The Better Half--- Episode 24 written update Bianca shed tears at Sheryl's funeral 

The Better Half— Episode 24 written update

The Better Half— Episode 24 written update Bianca shed tears at Sheryl’s funeral

Rafael showed Luicito pictures that he got from Sheryl before her death.

He pleaded with him not to mention it to Camille and Helen before he investigated the issue.

There was also a picture of a couple with their names written on the back and Rafael thought that they were the ones who took care of Marco.

Camille held a wake for Sheryl and told her husband and her parents that she wanted to pay for the wake as well as Sheryl’s medical bills as a way to pay respect to her. Camille asked Sheryl’s family if they knew what was bothering Sheryl because she had a problem and seemed like she wanted to tell  her something  important on the night of the incident but they all said that they did not know anything.

Marco, Bianca and Julia went to Sheryl’s wake to pay their respects. Bianca did not want to see Sheryl’s body and she told Camille that she did not like seeing the dead.

Camille said she did not view dead people but it was different if someone who was close to her.

Bianca said that she barely knew Sheryl and they were not close. Julia wanted to see her teacher so Bianca eventually went to see the body. She started to cry which puzzled Camille, Rafael and even Marco.

Bianca shed tears on Sheryl’s remains

Bianca wanted to leave the wake but Marco said that it would be rude to leave after they just arrived. One of Sheryl’s classmates went to greet Marco but he did not remember him.

Camille ushered the guy away so that he would not make Marco uncomfortable. Bianca told Marco that it was the reason she did not want them to stay for long so she told Marco that they had to leave.

Camille mourns Sheryl

The mayor learnt that the doctor who diagnosed Marco had her medical license suspended due to Malpractice and she asked to meet her so that she could confirm whether Marco had amnesia or not.

The following day, Marco and Bianca went to Sheryl’s wake again. Sheryl’s friends from Dumaguete were there and they also knew Marco.

They started talking about his scandal and commented on how beautiful his new wife was.

Searching for the truth behind Sheryl’s death

They went to talk to Marco and they told him that his relatives still lived in Dumaguete and he should visit them. He said they were worried and unaware that Marco was still alive.

Later, Helen came to the wake and she caused a scene after she asked Marco and Bianca why they were there, following the scandal with their marriage.

Camille and Susan asked Helen to go with them and they went to talk privately. Susan told Helen that she was the one causing a scandal because of her shouting and Helen told Camille that she should have asked Marco and Bianca to leave so as to avoid a scandal.

Camille said she did not think it was a big deal because she was more concerned with Sheryl. She said that she would ask Marco not to go to the wake to avoid any other incidents.

After Marco and Bianca left, the people from Dumaguete continued to talk in whispers about the scandal between Camille and Marco. Camille heard them and told them to respect Sheryl if they would not respect her she would send them away.

Camille texted Bianca and asked her not to return to the wake for everyone’s peace of mind.

The person Rafael called to look for the couple in the picture found them and Rafael went to meet them in Palawan. He showed them Marco’s picture and asked if they were the ones who had taken care of him.

The couple became nervous and said that they did not know anything about it. They left immediately and Rafael’s friend told him to let them be but he would find a way to get them to talk.

Bianca dropped Marco off at work but he planned on taking a trip to Dumaguete. He waited for her to drive off and took a taxi to the airport.

When Marco arrived in Dumaguete, he was not able to find his aunt. She had already moved out. He however ran into a young woman who thought he was a ghost but Marco told her that he was alive. She said she knew his aunt and offered to help him look for her.

Bianca realised later that Marco had left and she was not able to find him wherever she looked. He turned off his phone and refused to answer her calls. in the morning, Bianca decided to search for him in Dumaguete.

The Mayor was able to meet Romina; Marco’s doctor but she denied knowing who Marco was. The mayor took out a bundle of cash along with a gun and asked Romina to choose between her life and money.

Marco finally met his aunt and she apologised for having mistreated him when he lived with them. Marco asked about his parents and his aunt said that she was not able to get in contact with them ever since they left him in her care.

Marco told his aunt that he was not able to remember anything ever since his accident in Cebu but his aunt asked him whether the plane he was on crushed in Cebu. Marco became more confused because he thought he was in a car accident, not a plane crush.

Marco said that Bianca told him he was in a car accident and his wife asked who Bianca was. Marco said that Bianca was his wife and his aunt said that he was married to Camille.

Marco explained that he had cheated on both of them and his aunt said that it was not true because Marco lived with her and the only girl he was with was Camille and she had never heard anything about Bianca not even seen her shadow before.


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