The Better Half Episode 43 Bianca cremates Julia's body as she kills Mayor Dyna for revenge

The Better Half Episode 44

The Better Half Episode 44 Bianca cremates Julia’s body as she kills Mayor Dyna for revenge

Rafael’s friend told the bar attendance not to serve Rafael with any drink as he was drunk. Rafael was still insisting to drink more bottles but his friend declined his request and he sent him home.

Alfredo and Clarita arrived at the scene where Julia was and they were told that she had died.

When they took her body to the morgue, the attendant asked them what they wanted to do with Julia’s body and Bianca said she wanted her to be cremated.

She explained that she did not want to hold a wake because she did not want anyone to mourn her daughter, that she said would sadden her heart.

Marco said that Julia was his daughter too and he wanted to mourn her death but Bianca told him that he should have been there for Julia when she was alive instead of leaving.

Alfredo then told Marco that they would do what Bianca wanted and that was to have her cremated.

Mike made Rafael go home because he was drunk even though all he wanted was to continue drowning his sorrows in alcohol.

The following morning, Camille saw the teachers erecting pictures of Julia and they told her that they were creating a memorial service for Julia, adding that she died after being kidnapped the previous evening.

Camille learns about Julia’s death

The Better Half Episode 43 written update Bianca cremates Julia’s body as she kills Mayor Dyna for revenge

Rafael received a call from his secretary that the people he was supposed to have a meeting with were waiting for him. Rafael had been sleeping so she was the one who woke him up.

Luicito commenced the meeting without Rafael and he arrived much later, suffering from a hangover.

After the meeting, Luicito scolded Rafael for drinking and Rafael told him that Camille had left him because she did not want to cause him any more trouble.

Luicito said he was sorry for the unfortunate news but he said he understood Camille’s decision.

Rafael on the other hand said he did not care whether Camille was his wife legally or not because the love they had for each other should have been stronger enough for them to stay together.

Julia was cremated and as they waited for her ashes, Marco asked Bianca why she went by herself to see Jonas.

Bianca said that she did not think about it and only went there to save her daughter. She said that Jonas threatened to kill Julia if Bianca did not admit that she was the one who killed Sheryl so she admitted it and was willing to go to jail for a crime that she did not commit.

After Julia’s ashes were brought, Bianca received flowers from Mayor Dyna as condolences for the death of Julia.

Bianca was furious because she knew that Mayor Dyna was Jonas’ accomplice. She called the Mayor who offered to help Bianca if she needed someone to talk to and Bianca agreed to meet her that evening.

Before she left, she had a package sent to Rafael telling him that the mayor was behind everything that had happened to Veronica.

Helen told Luicito that Bianca deserved to lose her child after everything she had done to them but Luicito told her that they should not be judging anyone because they too knew the pain of losing a child.

Rafael received an anonymous package telling him the truth about Veronica’s death. The letter said that Mayor Dyna was the one who killed Veronica because she had a relationship with Michael.

She had made Michael and Veronica shoot the mix tape and then the mayor threatened to release the video if Veronica did not take the pills that she gave. Rafael decided to go to her house and confront her.

Bianca visited mayor Dyna’s house and she asked how she would be able to get over her daughter’s death.

She wanted the mayor to give her advice since she had lost someone important to her and the mayor said that she found refuge in serving her people.

Bianca said that she would never be happy again because she had already lost the people who were important to her; first Marco then Julia.

She told the mayor that she had nothing more to lose and would now take revenge on the person who killed her daughter.

The mayor said that Jonas was already dead but Bianca told her that Jonas did not have the resources to execute such a scheme and she knew that the mayor was the one who helped him.

The mayor said that she did not intend for Julia to die but Bianca did not care because Julia was already dead.

She told the mayor that she had told Rafael and his family about Veronica’s death but the mayor said she was bluffing.

Bianca assured the mayor that she never bluffed so Dyna took out her gun. She said that she knew the two of them could not settle things amicably and hence asked Bianca to choose the way she would die.

She had added cyanide to Bianca’s drink and wanted her to drink it. She took her drink first without realising that Bianca had switched their glasses.

Bianca picked up her glass but threw it away as she tried to fight off the mayor and take her gun.

Bianca kills Mayor Dyna

The Better Half Episode 43 written update Bianca cremates Julia’s body as she kills Mayor Dyna for revenge

The two struggled for a while but the cyanide started to react and the mayor fell off from the balcony where she died.

When Rafael arrived at the mayor’s house, the police were already there and they told him that Bianca called because the mayor had died.

Bianca had her lawyer with her and the police saw the CCTV footage where Mayor Dyna fell off the balcony. She told the police that she was there for a talk but the mayor said she wanted to commit suicide and there was nothing Bianca could do to stop her.

The police allowed her to go and she went home where she told Alfredo and Clarita that she was fine.

Bianca in deep sorrows

The Better Half Episode 43 written update Bianca cremates Julia’s body as she kills Mayor Dyna for revenge



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