The better half episode 36

The better half episode 36 Bianca finds incriminating evidence against Mayor Dina

Mayor Dina visited the shop of Marco and speaks with Aris to convince him to turn against Bianca but Aris pretended not to have a hand in all the Mayor’s allegations.

She then asked him what he was doing at the premises of the Villalobose when their house was on fire. Aris kept quite and she gave him her card and told him that she was the mayor and did not understand why he was so loyal to Bianca.

She asked him whether he was in love with Bianca and he said he has a wife and did not know what she is talking about.

Helen spoke to Luicito and told him that she doubted that the relationship of Rafael and Camille were going on smoothly as Rafael was trying to make them believe.

Luicito interjected she should just give Rafael and Camille space because their relationship was also not healthy when they were young and with time things worked out.

Helen said theirs were different and did not understand where Camille spend her morning and afternoon, she became suspicious.

Camille was in Marco’s house helping to take care of him to ensure his full recovery. She cleanse the room and Marco remembered the time he was with her when she clean the room and beautify the place.

Flashback: they were hanging out things in the dry line while they laughed and lived happily.

Camille takes care of Marco

After the flashback Marco told Camille that she was still good in cleaning and Camille said she would never forget what she has been taught.

At workplace, Rafael was having a conversation with Bianca telling her about how their company was being affected by things that were happening.

He said it was not developing as it was expected and told Bianca to come out with a plan so that they could get the project going but Bianca changed the business talk and centred the conversation on Camille and Marco.

She advised Rafael to talk to his wife in order for her to stop treating Marco. She said she was the one who has the right to take care of Marco in his condition and not Camille.

Rafael got furious and told her that the problem was her because they already suggested Bianca should be the one to take care of him but Marco refused.

He told her not to accuse his wife, Camille and he did not care about what She was going through with Marco all that he has with her is the business.

Bianca asked him whether he was not bothered about Marco and Camille’s closeness? She said the reality was that Rafael was upset so he should channel his pain and furiousness to Camille to warn her not to see Marco.

Rafael told her that before he sends his anguish to his wife he would use it on her first if she did not shut her mouth.

He said her actions is the reason Marco did not want to annul his marriage with Camille and if she did not put a stop to it not only him will lose a chance to be with Camille she would also lose a chance to reunite with Marco.

Bianca met Aris and he informed her about Mayor Dina’s visit and she promised to talk to her father so that Aris gain employment in her house. She said that way Mayor Dina won’t be able to get close to him and threaten him.

Camille and Edgar were speaking on phone, he said Susan was passing through a lot. She was brooding and weeping bitterly about the death of Julio.

Bianca went home to take Michael’s file and wondered why a person who was happy die just like that she spoke with the person she employed to investigate to as a matter of urgency unravel the truth about how Michael died and her involvement with the mayor and Veronica.

Camille said she was sorry that her mother was passing through all those things and could not be with her. Edgar asked about Marco and Camille said she was taking care of him as she waits for a new caregiver to take care of Marco after he slapped the person she got for him.

Edgar told her to be extra careful and advised her to tell Rafael everything and her movement before doing. He also expressed sadness not to be able to help her out with Marco especially now that she was exhibiting such character.

After feeding Marco and was leaving Marco’s place, Camille realised Marco was in pain, the pain became severe so Camille texted Rafael that she might not be home early since Marco’s life was in danger due to the excess pain.

Camille chooses to be with Marco

Rafael who was in the house told her that he would come for her and advised her against taking a cab alone and she was informing him through the text.

Helen and Luicito arrived home and decided to join Rafael in having dinner. Rafael told them that they should sit and eat he was going to pick up Camille and left.

Camille called the doctor and told her about Marco’s condition and how she could administer his injection and the doctor taught her so she injected Marco.

Rafael met his friend Michael and his wife and asked them to join him for them to sit at the bar and enjoy.

They agreed and at the bar they talked about how married has shaped their life unlike their single days that they spent it at the bar.

Bianca spied on where Camille kept the keys to Marco’s house she watched Rafael pick Camille from Marco’s house and when Rafael’s car left she went for the keys and opened Marco’s door and slept with Marco in his room.

Bianca secretly goes to Marco’s house

Camille and Rafael arrived at home, Rafael complained about Camille’s attitude saying she only spent nights with him but she spent her day and afternoon with Marco.

Camille pleaded with him to understand as situation would change soon because it has left with one more day for the nurse or the caregiver to arrive.

Rafael said he was worried that the closeness and the pity she has for Marco turns into love and it would hurt him a lot if Marco succeeds in his act because that was his plan.

Rafael tells Camille his real feelings for her

She then told Rafael that he should not get jealous because everything that has happened meant that he was her Better Half.

In the morning, Bianca left Marco’s house and when she was taking her bag a towel fell she then dropped the keys of Marco’s house in a flower pot.

Camille asked Marco whether he tried to walk when he had to lie still in bed, Marco said he did not do anything because he could not stand on his feet.

Camille looked around and wondered why some of the things were lying on the ground, the pillow and the towel she then kept quiet.

Julia woke her mom, but Bianca said she was tired and feeling sleepy.

Clarita wondered where Bianca had been going during the nights and told Alfredo that she believed Bianca was not doing anything irrelevant in the name of Marco.

Bianca received a call from a man she hired to investigate about Mayor Dina, Michael and Veronica and the man confirmed that Michael was the husband of the mayor and he later fell in love with Veronica and said the man strangely died as well as Veronica so he would get to the bottom of it.

She then said the man has now proven his ability that he could be reliable.

Freddie, the assistant of Mayor Dina revealed to the mayor that Aris has gone missing. Mayor Dina said if Aris believed he did nothing wrong why was he hiding and concluded that Bianca was hiding him and promised to ensure that she would torn Bianca and Aris apart.

Marco had a new nurse and she tried to give Marco’s his injection but Marco refused. Camille walked in and told Marco that he has to corporate with them for them to help him because his action was not helping.

Camille then told the nurse to carry on with her work. Marco pull his drawer and took his tablet.

Camille asked him what he wanted to do and he said he wanted to check his email to see the orders he have but Camille told him to relax till he recovers then he could carry on with work.

Marco said he wanted to know the orders so that when he recovers he already know the kinds of job he has to do.

As he accessed his email he showed Camille the email he earlier sent her and Camille said she already knew about it and even thought someone was trying to prank her.

Marco tells Camille how he tried to look for her

Mayor Dina told Freddie that all hope was not lost because she would look for Sheryl’s husband and work with him instead and they began to laugh.


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