Ruby Ring Episode 5

Ruby Ring Episode 5 Yana takes everything her sister owns in a gory accident

Yana had sweet dreams about her getting married to Denis. She saw herself wearing the Ruby Ring and exchanging vows with him.

The speech of her family woke her up and she went to the hall to find out that her sister was wearing her wedding dress to check if it fits. Lyuba asked of her opinion and she said the gown was not nice. Olga told Anya not to mind her sister while Lyuba said the dress was very beautiful just that Yana liked colourful dress.

Yana then queried why they asked of her opinion. She was dying out of jealousy, meanwhile Andrey was bothering her with calls but she was upset by that as she wanted to be in her sisters shoes. She wanted to be the one who Denis was dating, all she wanted was a well to do man.

Denis came over to the house, and Anya wanted to see him but her family dissuaded her from seeing in him in the gown since it was against the tradition to meet a groom in a bridal gown before marriage. Anya did not believe in that superstition but agreed and took off the dress before meeting him.

The next day, Anya and Yana together with Denis went out. Yana asked them to go to the amusement park with her for them to entertain themselves. However, Anya was busy making l*ve with Denis. The scene got Yana more upset but she tried keeping her composure by saying her feet hurt.

Anya remembered that she left her flowers in the restaurant and ran to the place for it. Denis tried stopping her but she did not stop.

Yana told Denis that Anya was forgetful and she had been that ever since they were kids. Since Yana had been saying both shared similar character even though they were not twins, Denis asked if she was also forgetful and she said she was lucky and did not have forgetfulness as part of her character.

Later that evening, they got home to find Andrey waiting patiently for Yana at the gate. Yana introduced Andrey to Denis and Anya that he was her director. Andrey stated that he was not an ordinary director.

As the l*ve birds left Andrey and Yana, the later confronted Andrey for revealing that he was more than a director to her. She told Andrey that her sister’s life was better and her fiance was rich unlike Andrey. Andrey expressed his readiness to walk her down the aisle but she left him, saying she was tired.

The next day, Olga and Lyuba surprised the girls in their sleep as it was their birthday. Lyuba presented a cake to Anya, gave stuff toys to Yana and to Anya, she gave her kitten toys.

Denis arrived there with flowers to wish his l*ve happy birthday. He gave her a red dress which he said complemented the Ruby Ring. The final surprise was a car. Anya was dumbstruck by the surprise. She saw it as too much and did not want to accept.

Denis revealed that the car was from his dad to thank her for saving his life. He said his dad would feel hurt if she did not accept the car so Anya had no option than to accept the car.

The family of Anya came out to see the car and were happy for her while Yana was feeling jealous. Anya went inside to try the dress. Olga and Lyuba complemented her looks in the dress.

Yana saw the tag and said the dress was a designer one and it was okay. Lyuba insisted that the dress was very beautiful not just okay. The family were stuffing the jealousy air which Yana’s nostrils were blowing.

Lyuba asked her if she would join their fashion show the next day but Yana refused, claiming she had a show audition and did not have time for that.

At work, a producer told Yana that she was their first choice for the lead role for the morning show but Andrey had informed them that she was pregnant and needed not to stress herself, adding that she would soon get married.

Denis family decided to get in touch with Anys to wish her happy birthday. Gregory sang a birthday song for her and asked if she liked his gift.

Anya said the gift was very expensive and did not know if she should accept. Greg said the gift could not make up for saving his life. Valeria took the phone and wished Anya longer life and good health.

After realising Andrey had made her lose an opportunity to host a morning show, Yana got upset and was in search of him.

The calls did not go through so Yana went to his house to meet his absence. She indicated on his door to signal her presence in the house.

Meanwhile, Andrey was sitting somewhere. Yana met him and confronted him for telling everyone about her current condition to deprive her of the show hosting. Andrey insisted that she needed not to stress herself so it was good.

Yana tried breaking up with him. She asked him to look for a different lady, she was not ready for a boring life with him. Andrey said Yana did not know what she was talking about. He gave her a bouquet and a gift. He told her he would be travelling for a shoot and asked her not to do anything that would hurt her.

She went inside to find that the gift was not that expensive and threw it away. At dinner with his family, Denis asked Anya why she did not wear the red dress he gave her. Anya said she l*ved the dress and wanted to wear it on special occasions.

She agreed to wear the dress to their wedding rehearsal. They danced and enjoyed the moment together.

Olga got to Yana’s room to find her crying. She realised that Yana was not chosen to host the much anticipated programme. She tried to calm her, making her see that the future holds something better for her.

On the contrary, Yana saw herself as bad luck and tried to compare herself to her sister.

“Your sister is also not perfect and she also has flaws.” Olga tried to stop Yana from seeing herself as failure.

Yana said Anya has everything unlike her and asked why she could not get better in life. In her spiteful speech she promised to be better than Yana.

Later, Yana made a call to the clinic to schedule her abortion time. She saw the pregnancy as hindrance and was not ready to make babies to destroy her dreams.

Anya’s colleague was happy for her to have been back with Denis. She wished her luck as she was heading to her wedding rehearsal in her dress gifted to her by her soon to be husband.

As she was driving to her wedding rehearsal, she received a call from Denis but arranged to meet him at Kiev. She pulled over after the call. As Yana was preparing to have her abortion, she had an important call to be in Kiev for a show host audition.

She quickly went through her dresses to get the one that would bring out her sultry looks but she could not get any. Anya came home to check on her sister since her attempts in calling her proved futile. She was glad to hear that her sister had gotten a new opportunity for her dream to be realised.

Yana pleaded with her sister to give her new dress which she was wearing to her. Although, Anya had promised Denis to wear the dress to meet him at their marriage rehearsal, she could not say no to her sister when she referred to her as selfish.

She lend her the dress and wore Yana’s dress instead. She offered to drive Yana to Kiev since she was also heading to the place. Gregory asked why Anya was still not there. Denis told him that Anya would meet him at Kiev, adding that Anya was never late.

“Something else is bothering me, what do you plan to do with the baby?” Anya asked Yana while driving.

“I don’t know, for now I don’t want to think about it.”

Valeria told Gregory that the venue chosen for Denis’ wedding was perfect just like her wedding venue with Greg. The old folks k!ssed.

Meanwhile, Lyuba wondered why there should be a rehearsal for the wedding. Asking whether they would rehearse k!ssing or something else.

Lyuba wanted to buy Olga a dress since she catered for her when she lost her parents. Olga was sad that she did not have enough money to send Lyuba to the necessary schools to become a doctor or a lawyer. Lyuba was grateful to Olga for everything she did for her.

Anya and Yana had passed a restaurant to have a drink. Yana was however, slowing Anya from making it early to her rehearsals. Yana asked Anya if she was tired so that she would drive instead for her to relax.

The manner Yana was insisting made Anya left the car for her to drive while she sat at the front. As she was driving, Yana asked her sister to give her, her ruby Ring since it complemented the dress.

Anya said she could do all things but would not give her sister her engagement ring. Yana called Anya selfish, claiming that she had everything including a rich man, a brand-new car and would soon marry so it would be nothing if she had given her the ruby ring.

She then drove on a top speed. Anya told her sister that she was going crazy and demanded her to pull over for her to drive. Yana said her luck would run out if she did not have all that. She forcefully pulled the ring from Anya’s finger and wore it while Anya was screaming on her sister to return the ring.

Suddenly, Yana almost hit another person’s car so she curved and since she was riding on top speed the unfortunate happened and they had an accident.

Soon, an ambulance appeared at the accident scene and the siblings were rushed to the hospital. In the restaurant, Olga received a call from the hospital telling her that her children were involved in an accident.

She rushed to the hospital together with Lyuba. As she was getting emotional, the health workers made Olga sit somewhere while they called Lyuba who said she was the girls’ aunt to identify them with the dress.

She did the identification without knowing that the one in the red dress given by Denis was Yana and she was the one wearing the Ruby ring while driving.


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