The Better Half Episode 57 Bianca in fresh trouble following the murder of Sheryl

The Better Half Episode 57

The Better Half Episode 57 Bianca in fresh trouble following the murder of Sheryl

Camille went to the cemetery to say goodbye to Julio as she and Rafael were planning on going to America.

She also brought flowers to Sheryl’s grave and found her parents there. They greeted each other and Camille invited them to go see her parents.

Camille later met up with Rafael and she told him that they would have to return home once her annulment was approved.

Rafael asked her what would happen if the annulment was not granted again and Camille told him that there were many other places in the world that the two of them could go and continue being together.

When Camille got home, she packed all her clothes and put her suitcases under the bed. She and Rafael planned on leaving together without telling their parents or anyone about their plans to leave.

Camille wanted to wait until her parents left for the market so that she could leave but before they left, Ashley’s mother arrived and told them that she needed to give Camille a letter that Jonas left for her.

When Camille read the letter, it said that Jonas already knew that Bianca was behind Sheryl’s death and he wanted to make her admit to her crime by kidnapping Julia.

Camille receives Jonas letter

He also said that Mayor Dyna was the one who helped him because she knew all of Bianca’s secrets so Camille needed to go to her to learn the truth.

Bianca went to see Marco and she brought him pictures of Julia that she had printed out for him.

When Bianca arrived home, she asked her father to invest in Marco’s furniture products but Alfredo said they had other projects pending so they could not start another one.

Bianca suggested that they ask Rafael to be the one to do it and she said that she could make him do it because she knew a dirty secret about him.The Better Half Episode 57

Rafael was waiting for Camille so that they could leave but he was surprised to see that she was not carrying any luggage. Camille told him that they could not leave yet because of the letter she had received.

Rafael and Camille final conclusion

Rafael agreed with her after reading the letter and they both agreed to the bottom of things. He also said that the letter was timely because it stopped them from leaving and it would have been selfish of them to leave even without telling their parents.

Susan went to do the laundry and found no clothes in Camille’s room. She saw the suitcases below the bed and when she opened the bag, she found Camille’s passport. She called Edgar and asked him to go home immediately.

When Rafael and Camille arrived home, Edgar was fuming and he blamed Rafael for wanting to elope with Camille.

Camille said it was her idea and Edgar was upset that she cared so little for her family that she wanted to leave without a word.

Camille however told them that there was something more important which was the reason why they did not leave and she showed them Jonas’ letter.

Helen and Luicito learnt that Rafael filed for indefinite leave and his secretary did not know where she was.

Helen accused Luicito of knowing what he was up to and they were arguing when Ashley came in. The three of them tried to call people to ask if they knew where Rafael was but no one could tell them. Helen refused to go back to Tagaytay without finding out what happened.

Rafael finally went home and he told his parents and Ashley that he was planning on leaving for the US with Camille which was why he filed for the leave.

Ashley left after hearing this while Luicito insisted that they leave and talk later because Helen wanted to talk while Rafael did not want to talk.

Camille talked to her parents and she helped them understand that she loved Rafael so that Edgar would stop complaining.

Camille later talked to Rafael and they set up a meeting with his parents so that they could talk.

As Camille was waiting for Rafael, Ashley arrived and called her a flirt because she had taken Rafael away from her.

She told Camille to let Rafael go because she loved him more but Camille asked her whether Rafael loved her back.

The Better Half Episode 57

Since Ashley was hurt, she told Camille that she slept with Rafael as a last resort to hurt her but Camille told her that she was separated from Rafael at that time so she had no reason to be upset.

Ashley fights for Rafael

She told Ashley that she was the real flirt for bragging about sleeping with a man adding that if she thought Camille would not fight back when she was the one who came to her house to insult her. Ashely had no words left to say, she left Camille’s house.

Rafael arrived right after Ashley left and Camille confronted him for sleeping with her. Rafael said sorry and told Camille that it would never happen again.

Camille threatened to leave him and he begged her not to do it. She told him that he was not off the hook yet and they left to see his parents.

Edgar was in deep thought at the furniture shop and Marco asked him what was bothering him. Edgar told him about the letter that Jonas left.

Marco said Bianca would have to pay if she was really responsible for Sheryl’s death.


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