeping. She woke her up and Olga asked her who gave her the flowers and she said they would talk about it the next day.

She shifted all the answers to her mother’s questions to the next day. Later, Yana sat before the mirror to look at the dark circles on her eyes. She realised she was getting pale.
At Denis’ mansion, his father asked for forgiveness for coming in between his relationship with Anya. However, Denis asked him to forget about it.

Anya got to the room to attend to a phone call after a quick shower. Denis wanted to meet her for them to have breakfast together before going to work. Yana asked if Denis had already proposed and her sister said they just started again and had not reached there yet. Yana advised her to grab that opportunity when Denis asked her hand and Anya agreed.

As she came out and went inside Denis’ car, Lyuba saw her and went to ask Olga if Anya had taken a day off from work.

Olga said Anya was off to work and her friend said she saw Anya going with a certain gentleman who owns an expensive car. Yana intruded in the conversation and said the gentleman was Denise, a successful business man who women were dying to have him by their side.

She referred to her sister as lucky to have such a man but her mom made her to shut up. Elsewhere, Anya realised that Denis was not sending her to a restaurant or the office and queried him.

Denis said they were not going to work. He sent Anya home but Anya was not prepared to meet Denis’ family. Denise insisted that she was looking good and was pretty, adding that his parents and grandmother were dying to meet her.

In the mansion, Denis introduced Anya to his grandmother, Catalina and mother, Valeria. His father quickly came out to welcome Anya to make her feel at home. The family were so happy to meet her.

Soon, Denis sent Ana to his room. There, he put the scarf which always reminded him of Anya around her neck and asked if she remembered it.

“Yes! this is made by me and I spent three weeks in making it. It did not come out great,” Anya smiled.

Elsewhere, Yana was walking in solo that night. She came across a well furnished apartment and her ambitions grew wild. She stopped for a moment and made known her intentions.

“I will be fine, I will own this house one day.”

“I will forget about love!”

“I will get rid of Andrey and this baby, for sure!”

At Denis’ mansion, he listened to Anya as she talked about the scarf and he sighed.

“This is very special to me and I have been keeping it in awe as it always reminds me of you and the special moment we spent together.”

Denis caressed her face and they got into the l*ve mood. He k!ssed the f*ck’ng out of Anya the entire night in his room. She also received the k!sses with so much joy and responded by inhaling his breath as they locked lips and tongue while swallowing each other’s saliva.


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