The Better Half Episode 34

The Better Half Episode 34 Julio dies from blood poisoning

Rafael helped Marco after debris from the house fell on him. Rafael got the burning beam away from Marco then helped him up.

Marco and Julio were then rushed to the hospital where they were attended to. Camille and her parents were worried about Julio and she asked who was taking care of Marco.

Rafael dedicated himself to do it, when he got to Marco’s room, the nurse gave him Marco’s things then asked him to wait outside so that they could treat him.

The Better Half Episode 34

Marco and Julio rushed to

Aris called Bianca to update her on what had happened and Bianca wanted to go to the hospital to see Marco.

Aris advised her not to go because she would be suspected of being behind the fire since people would wonder how she learnt about it.

Marco only had burns but Julio got severe blood poisoning from inhalation of Carbon Dioxide.

Camille’s parents praised Marco for his braveness and being their saviour. They said he risked his life to save all of them.

Julio woke up for a while and asked for Marco but Camille told him that he was resting. Julio wanted them to thank Marco for saving him and Camille said that she would tell him.

Bianca waited until morning to receive news from Marco but no one called her. She decided to call Marco’s phone and pretended that she had an appointment with him and Julia.

Rafael was the one who answered the call and he told her that Marco was in an accident and was at the hospital.

Bianca saw that as an opportunity to visit Marco at the hospital.

Unfortunately a tragic incident happened, Julio was not able to recover from the blood poisoning and he died the following day.

Bianca went to see Marco and he asked her if she was the one behind the fire. Bianca denied it and looked offended that she was being suspected for a random fire but Marco said that he knew it was not an accident because someone texted him before it happened.

Marco accuses Bianca for the fire incident

He added that Bianca was the only one with the motive to harm Camille and he would not forgive her if he found out she had something to do with it.

Marco asked the nurse attending to him about Julio’s condition and the nurse broke the unfortunate news to him that Julio has already died.

He started to cry as he mourned Julio’s death and he asked Bianca to leave.
The police investigated the cause of the fire and they said that it was due to faulty wiring since the house was old but Rafael asked them to do another investigation to make sure that it was not foul play.

The mayor was upset that Bianca was unable to kill Camille so that Rafael would suffer but she said she would still use their situation with Bianca to her favour.

Helen and Luicito visited Edgar and Susan to offer them their condolences and they asked that they put their differences aside so that they could mourn the death of Julio as a family.

When Julio was buried, Marco asked if he could go to the burial but the doctor refused to let him go since he was yet to recover.

Edgar told Camille to take care of Marco and asked Rafael to understand since Marco had risked his life to save his family. He and Susan then left for the province.

When Rafael and Camille went to see Marco at the hospital, they found out that he had been discharged even without the doctor’s permission. This is because Marco was insisting to go.

They found him at his house, struggling by himself. He could not walk and Camille scolded him for leaving the hospital before he was well.

Camille got mad at Marco

Marco said that the hospital reminded him of Julio and Camille suggested that they admit him in another hospital but Marco refused.

There was no one there to take care of Marco since his aunt was in Singapore so Camille offered to get him a nurse or ask Bianca to take care of him but Marco refused both options.

When Camille and Rafael got home, they argued. Camille wanted to take care of Marco to Rafael that was the motive of Marco and he did not want his wife to give in to Marco.

She said she could not leave him alone after he got hurt saving them but Rafael refused to let her be the one to take care of Marco.

In the morning, Camille sent her house help to Marco’s house with food and told her not to leave even if Marco told her to.

When the maid arrived, she saw Marco unconscious on the floor and called Camille. They got the guard to break down the house and help carry him to bed.

Bianca went to visit Marco at the hospital but the staff refused to give her any information regarding the patient since Marco had requested it.

Bianca made a scene at the hospital and was escorted out by the guards. She complained to Alfredo and Clarita about the incident and her father told him to check Marco’s apartment.

Rafael was mad to find out that Camille had still gone to Marco’s house but she said she would look for a care giver for him because she could not leave him unattended.

Marco said he wanted to be left alone but Camille said she would not do it. Just then, Bianca arrived at the house ready to face Camille.


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