The Better Half—Episode 27 written update

The Better Half—Episode 27 written update Camille beats Bianca mercilessly for coming in between her love affair

Bianca had not found Julia and Marco yet, she went back to work at Buenaflor Realty.

Her father Alfredo advised her to get a private investigator so that she could find Marco and Julia easily without any stress.

Rafael later had a meeting with Alfredo and Clarita to dissolve their partnership with a reason that his family could not work with those they did not trust and we’re uncomfortable around them.

Clarita demanded for compensation. She said they could not sit and just return to dissolve a contract with them.

To her business was business and should not be included in personal problems she told them to pay a bond for dissolving the contract and Rafael said that they were ready to pay it instead of having to deal with untrustworthy people.

Clarita then threatened that if their company goes down, she would make sure that the Cabreras company also go down with them.

She went on with her threats and said she organise a press conference and spread a rumour that Camille was a home wrecker and she cheated on Rafael with Marco.

Helen could hardly believe it and she started trading insults with Clarita. Luicito finally put the exchange to a stop when he said that Clarita had only made it clear that they were making a good decision by ending their partnership.

Camille went home to find a commotion going on. There were unpleasant posters around the school spreading false information about her.

The posters read that she was a home wrecker, she became furious and knew Bianca was the one behind it so she decided to go confront Bianca it.

Camille confronted Bianca at her office and she denied placing the posters at Camille’s school.

Camille told Bianca that she would never believe in her lies again and threatened to file a case against her.

As she left the office, Bianca followed her outside and called everyone around to slander Camille.

She said that Camille was a mistress and she was the reason why her husband left her.

Camille was waiting on the elevator as Bianca screamed at her and she turned around to ask her to stop.

Bianca went on calling her a mistress for wanting to have two husbands but Camille turned the tables on Bianca and told her that she was the real mistress since she was the one who snatched her husband first.

The elevator opened! Bianca pushed Camille inside then ordered her to leave. Camille caught her arm and dragged Bianca with her inside. The two women  fought hard. As women they began pulling each other’s hair.

Bianca slapped Camille but Camille managed to pin her down and strangle her.

She told Bianca that she would not allow her to destroy her life with Rafael like she had done with Marco.

When the elevator opened, Bianca tried to run away but Camille caught her by her hair and continued beating her mercilessly. She really thought Bianca a lesson for her not to mess up with her in anyway or any means.

Camille hurts Bianca

The people who were gathered around as the brawl was going on took videos of the fight before security arrived to seperate them.

Bianca ordered the security to detain Camille as she prepared to sue her for harassment.

Marco brought his aunt Esther to live with him and help him take care of Julia Bianca.

Helen was with Rafael and Luicito discussing the incident with Clarita when a friend called to ask her to check a trending video about Camille and Bianca fighting.

Helen was outraged because of the scandal. Camille called Rafael to tell her about the incident and told him that she was detained at the Buenaflor security office.

The mayor watched the fighting video of Bianca and Camille. She congratulated her assistant for pasting the mistress posters on the walls of Camille’s school.

She swore to destroy the two families to amuse herself.

Rafael went to get Camille along with Helen and Luicito. When they were at Buenaflor, Clarita went to see them and threatened to sue Camille if the Cabreras did not renew their partnership.

Rafael had no other choice but to agree to let their partnership continue.
Rafael was upset with having to deal with the Buenaflors again so he decided to file a case against her for what she did to Marco.

Bianca soon received the news that Rafael had sued her as well as Marco. Bianca was worried especially because she thought Marco would forgive her but Alfredo asked her not to worry since Rafael needed critical witnesses and evidence while Marco willingly went with her.

Bianca was unable to see Marco because he changed his phone number and had not been at the furniture shop for days.

Marco’s dreams

Marco saw the news of the fight between Camille and Bianca and decided that he wanted to meet Camille and Rafael.

He left Julia in the care of his aunt and went to Camille’s house. After he left, Julia called her grandparent’s house and Clarita answered the phone.

Julia told her grandmother where she was and Clarita went to get her. Esther tried to stop her but she got shoved to the ground as Clarita got Julia in the car and drove off.

The Better Half--- Episode 27

Marco visits the Villalobos

When Marco met with Camille and Rafael, he said that he would no longer agree to annul their marriage because he wanted to have her back and fulfil the dreams that they had.

Marco refuses the annulment

Both Camille and Rafael were outraged and they asked him why he changed his mind.

Marco said that he agreed to the annulment since he thought he cheated on her but things were now different.

Camille told Marco that she would never return to him because she had moved on and Marco said that he was patient and would wait for as long as it took.

Marco won’t give up on Camille

Camille threw him out and Marco’s lawyer told him that Camille would get the annulment if he refused to cooperate.

Camille clears things up with her family

Esther called Marco to tell him that Clarita took Julia and she was unable to stop her.

Camille assured Rafael that she would do whatever it took to get the annulment from Marco and he said that he would fight for her forever.


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