The Better Half—Episode 30 written update

The Better Half—Episode 30 Camille plans to slander Marco to get her annulment

As the family of Rafael and Camille sit around one table to dine, Helen out of frustration suggested that they pay off the journalist who was writing articles about them but Rafael had different opinion.

He explained that paying off one journalist will not solve the problem as other journalist would still write against them.

Helen asked Camille on which grounds would she use to fight for her annulment from Marco and she said it would be under the grounds of psychological incapacity to perform duties of a wife.

The Better Half---Episode 30 written update

Camille wants to use her depression for reason of her annulment

Helen was worried because this would mean that Camille would be declared insane and it would not reflect well on Rafael since people would say that his wife was mad.

Helen suggested that Camille declare Marco insane instead but she did not want to since Marco had been through enough with Bianca.

They all started arguing around the table since there was no solution to the issue and Susan said that they should just let Camille decide what to do.

The following day, Camille went to see her psychiatrist and she decided to declare Marco psychologically incapacitated instead of herself.

She had a hard time making up a story of Marco having anger issues but the doctor coached her through.

Camille reluctantly slanders Marco

The Better Half---Episode 30 written update

He told her to exaggerate her story so that it would give her an edge. Camille therefore said Marco forced her parents to let him marry her and he also forced himself on her.

Edgar and Susan were waiting outside for her till the time Camille came out from the doctor’s office.

Edgar was against the idea of Camille framing story against Marco to get the annulment but Camille said that she had to protect Rafael and his parents because they had loved her and protected her.

Edgar said that Marco would never give up on her if he still loved her but Camille said that she would never get back together with him so she had to do whatever she could to get the annulment.

Marco went to the woodshop he usually got his materials from and ran into Julio there.

He asked how his parents were and Julio told him that they were with Camille in Manila.

Marco was delighted that Julio was alone and he asked if they could hang out together. Julio was a little skeptical but he agreed to hang out with Marco.

They went home and Marco picked mangoes for Julio as they reminisced.

When Susan and Edgar went home, they found Marco still with Julio. Susan was upset with them and she reprimanded Marco for going to their house even after knowing how their situation was.

Marco said that he still considered them their family so he would continue to visit them.

He added that he would not go into their house because it belonged to Rafael’s family.

Camille was sad after lying about Marco during her psych evaluation so Rafael pampered her by bringing her breakfast in bed.

He said that he felt helpless because he could not do anything to help her with the annulment.

Mayor Dina went to see Bianca to ask her for Romina’s phone number. Bianca said she did not know who Romina was but the mayor told her that she was her psychiatrist.

Bianca said that she had not seen her for a long time but the mayor said she was lying. Before she left, she asked Bianca to tell her if she came across Romina.

Marco continued to visit Edgar and Julio even when Susan was against having him around their house.

Edgar wanted to know how Marco survived and Marco told him all about his plane crush and Bianca finding him.

She hid him at an island and then took him to America so that no one would find her.

Edgar told Susan about everything Marco had been through and how Bianca did all that she could to keep him from seeing Camille.

Edgar said that Marco had done nothing wrong and was a victim. Julio interrupted them and told them that he was so confused because he loved both Marco and Rafael and wanted to spend time with them.

Edgar told him that they would keep seeing Marco but they would not tell Camille so that she would not get in trouble.

He promised to take responsibility of anything if they were caught.


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