It was scary but I don’t regret going for BBL— Salma Mumin 

It was scary but I don’t regret going for BBL— Salma Mumin 

Actress Salma Mumin has found no remorse in her decision to have undergone buttocks enlargement surgery.

According to her, it was a carefully elaborated decision, to enhance her beauty and ever since, she has not regretted making that wild decision.

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Speaking in a recent interview, the sultry actress indicated that it was her body and she liked it how it looks now.

Though she admitted the procedure was scary just like any other surgery but she did not feel a thing since she was given some sedatives and slept throughout when the surgery was ongoing.

“The issue is however my butt looked like then, I did not like it that’s why I went for the surgery and ever since I woke up from that hospital bed, I have been so happy with my life and how my butt is looking now,” Salma stated.

Reacting to critics claiming one of her butts was bigger than the other, Salma made it clear that the one pressing it was not complaining so she did not see the need behind the public worry.

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She said the enlargement of her backside has even created better opportunities for her and urged the public to spread the news that she has indeed gone under the knife for a BBL procedure.


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