The Betrayal (Halik) Episode 1-5 Highlights

The Betrayal Episode 1-5 Highlights

Lino Bartolome is a good-natured man who works hard for his family. He finally gets his break when he earns a TV interview for his furniture designs.

This soon reaches his old flame, Jacky Montefalco. Though married, Jacky cannot help but look back on the time she spent with Lino.

Soon, she finds herself filled with bittersweet memories brought by a love long gone.
Lino and Jade’s constant argument puts their marriage on the rocks. Lino wishes to stay with his family to cater for their needs but Jade insists that they live separately from them.

Meanwhile, Jacky works side by side with her husband, Ace, in Mauro’s furniture company. Despite Loida’s warning, Jacky turns a blind eye on her husband’s infidelity. Soon after, Jacky crossed paths with a ghost of her past.

Suspecting that her husband is up to no good, Jacky decides to check Ace’s spare phone. She then gets the shock of her life when she stumbled upon pieces of evidence of Ace’s infidelity.

Fed up with her current setup with her in-laws, Jade decides to keep her distance from Lino. Despite this, Lino opts to set aside his emotional baggage and flies to Bali for the furniture expo.

Unknown to him, Jacky, who is going through the same ordeal as his, will also attend the event.

Lino and Jacky meet again at the Eurasia Furniture Expo. Their unexpected encounter, however, brings back painful memories of their past.

During the exhibit, Lino stumbles upon a memento that reminds him of his late father. He then recalls how Mauro’s selfish act led to Huston’s untimely death.

Jacky, on the other hand, resents Lino as she continues to carry the pain of having been abandoned by her former lover.

Lino and Jacky bump into eachother again. This chance encounter then gives Lino a chance to finally reveal the reason why he left Jacky.

During the furniture expo, Lino and Jacky set their eyes on Indonesia’s premier Furniture maker, Mr Iwayan.

The two, however, fail to score a meeting with the man due to his busy schedule. Determined to close a deal with Mr Iwayan, Lino and Jacky resort to desperate measures.

Despite gatecrashing an exclusive party, Lino and Jacky impress Mr Iwayan with their determination and persistence.

The two then decide to call a truce after getting a chance to present their business proposals to the Indonesian furniture maker.

Meanwhile, Jade arrives in Singapore. Ace, elsewhere, calls it quits with Ivory and decides to follow his wife to Bali.

However, much to his surprise, Ace finds Jacky in someone else’s company. Lino and Jacky work together in hopes of closing a deal with Mr Iwayan.

Ace, however, takes offense at his wife’s working relationship with Lino. Soon after, Aging turns down Lino’s and Jacky’s proposals.

While Lino remains persistent in convincing the Indonesian furniture maker to give him another chance, someone secretly ties to undo his hard work.

Elsewhere, Jade recalls a painful event in her and Lino’s marriage. Ace prepares a romantic surprise for Jacky.

Moved by Ace’s effort, Jacky decides to finally forgive her husband. Meanwhile, Lino returns to Manila and faces his marital woe with Jade.

He then welcomes his wife with something she has been yearning for. However, on their way home, the couple chances upon an injured woman who happens to be connected to the Corpuzes.


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