The Better Half Episode 55 Marco tries to get formal with his feelings for Camille

The Better Half Episode 55

The Better Half Episode 55 Marco tries to get formal with his feelings for Camille

Bianca looked for a house to move into with Alfredo but then the real estate agent got a call and she told Bianca that the unit was no longer available because the previous client who saw it already bought it.

Bianca accused the lady of being paid off by Clarita and almost attacked her so the lady left.

The police interrogated Aris since he had been working for Bianca ever since she started staying at the house on the island.

Aris revealed that he did not know anything since the person he usually worked for was Marco and not Bianca.

Camille told Helen that the biggest mistake she had ever made was breaking up with Rafael and so she was not going to leave him again because she loved him.

Helen was infuriated by Camille’s speech and wanted to attack Camille but Ashley stopped her and they left together.

Helen went to see Rafael and found him on the phone with Camille. He was telling Camille that he would not be able to see her because he had to see a project site.

Helen told Rafael that she saw Camille and Marco together

He got off the call when he saw Helen and she suggested that Rafael take Ashley with her.

Rafael told Helen to stop playing match maker because he would never be with Ashley. Helen told Rafael that he should stop thinking about Camille but Rafael said that he would not ruin his day by arguing with her so he left.

Camille accompanied Susan to the market but since Marco was there dropping off a piece of furniture that he wanted to give Camille, he asked to take them to the mall.

When they arrived, Susan went to the washroom and left Marco with Camille. Helen was at the mall shoppig with Ashley and saw the two of them together.
She only looked at them and then walked past them.

Helen seemed dissappointed seeing Camille with Marco because she knew that Rafael would get hurt once she told him. Ashley asked her not to do it but Helen said that they had to, so that Rafael would finally leave Camille.

Helen promptly told Rafael about seeing Camille with Marco and he called Camille to ask her about it.

Camille told him what happened and why Marco was with them. She told Rafael that there was nothing going on between him and Marco.

Alfredo called Aris and asked him to burn Juancho’s bones since Clarita was poised to look for him, he knew Clarita would never stop looking for him.

Meanwhile, Clarita asked the police to pay close attention to Aris since he was one of Bianca’s trusted man.

Rafael told Camille that he wanted to see her but she said that she would be going to see a movie with her parents. They decided that they would make up an excuse so that Camille could leave and they could make up.

When Camille got to the mall with her parents, Marco arrived too because Edgar had invited him. Camille and Susan were not pleased to see him, Susan was specially upset so she decided to forgo the movie and they went to eat.

Camille got a call from Rafael so she asked Marco and her parents to go ahead. Rafael told her that he too went to the mall because he wanted to see a movie with her parents but he was in disguise.

Camille saw him and got alarmed because Marco was with them. Before she could tell Rafael that Marco was there too, he came to get her and Rafael hang up.

During dinner, Camille spent all her time texting Rafael because she wanted to explain why Marco was there.

Marco asked who she was texting and Camille said that it was Karen, explaining that they had trouble at the foundation.

Marco doubts Camille’s action

After dinner, Rafael called and asked Camille to meet her at the parking lot so she said she had to go.

Marco offered to drive her but Camille refused his offer and ran off.

Rafael was furious about Marco being with Camille and she explained to him that Edgar invited him without telling her. Rafael told Camille that she had to make things clear to Marco or he would have to tell him that they were together.

Camille talked to Edgar later and asked him to stop inviting Marco on their outings because he had been going everywhere with them and she wanted the three of them to spend time together.

Bianca had also been following Camille and her family and she saw Rafael hiding as well. She concluded that he was fine seeing Camille with Marco since he did not do anything.

He went to see Rafael at his office and congratulated him on getting back together with Camille.

She also told him that she was the one who sent Camille the anonymous text.
After Bianca left, Rafael called Camille and apologised for his outburst the previous evening.

Camille said she understood him and then agreed to meet up with him later.
Marco and Edgar were getting ready to surprise Camille.

This is due to the fact that Marco planned on asking her to get back together with him.


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