The Better Half Episode 48

The Better Half Episode 48 Marco arrested for attacking Rafael

Edgar started working with Marco at his  furniture shop and he was given the responsibities to attend to customers at the shop.

Marco went to deliver some furniture and he ran into Glenda on the way. Glenda was stranded on the street so Marco offered to take her to the bus station.

Glenda revealed to Marco that there was a time that Rafael hit Camille because they had a minor misunderstanding. She also said Rafael was drunk at the moment he lay his hand on Camille.

The news struck Marco and he got furious. He talked to one of his friends about it and he advised Marco not to meddle because it was an issue between Rafael and Camille.

Helen and Luicito went to see Rafael at his office and they convinced him to go out to a party at one of their friend’s house.

Helen convinced Rafael by telling him that Ashley would be there. When they arrived at the house, they found Marco unloading the furniture that the owner had ordered from him.

The lady who owned the house did not know the issues between Marco and Rafael’s family so she was taken by surprise when Helen asked her whether she did not know what Marco Saison’s role was in Rafael’s marital problem. When they went inside, Marco stopped Rafael and asked if they could talk.

Marco asked Rafael why he hurt Camille and they started to fight. Luicito had to get in between them to stop them from fighting and Marco was sent to jail for fighting with Rafael.

The friction between Rafael and Marco

Marco called Edgar to tell him about the incident and asked that he go to prison to bail him out. When Edgar, Camille and Susan went to get Marco, he told them that he fought with Rafael because he found out from Glenda that he had beaten Camille.

Edgar was furious to learn that Rafael hurt his daughter and he got upset with Camille because she never told them.

In the morning, Rafael stopped Helen from filing a lawsuit against Marco and Helen told him that it was Camille and Edgar who bailed Marco out.

Rafael went to see Camille at her house and Edgar was so mad, he wanted to beat up Rafael. Camille defended Rafael and they went outside to talk because Edgar did not want to see him.

Rafael asked Camille whether she told Marco everything about their relationship and if he was the reason she left him. Camille said that she did not tell Marco anything because it was Glenda who told him about it when they met.

Camille asked Rafael not to file charges against Marco and he accused her of siding with Marco.

Camille said  she only wanted to avoid problems and having people fight because of her.

Marco thanked Camille for getting Rafael not to file the lawsuit and she told him that Rafael was never going to do it. She however asked Marco to stop causing trouble because she did not want to have to ask such things from Rafael.

She also told him not to meddle in her affairs with Rafael. Bianca continued to pester her nurse to call a certain person and he finally heeded to her request.

When the man she wanted contacted, the nurse in the night went for her to see the man, Bianca got his phone and sent him on an errand to spy on Marco and Camille.

Rafael spent the night with Ashley and she told him that she was ready to wait for him to get over Camille,  she promissed not to pressure him. Bianca almost got caught when she was using the phone but her nurse hid it for her.

Rafael gives in to tamptation

She called the man she hired to spy on Marco and he informed her that Edgar was now working for Marco. Camille went to the foundation to take groceries and decided to go inside when she heard that they were renovating.

She found Rafael flirting around with Ashley and tried to walk out before they saw her. She fell down as she ran into someone and Rafael saw her. She wanted to leave and Rafael followed to explain what was happening with Ashley.

Camille asked him whether he was dating her and Rafael said they were not a couple. He however added that she was the one who gave up on him and he could not stop living his life just because she left him.

Camille asked him what happened to him waiting for five or 10 years for her to get her annulment and Rafael said he wanted to be with someone who would not leave him.

Camille left in tears and Rafael felt devasted because she was hurt. Camille was still crying when she got home and she told Susan that it was because of Rafael.

She said it was her fault for leaving him since he now seemed happy with Ashley. Susan told her that the letter from the teaching board had arrived but Camille said that she was too depressed to open it. Susan opened the letter since Camille was scared about the news it might carry.


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