The Better Half Episode 35

The Better Half Episode 35 Mayor Dina convinced Bianca’s accomplice to betray her

Bianca was upset to see Marco in the care of Camille so she confronted Camille for being with Marco but Marco orderered her to leave.

Camille was quite sure that the misfortune that befell on his family was the handwork of Bianca so she asked her if she was the person behind the fire but Bianca denied it although she faltered.

Bianca upsets to see Camille in Marco’s house

Camille brought up Sheryl again and Bianca denied having anything to do with her, she asked Bianca why she would kill her off.

Rafael went to see Karen and her husband at his foundation. They asked how he was doing and Rafael told them about all the problems he was having with his work, especially the Pueblo Verde project.

Karen said that it was fine to have problems with work then asked how his personal life was going.

Rafael got touchy and snapped at her. He said that things with Camille were going well besides his personal life with his wife was none of her business, indicating that there was no need to ask about his personal life.

Karen and her husband were worried about Rafael and when he came back, he told them that he should have been the one to save his wife’s family instead of Marco.

Camille hired a nurse to take care of Marco but he still refused her help. Camille said she would use her rights as his wife to have her admitted in a hospital until he recovered so Marco had no choice but to accept to stay with the nurse.

Helen went to Camille’s house and wanted to get things from the pantry but Glenda; the maid who handled them was not in the house.

Glenda was with Camille at Marco’s house and when she received a call from Helen, she alerted Camille.

She took the call and told Helen that she had gone to see a sick friend.
After Camille left Marco’s house, she visited Julio’s grave then went to the foundation. Karen told her that Rafael had just left.

Camille said she wanted to start volunteering at the foundation again and Karen agreed to it.

Dindo showed Alfredo and Clarita the sales from their units but they did not meet the quota.

When Bianca got back, they scolded her for going to see Marco instead of focusing on their business.

Bianca gave them ideas on how to sell their units and said she would be the one to deal with the business.

Alfredo told her to wait until Marco had his marriage annulled since she could not do anything about it then.

Bianca complained that it was taking too long and asked Alfredo to talk to some of the people that he knew so that the process would be expedited.

Dindo also talked to Alfredo and Bianca, he told them to beware of Mayor Dina because she was talking about the issues Bianca had with Rafael to their clients and that was the reason most of them did not want to buy their units.

When Rafael arrived home, he found Helen there and she had already prepared dinner for them.

Camille arrived right after and Helen wanted to know why she was not with Rafael. Camille said that she had gone to Veronica foundation and Rafael raised an eyebrow.

During dinner, Helen asked Camille why she went to the foundation and she said that she talked to Karen since she wanted to start volunteer work there.

Helen asked where she had gone before that and Camille answered that she was at the cemetery while Rafael said that she was at the office with him.

Helen asked which of them was right and Rafael explained that he was with Camille at the office, then she went to the cemetery, then the foundation.

Jay; the nurse that Camille hired had a hard time taking care of Marco. He refused to eat and wanted a sedative that was not even prescribed.

He called Camille and she had to leave the table to answer the call. Jay told her that Marco wanted to take a sedative and she should ask his doctor for a prescription.

After Camille got back to the table, Helen asked who it was and Rafael said that it was the acting OIC at their school who still needed guidance from Camille.

Marco continued to trouble Jay and he punched him after he peeped on himself since he felt a lot of pain when Jay applied an ointment on his burn.

Rafael was angry at Camille and when they went to bed, he ignored her.

Camille asked him to talk to her and Rafael asked her for how long she had stayed with Marco.

Rafael pleads to Camille

Camille said that she stayed only until the nurse arrived then went to the cemetery and then the foundation.

Rafael said he was at the foundation and Camille said she was there after he left. She told him to call Karen to confirm but Rafael said he trusted her but he wanted her to tell where she was.

Rafael to Camille “I trust you”

Camille said that she did not know she had to report everything she did and Rafael said he only wanted to be informed so that he could know what to tell his parents.

He went to sleep and Camille hugged him as a way for them to make up.

The following day, Jay called Camille to ask her to find someone else since he could no longer deal with Marco after he punched him.

Marco mad at his caregiver

Camille wanted to speak to Jay personally and convince him to stay but Helen and Luicito arrived.

She had to attend to them so she called Rafael and asked him to attend to Jay instead.
Jay refused to stay even after Rafael offered him double the pay so he called the hiring agency to ask if he could find a replacement.

The agency said they could only find someone in three days so Rafael asked Jay if he could stay until then.

Jay said he had already taken up another contract and apologised to Rafael. Rafael went to see Marco and told him to stop being stubborn since he was only using his disability to make Camille visit him.

Marco told Rafael that he felt threatened by him and was afraid that Camille would go back to him if they kept seeing each other.

Camille seemed restless so Luicito asked her to go if she needed to attend to something.

When Camille arrived at Marco’s house, Rafael was about to beat up Marco but she stopped them from fighting.

Rafael and Camille went outside to talk and Rafael told her that they could not find another nurse until after three days.

Camille said she would take care of Marco and take Glenda along with her so that Rafael would not worry.

Camille chooses to take care of Marco

Mayor Dina and her assistant went to talk to Aris at Marco’s furniture shop and tried to convince him to betray Bianca.

Bianca also met with her private investigator for an update about Mayor Dina’s investigation but he said that there was no connection between her and Rafael.


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