Stop the sabotage against Mark Okraku-Mantey--- CEOs Magazine boss warns
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Stop the sabotage against Mark Okraku-Mantey— CEOs Magazine boss warns

Stop the sabotage against Mark Okraku-Mantey— CEOs Magazine boss warns

Stop the sabotage against Mark Okraku-Mantey— CEOs Magazine boss warns

Mark Okraku Mantey is very qualified for the position of deputy Minister of Tourism Arts and Culture (MoTAG) so individuals sabotaging him must stop immediately.

Let us put politics aside and support this visionary man. Everybody deserves to be given opportunities to show the country how they can use their experience and knowledge to promote development in the country so instead of judging and hating, let us learn to support.”

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These remarks were made by the Executive Director of the Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) magazine, Mr Obed Niko Djanie when he was reacting to the negative comments being made by some industry players concerning the information going round that Mr Mantey had been penciled for the position of the deputy minister of Tourism Arts and Culture in a telephone interview recently yesterday.

The rumour had sparked debate among industry players with some claiming he did not deserve to be elevated to that level.

Mr Djanie, who also doubles as the Founder of Attachment Ghana Limited (AGL) indicated that despite the negative comments by some individuals about Mr Mantey’s supposed inability to perform well at the sector ministry when appointed, he believed that Mr Mantey, who is the President of the Creative Arts Council (CAC) would excel in the position to the satisfaction of the populace.

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According to him, it was high time people stopped being judgmental and rather focus on building each other with encouragement.

The sad part of the whole brouhaha, he said, was the fact that most of the people speaking against the president of the CAC were Mark’s colleagues in the industry.

“I see Mr Okraku Mantey as a youthful individual so if his colleagues will not support him, let every Ghanaian youth come together and rally behind him so that he can discharge his duties with joy when appointed.

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Some of the people opposing Mark’s appointment used to call him their brother so why this sudden hatred for a man who has done nothing but shown selflessness in the discharge of his duties at his current post at the CAC,” he said.

Mr Djanie who has over the years mentored several young people mentioned that he had also worked closely with Mr Mantey as a mentee and would not hesitate to say that Ghanaians would no regret supporting him because “Mark would do incredibly well as a deputy minister of Tourism Arts and Culture.”


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