Telenovelas in ‘Akan’ is a threat to Ghana’s cultural heritage— Rex Omar

Telenovelas in ‘Akan’ is a threat to Ghana’s cultural heritage— Rex Omar

Legendary highlife musician, Rex Omar has condemned the current trend of foreign series which are translated in the local Akan dialect and termed it a threat to Ghana’s culture and development.

He said the influx of foreign telenovelas in the local television stations have tendencies to cripple talents of the local people as well as changing the cultural stories of Ghanaians.

In a recent media encounter, Rex Omar bemoaned that the act portrayed the nation as unserious, stressing that it was not helping the creative arts sector to discover talents to grow the industry.

“Look at our media landscape, all the soap operas we’re showing on TV are foreign which they’ve used our local languages to interpret. This thing is causing the nation a lot of havoc and who is talking about that but Ghana is like a country without governance so everyone does what they want,” he added.

The Chairman of Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) Interim said the act limits opportunities for local storytelling and the development of indigenous talent, adding that the foreign countries were not putting in any effort to project Ghana’s series.

He therefore advised the media to put a stop to it to create confidence in the country’s creative prowess, as that, he said would be pivotal in economic growth while preserving the country’s unique cultural heritage.


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