The Better Half Episode 54 Helen warns Camille to stay away from Rafael

The Better Half Episode 54

The Better Half Episode 54 Helen warns Camille to stay away from Rafael

Camille and Rafael arrived at the hotel which they had booked to stay overnight. Camille find the place more appealing and was delighted, she thanked Rafael for finding it so they went to check in.

Helen was at Ashley’s place playing a game with her mother when Ashley arrived home from work. Helen was puzzled to see her as she thought Ashley had gone with Rafael but she said that maybe he had met up with his college friends.

When Helen told Luicito about it later, he asked her not to meddle with their son’s decision since he was a grown man and he knew what he was doing.

Helen said she felt sad for Ashley but Luicito told her that they could not match partners for their son so Rafael could date anyone he wanted.

Bianca went to see Marco and apologised for the incident before. Marco told her that it was fine and Bianca said she would no longer bother him.

When she went back to her car, she laughed because she already knew that Camille was seeing Rafael so there was no hope for Marco to get back to her.

Clarita tried to talk to Alfredo so that they would put an end to the tension in the house but he told her to leave and went to sleep.

Camille and Rafael had dinner together and Rafael said that he did not mind if their marriage was not real on paper because in his heart and mind, they were married.

The following morning, Rafael found Ashley waiting for him at his office. He asked her if they had a meeting but Ashley asked him how his breather was.

Rafael stated that things were fine and Ashley went on to tell him that he should tell her his plans because his mother assumed that they were back together.

Rafael apologised for his mother’s assumption and Ashley asked him who he had been with. Before Rafael could tell her that it was not her business to ask, Ashley left the office and said that they would meet later for their run.

Marco went to visit Camille but she had already left for work. Edgar told him to tell Susan what he was planning to do and he told her that he intended on asking Camille to get back together with him.

Susan told him not to do it because Camille was not yet over Rafael but Marco said he wanted to be the one to help her forget him.

Susan told Marco to let Camille forget about Rafael first before they got back together.
Bianca decided that she would stay away from Marco for a while and then be by his side when he ultimately learned that Camille and Rafael were back together.

She sent an anonymous text to Camille and told her that Marco would soon learn that she was cheating on him with Rafael.

The Better Half Episode 54 written update: Bianca threatens Camille

When Camille received the text, she tried to call back but the number never went through. She called Rafael to tell him about it. Rafael thought that there was something between him and Marco but she told him there was nothing.

She said they should tell Marco about them getting back together so that he would stop hoping that the two of them would get back together.

When Camille went to see Marco, she felt uncomfortable because one of his clients greeted her a little too warmly. Marco had been showing his clients his furniture collection and he named one of them Camille.

Camille wanted to tell Marco that she was back with Rafael but she was not able to because Edgar interrupted them. She told them that she wanted to buy a piece for their dining room but she had to leave because Marco was busy. After Camille left, Marco said she probably only wanted to see him.

Bianca and her father talked about leaving their house. They did not want to stay at the same place with Clarita.

Bianca had a meeting with Rafael and when she ran into Ashley at the elavator, she “accidentally” mentioned seeing her and Rafael. She then feigned surprise as she pretended to realise that Ashley was not the girl with Rafael.

Bianca purposely hurt Ashley

When Helen visited Ashley at her office, Ashley revealed to her that she thought Rafael and Camille had already gotten back together.

Helen who was upset said she would not let Camille get together with Rafael again.
Later that evening, Ashley called Camille and asked her to meet her the following day so that they could talk about Rafael. Helen had however been the one who planned to have them meet.

During their meeting, Helen showed up as if by accident and told Camille that she was the only Mrs Cabrera.

She then told Camille to stop playing around with Rafael’s feelings since she had already left him. She asked if Camille only left Rafael for her teaching license but Camille said that she did it for the sake of both their families and to put an end to their scandals.

Helen shames Camille

Helen therefore told Camille to be the good person that Rafael thought her to be and leave him before she ended up hurting his feelings again.


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