The Better Half--- Episode 31 Bianca finds cold secret about Mayor Dina. Helen spotted Camille cheating on Rafael with Marco

The Better Half Episode 31 Written Updates

The Better Half Episode 31 Written Updates — Bianca finds a cold secret about Mayor Dina. Helen spotted Camille cheating on Rafael with Marco

Bianca visited Mayor Dina and threatened to reveal that she did not win the previous election if the mayor did not stay out of her way.

Mayor Dina told Bianca to desist from making up stories to frame her up and ruin her reputation. She said there was no way she was going to lose as her constituents loved her.

Bianca then said if the Mayor considered her words as mere allegations and not truth then she should not show any sign of concern when the mayor sees leaked information about her on Social Media.

The mayor got nervous and Bianca told her not to meddle with her life otherwise she would expose her secrets.

Camille and Rafael went to see Susan and Edgar, Marco Who was spying on them in his car saw how happy they were.


He became jealous and stare speechlessly. His heart broke down inside him. His beloved Camille was happy in the hands of another man.

The Better Half Episode 31 Written Updates — Marco watches Rafael and Camille from afar

When Marco went to the furniture shop he received an affidavit for the annulment.

Camille called him to ask if he had already received it and he said that the messenger had just left.

Camille asked him to read the document carefully because she was set on getting the annulment.

Marco hang up and went through the document. He called Camille back immediately and asked her why she was telling lies about him.

Camille told him that she was set on getting the annulment even without his help and Marco said that he would deny everything in court.

They both got worked up and Marco asked to meet Camille so that they could talk face to face.


After the call, Camille told Rafael and her parents that Marco had to see her and Rafael said he did not understand why she needed to go see Marco when everything could be done even without his help.

Camille said that she needed to get Marco to agree with her so that she could make him understand why she lied about it.

She said that she owed him at least that much and needed to convince him to agree.

The following day, Camille met Marco as agreed and he had prepared an entire layout for her.

He displayed food that he had bought from Dumaguete to remind her of the life they had before but Camille told him that she already ate at home. Camille told him that she thought they would only have a simple meeting, not a meeting that they would have a feast.

The Better Half Episode 31 Written Updates
The Better Half Episode 31 Written Updates


Marco said that he would say that everything she said was lies and Camille said that she would find another way to file for the annulment because she loved Rafael.

Marco said that he did not believe that and asked Camille if she really did not love him.

The Better Half Episode 31 Written Updates — Camille visited Marco

Camille got up and told Marco that she would be lying if she said she loved him and left.

Camille arrived home to find Rafael brooding and he told her that he still did not understand why she had to meet with Marco but he was trying to be supportive.

Camille told him that it was one of the reasons she loved him. She also said that she would change her plan of lying about Marco since it was weighing on her conscious and revert back to saying that she was not mentally stable.

Camille met with the psychiatrist the following day and changed her statement.

She declared herself mentally incapacitated adding that she had witnesses to attest to it.


After the session, she went to see her parents, to ask them to testify on her behalf.

The psychiatrist called Helen to tell her what Camille had done and she decided to meet Susan and Edgar so that they could discuss it.

As Camille was talking to her parents, Julio entered the house with Marco. Camille got furious and told him to go because she was tired of having to deal with him.

Instead of leaving, Marco went to hug Camille and she fought him off.

Unfortunately, Helen and Edgar entered the house when Marco hugged Camille.
Helen accused Camille of seeing Marco behind Rafael’s back and her parents of condoning her behaviour. Susan tried to explain that Marco had arrived unannounced and Camille was just trying to get him to leave but Helen said that she knew what she saw.

She and Susan started to fight and Helen said that they should not entertain Marco especially in their house.

She told them to leave and Edgar told her that they would leave without the need for them to throw them out.


After Helen and Edgar left, Marco apologised for the trouble but Camille told him to leave. They then started packing their things.

Helen was furious and told Edgar that Camille and her family were ungrateful after they had done so much for them.

She tried to call Rafael to inform him about what had happened but he was at a meeting and did not pick up.

When she got to talk to him, she told him that she caught Camille hugging Marco and Rafael refused to believe it. Helen asked him to call his father to clarify thing but Rafael called Camille instead.

She did not answer so he went to her parents’ house.
He found them taking their things outside and Susan told her that Helen had refused to let them explain.

They told him what really happened and Rafael asked them to stay. Edgar refused to stay so Rafael asked to drive them to the new house instead.

The house had no power and Rafael asked if they could stay back at the house but Edgar said they would manage.

Rafael asked them to allow him to help them since he was still their son-in-law.

He offered to get a generator since he would not let them stay in the dark.

Bianca took Julia to see Marco. Julia had missed her father and wanted to spend time with him.


Bianca’s commitment

At Marco’s house, she noticed that he had been crying. She knew it was about Camille so she promised herself that he would cry for her one day too.

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