Ruby Ring Episode 4

Ruby Ring Episode 4 Yana plans to snatch Anya’s boyfriend over a Ruby Ring Denis use to propose to her 

Yana still longed to be rich in life and get all her dreams come to pass. She tried making a call in her desperate desire. Lyuba told Pedro that he humiliated her infront of Olga.

The family of Denis prepared to meet the family of Anya. Valeria searched for a dress which she would wear to meet her soon to be in law. She asked of Gregory’s mother opinion on the dress that she should wear and Catalina chose the orange one.

Meanwhile, Yana was in the club with her friend trying to get herself entertained after the trauma of figuring out what to do in her life with her current mess.

Fast forward, Anya arrived in a restaurant with Olga to meet her soon to be in-laws, Catalina, Valeria, Gregory and Denise. The two families exchanged pleasantries and shared a moment together to know each family better.

Meanwhile, Andrey realised that Yana was given him the cold should and could not understand why his beautiful red-admirer girlfriend was given him attitude. He asked one of the production team member if she had set eyes on Yana.

Realising Yana has not been at work, Andrey called her to find out what she has been up to. Yana who was drunk received the call and snubbed Andrey. She warned him not to talk to her or ask about the baby, after her tantrums she ended the call.

Pedro drove Lyuba to a particular place but Lyuba came across a man who stole her money hanging out with a new woman. Lyuba made noise and call the man a thief. Due to the woman he was with the suspected thief termed Lyuba as Knut and denied knowing her.

As Lyuba was calling for help to compel the swindler to get her the money, the man kicked her and fled. She fell but quickly rose and ran to Pedro, demanding him to drive after her acclaimed swindler. Pedro drove after the man and they caught up with him.

Pedro hit the man Lyuba claimed was the scum. Pedro punched the man till he fell. The man nose bled and he asked what he did against Pedro. Lyuba realised that it was a mistaken identity and the police who arrived at the scene arrested Pedro.

At the police station, it was established that Pedro has had a past criminal record and the new incident could affect him negatively. He pleaded with the officer. Lyuba admitted that she was at fault as she was the who mistook the man’s identity of a scumbag who stole her fortune and dumped.

She insisted on being the victim so the police asked her whether she filed a complaint about the earlier crime which she said no. The police saw her as a person who has taken the law into her hand to do what she pleases.

Andrey realising Yana was drunk, hence her tantrums rushed to the club to find Yana in the grasp of another man. The jealous director fought with the man and forced Yana to go with him.

They had ran for long and Yana was tired. She then confronted Andrey for chasing after her. Andrey was concerned about the unborn child and the welfare of Yana but Yana’s interest was rather in a rich folk.

“Listen to me Andrey, there will be no child. Forget about me and the baby because I am going to abort this baby.”

“Abortion is dangerous. What if you never have the chance to give birth again?
If you abort this baby I won’t forgive you.
Yana I want to marry you and give the child a future,” Andrey cried.

After the family meet up, Olga asked of her leave. Finding out that Anya’s family were noble beings, Catalina confronted her family about their attitude of stereotyping. She trust her grandson and knew Denis would come home with a well mannered girl.

Pedro’s case was settled and was set free after the intervention of Olga. Olga warned Pedro against future incident as that would surely end him behind bars. He later confronted Lyuba a threatened not to help her anymore.

Yana reached home to meet no one after dusting up with Andrey. She was aware that the family as usual given her kid sister, Anya all the necessary attention since she has in a net a successful business tycoon.

A sound was heard, she realised the family had returned. She quickly laid on her bed and covered herself with blanket, posing off to be asleep. Olga was happy to see Yana already home but realised Yana was drunk. She was upset with her daughter’s action and asked Anya what they could do to stop Yana from drinking.

After Olga left, Yana rose from the bed to attack her sister for always getting into the good book of the family.

“How did you seduce a rich guy like Denis, show me?”

She later confessed to Anya that she was pregnant and asked her to escort her to the hospital for abortion. Anya advised her against her decision but Yana was not ready to do so. She was practically not interested in Andrey.

Fast forward, Yana bumped into Denis in a bizarre encounter. Denis tried to help her out with her shoes. Yana then introduced herself to him as his sister-in-law when she asked him for a favour.

Obviously, being a sister to a woman who he termed as the l*ve of his life, Denis put on his gentleman attitude and they sat together to have a drink as they chitchat.

He revealed his intentions to Yana as he was ready to walk down the aisle with Anya. He brought out a Ruby Ring and showed it to Yana if her sister would like the ring. Yana made him take the ring from its case and she put the ring on her finger to see how it is.

The director who was disturbed about Yana’s mean actions towards him visited a restaurant. There, Olga recognised him and confirmed whether he was the director, Yana introduced him to her some time ago.

The action of Yana puzzled Denis, he watched her in astonishment, after realising herself and fantasising about the ring she took it off and asked Denis if he thought she would keep it. She gave a good complement about the ring, adding that as the ring fits her the same way it will fit Anya since both have same finger size.

Denis was glad that Yana has confirmed her sister’s interest and was all set to propose to Anya with the ring. Finding Yana beautiful he was confident that Yana also had a boyfriend but she said she broke up with him and believed she would soon get a rich gentleman like him in her life. Denis affirmed that with Yana’s beauty a great man would soon come her way.

He then got a call from work and hard to get back. He excused Yana and in soliloquy Yana hatched an evil plan to trap Denis and make him hers.

“Anyways, there is no one better than you, Denis…. but I will do everything I can to make you mine.”

Andrey was glad that Olga has recognised him. He then asked her if she had noticed any changes in Yana’s behaviour, explaining that she had failed to pick his calls and was worried about her. Olga puzzled, she told Andrey that since he was Yana’s director and worked together he should know Yana’s whereabouts.

Anya and Denis met together that night.

“I l*ve you Anya like I have never loved anyone before.

I knew it from the start that you will forever be mine.

Tell me my l*ve will you marry me?”

She nodded in agreement and Denis k!ssed her hand as he rolled the ring down into her finger, giving reasons on why he chose that particular stone for her.

“I chose ruby on purpose: This stone is a symbol of love, it lusts longer which explains how precious you are. This stone gives meaning to your name Anya.”

As the l*ve story was unfolding, Yana arrived in the scene standing aloof to watch her sister getting the life that she had dreamed off as Denis and Anya exchanging their mini vows.

“I promise you that no matter what happens to me and no matter where I am this stone will always be with me,” Anya affirmed her intentions for Denis.

They shared passionate kiss and Yana watched them with so much hatred from afar.


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