The Better Half Episode 58 Camille, Rafael, Marco lay a trap for Bianca to get her arrested for her crimes

The Better Half Episode 58

The Better Half Episode 58 Camille, Rafael, Marco lay a trap for Bianca to get her arrested for her crimes

Camille and Rafael went to see Helen and Luicito t clear things up with them in order for them to accept Camille as the daughter in law of the family.

They told Rafael’s parents that they received a letter written by Jonas claiming Bianca was behind everything that happened.

They explained that after they read the letter the shot down decision to embark on their journey. Helen became hysterical and told Camille that she was dragging Rafael into trouble again.

Rafael asked Helen not to attack Camille because she was his wife but Helen would hear none of it. Rafael defended Camille as the issue was getting out of hand they decided to leave.

They went to look for Ferdie, the mayor’s assistant to verify exactly what happened to Mayor Dyna.

Ferdie tried to run away from them but Rafael was able to catch him. He said they did not want to hurt him since they only wanted to know whether what Jonas said in his letter was true.

Ferdie told them that he would not help them but he gave them the recording that they made of Bianca confessing that she sent Aris to hurt Sheryl.

Bianca’s crimes

Ferdie also said that Bianca was the one who killed the mayor and also covered her tracks.

Marco wanted to know if Bianca was really behind Sheryl’s murder so he called her and asked her to go see him.

Marco checks on Bianca

She gladly accepted to go and the two spent time reminiscing about Julia. Bianca asked Marco if he believed what Jonas said in the letter and he said that he trusted her.

Camille watched the video that Bianca confessed to having Sheryl killed. She wanted to take vengeance but Rafael told her that they had to go through the proper authorities.

Bianca will have to pay

Marco went to see Camille after Bianca left his shop and she told him everything they had found out about Bianca.

Camille added that Aris was the one behind everything and he acted as Bianca’s henchman.

Marco could hardly believe that Bianca could do such things but Edgar told him that she was obsessed with him and was determined do anything to get him back.

He said she was the one who smashed his car because they were told that a woman did it and he was also the one who messed with the brakes from their van.

Marco learns the truth about Bianca

Marco remembered the text he received when Camille’s house burnt down and he said that she might have been behind that too.

Camille indicated that Bianca would have to pay if she really was behind Julio’s death. Before Marco left, he said that he would help them lure Aris back because he trusted him.

Marco called Aris to tell him that he was overwhelmed with work at the shop and he wanted him to go there to work for him. Aris said that he started a fishing business and wouldn’t be able to go work for Marco.

Ashley decided to quit her job at the Cabrera company as she could no longer be with Rafael. Helen tried to ask her not to leave but she had already made up her mind.

Camille was able to secure an arrest warrant for Aris after a witness confirmed that he had seen him in the van that Sheryl took to Camille’s place.

Bianca and Alfredo left their house since Clarita refused to leave and they went to stay at the house in the island. Marco called Bianca under pretense that he wanted to deliver a furniture piece that she wanted.

Bianca told him that she was at the house at the island and she would tell him once she returned to Manila.

Marco thought it would not be wise to have Aris arrested with Bianca there because she would be alerted but Camille said that Bianca would prove she is guilty if she fled.

Alfredo wondered why Marco had been contacting Bianca and asked her to be careful but Bianca was certain that Marco would seek her out since Camille was back with Rafael.


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