Ruby Ring Recap Episode 12-20

Ruby Ring Recap Episode 12-20 Things begin to fall apart for Yana as imposter 

Yana (Anya) resumes working as a marketer at Cherkasy-SilikatBud but finds it hard to adjust to her new work as a marketer. She did not even know her seat, her colleague showed her seat. She went through Anya’s diary to try and find a lead yet to no avail and enlist the help of an IT person to even access Anya’s computer.

Her attitude she exhibited made her colleagues find her as a new person.

Anya had a session with her psychiatrist and still did not believe that the information given about her was her. She told the psychiatrist that the information given about her past seemed to be someone else. The doctor advised her to follow her intuition and that could be her guide in finding her true person.

Yana (Anya) lured Denis to make l*ve with her but Andrey kept torturing Yana to expose her. This made Yana takes drastic measures against Andrey to get him beaten just close to the door of Olga.

Anya (Yana) came out to find Andrey beaten and wounded so she dressed his wounds. Andrey asked Anya if she did not feel that someone has stolen her identity but Anya could not answer.

Olga later received a call from Anya (now Yana) that she would no longer help in the restaurant she has gotten a job at Carolina’s media.

Andrey went to the marketing firm with Anya and she told the impostor that Denis recommended her to Carolina and she has employed her.

Yana (imposter/Anya) said her sister lost her memories and could not work better but Andrey retorted that she would do just fine. They went to the studio and Carolina later hired Andrey as well, as the director. Marina was also employed this led their former employer to be upset that Carolina has collapsed his media by employing all his hardworking workers.

Soon, Yana (Anya) exposed the work to danger, making the marketing firm loses Romania client. Greg got upset with the development and the imposter is scolded by her father-in-law and husband.

She got drunk one nights and came across Zana who she sent inside the house to pass the night after Zana claimed knowing her in-law. The next day, Zana tried her best to impress the family but Catalina wondered how she got inside the house. It was later established that Anya, the imposter was the one who allowed her in since she claimed to know Valeria.

The family fell in l*ve with her cooking and they hired her to be the family’s cook after they voted.

In her bid to gain her family’s trust, the imposter framed a lie that after her accident she could no longer communicate in English, the reason she could not meet the Romanian clients.

Denis who learnt about that lies from the trusted colleague friend of Yana (Anya) the following day believed the imposter had saved the company and tried to make his father understand.

Denis planned a outing for the family of his wife and him. They went with the yacht. There, Lyuba and Pedro were able to solve their differences and began a relationship. They even k!$$ed. The impostor and Denis made l*ve just to make Andrey feel jealous.

When Anya (Yana) excused herself from Andrey with Lyuba and Pedro at the other side, Andrey went to torture Yana (Anya) and she accidentally fell off into the sea. Denis realising the commotion jumped into the sea while Andrey also followed to rescue Yana (Anya).

Soon, Yana (Anya) decided to make up for her mistakes to win the trust of Greg and her husband’s family. She talked to Carolina and proposed a television show which she would host to gain more clients to advertise at the marketing firm.

Carolina seemed to like the idea and tried talking to Greg, her father about it but the man was not ready to hear anything about Anya. Yana (Anya) decided to talk to Greg in person to apologise and offer solution to the crisis the marketing firm was currently facing.

Greg later rescinded on his decision and accepted the solution given. Yana (Anya) showed attitude to her sister when she saw Denis getting along with Anya. Yana promisef not to back down till she wins the battle against her sister. She planned to travel her sister abroad and take over everything but her idea was not well embraced.

Soon, she became a television host which made her popular. The show engaged business tycoons, advertisers and celebrities and Carolina was impressed with Yana’s professionalism yet Denis was not happy with her attitude.

Yana resolved to l*ve making, wooing Denis even at work which made Denis felt that his wife wanted to control his mind so he advised her not to do that with him during working hours and she had to even knock before entering his office.

Denis became a drunkard and visited pub to take a shot to forget about his family’s issues before going home. He one day came across Andrey in a pub and he voiced out his marital problems to him. He lamented that he seemed to have married a different person from the Anya he knew.

Andrey confirmed he has truly married a different person not Anya. Later, Yana felt that Andrey was a step ahead of her so she enlisted a help of some goons to corner Andrey and beat him up till he dies but Andrey managed to escape unhurt. He quickly show himself up to a family dinner to prove to Yana that she could never win him.

Andrey cast lots of innuendos and told Anya that some wretched person was behind his attack. Yana got offended and was unwilling to pay the goon for the job but she was threatened by the goon which compelled her to pay for the shady job.

Meanwhile, Lyuba had issues at home especially with the imposter who now did not respect anyone. Lyuba spent the night at the restaurant with Pedro. Olga was worried about her, she tried her line for several hours but could not reach her. She prayed to God to keep her safe. Anya got home and told Olga that Lyuba would be fine.

In the morning, Pedro quickly ran home to take care of his son, leaving Lyuba all alone in the restaurant. As she was calling Pedro honey she woke up to find Olga and Zorena sitting next to her. She felt so embarrassed as they had seen her secret. They told her to go home since they were worried about her safety not knowing she passed the night at the restaurant.

Denis kept meeting Anya (now Yana) during breaks and they keep having coffee together. Denis sometimes feel that Anya reminds him of someone but he brushed it off whenever he sees the woman he fell in l*ve with in Yana (old Anya).

The imposter still felt jealous about her husband and sister’s relationship, she destroyed the scarf that Anya made for Denis. She decided to get a new one for him so she went to a boutique where she bought a new scarf and got something for Zana who discovered her secret to buy her silence.

Denis felt too bad seeing the scarf has been destroyed. Yana framed a lie to cover up. Denis was not enthused and did not like the new scarf which his wife bought to replace the old one.

Soon, an accident happened at the work place and Anya got injured. Denis quickly rushed to her aid, leaving his imposter wife. This triggered gossip among some of the workers and Yana, warned the gossip not to gossip again otherwise she would fire her.

Yana became upset by what Denis did, she was later confronted by Andrey that her actions were so obvious that she was not Anya because Anya would have come to her sister’s aid first. Andrey told Yana that the stage should have rather fell on her and not Anya.

Anya was taken to hospital by Olga and Andrey, she was later discharged and was asked not to strain the legs. The family did not want her to work for a while. Anya told Andrey about the marketing book she has been reading.

Olga realised the cold attitude Yana (now Anya) has been exhibiting to her sister and advised her against it. Yana admitted she has changed and she was no longer the Anya they used to know. She said she has grown up and has her own family so she could not be bothered by the issue with her sister.

She reminded Olga that she was ready to sponsor her sister’s schooling abroad and nothing showed she despised her sister. Olga told her that l*ve was not about money but for her to call, stand by her sister’s side after her accident at the office.

Carolina also scolded Andrey for the incident. Fast forward, Yana and Denis went out and the latter received a pregnancy scan from Andrey. Denis told Yana what Andrey sent and Yana who knew it was about her pulled a fast one on Denis to meet Andrey.

Andrey got home to find Yana on his bed. They argued for a while with Andrey saying he should have changed the locks of his house. Yana woo him and they had $e×. Unbeknownst, Yana had a hidden camera and recorded every bit of their act to blackmail Andrey to shut his mouth.

Andrey after receiving the video felt cheated and deceived. Yana came across the card reader and she told her about the prediction she made in her life which came true. The card reader did not remember it but was happy that everything she said about her fortune came to pass.

Yana picked the cards again and the cards read that the omen was bad and she was advised to turn her evil ways and spill the truth right away otherwise she would suffer a dreadful fate.

Yana condemned the cards and the sorcerer said those cards come to people for a reason. Yana was enjoying fame, giving out autographs and taking pictures with fans so she was not ready but would fight to the core till she gained all that she wanted.

One night as everyone went to sleep, Zana, the maid sneaked out with her belongings but got scummed by a stranger she met. The woman gave her a potion and fled with Zana’s money and belongings. By the time Zana woke up, the woman had made away with her things.

In her bid to search for the woman, she came across Pedro and his son eating and she introduced herself to Pedro that they went to cooking class together but Pedro could not recall. He however, invited her over to join them and she told Pedro about the tragic incident that befell her. Pedro gave her lorry fare.

The next day, Denis’ family realised that Zana had fled and left a goodbye letter. Valeria prepared the breakfast and wondered why Zana would leave without informing anyone.


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