Ruby Ring: My Life is a stranger’s Life Story summary and Plot

Ruby Ring Story summary and Plot

Ruby Ring: My Life is a stranger’s Life Story summary and Plot

Ruby Ring is a story that is adapted from one of the favourite Korean series. It tells a story of two sisters, Anna and Yana, whose lives suddenly change by an accident that alters destiny.

As Anna sets to marry the love of her life. Yana still struggles to be a TV host. The two sisters with their unique personalities and dreams were heading for Kiev.

Anna who is going to marry soon is heading for a rehearsal for her wedding while Yana, who is dreaming of becoming a popular TV host, is hurrying to an audition for a new TV show.

Somewhere on the road, the car in which the sisters were traveling crashed into the truck. The terrible car crash leaves the two sisters in coma with mutilated faces. Despite all prognoses, both sisters survived.

However, due to a coincidence, at the time of the accident Yana was wearing Anna’s ruby ring. Because of serious injuries, the sisters’ faces are mutilated, and neither doctors nor relatives can distinguish between Yana and Anna.

The ruby ring, a gift from Anna’s fiancee, has played a crucial role in the women’s identities which are confused. Yana is assumed to be Anna as she is wearing Anna’s ruby ring at the time of accident.

Having recovered, envious and ambitious Yana realises that everyone around her thinks she is Anna, so she decides to lie and take away everything her sister has: her face, the man she loves, her life.

Yana excuses herself by the fact that Anna will never recover, her sister suffered a lot more than she did, and she is in a coma.

Yana decides to play along with the mistaken identity and lies to take away and maintain everything her sister possesses before the accident.

Even doctors don’t believe in her recovery. When doctors surrender all hopes of Anna’s recovery, she fights back from the dead. What is the point of giving up on a chance to change your life? However, it turns out both doctors and Yana are wrong.

Anna literally comes back from the dead and the confrontation between the sisters begins. Anna ready to regain what belongs to her by right. Yana is ready to fight for the happiness she has stolen from her sister. This makes the plot rapid and unpredictable.

Day by day Yana plays the role of sweet and kindhearted Anna. Anna, for the first time in her life, experiences genuine hatred and strives to revenge the treacherous sister.

Would they stop at the edge of the abyss without destroying each other and return their identities and love?


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