The Better Half Episode 59 Alfredo dies: Bianca promises to take Rafael and Camille on over the murder

The Better Half Episode 59

The Better Half Episode 59 Alfredo dies: Bianca promises to take Rafael and Camille on over the murder

Camille and Rafael went to the island with the police to have Aris arrested. Marco arrived there too and said that he wanted to go with them because he knew the island well and he would be able to help them.

He drove with Camille and Rafael in their car and the police followed behind. Marco called Bianca to ask if she was still at the island and she was glad because he seemed to be interested in her again.

Alfredo however told her that Marco could be after something else.

The police went to Aris’ house to arrest him but his wife told them that he was at work at Bianca’s resort. Marco led them to the place then he waited with Camille and Rafael in the car as the police went in to ask for Aris. They asked the lady outside to see Marco and she said that she would inform her employers first.

Bianca got hysterical when she learnt that the police were there to arrest Aris but Alfredo asked her to calm down since they might want to arrest Aris for something he did.

They allowed the police to go in but Bianca rushed off to warn Aris so that he could escape.

Aris was out fishing and there was no signal at sea so he was not able to receive the calls from Bianca and his wife. When Bianca’s call finally went through, she told Aris to leave because the police were there to get him but she was too late.

Aris had just arrived and the police had already been shown in. Aris tried to run away from the police but the police were able to corner him and arrest him.

Camille went out of the car to see what was happening and Rafael followed her to try and stop her. Marco wanted to go after them but he had to stay in the car so that he would not blow his cover.

When the police arrested Aris, Camille went to slap him and asked why he called Sheryl. Aris looked at Bianca and asked her to help him but Bianca slapped Aris as well and asked him why he killed her friend.

She told the police to take him away because she did not know that she had hired murderer to work for her family. Aris said that he did it under her orders but Bianca said that he was lying and they took him away.

Bianca denies that she killed Sheryl

Camille told Bianca that they already knew that she was the one who ordered Aris to kill Sheryl but Bianca asked her why the police did not arrest her.

Camille said they would gather up enough evidence to make sure that Bianca paid for what she did but Alfredo asked her and Rafael to leave.

Bianca was furious about what happened and she was afraid that Aris would turn her in. She and Alfredo decided to leave and escape but as they were packing their things, Marco called. The line of conversation made him realise that she was planning to escape and he told Rafael about it.

Rafael called a friend of his from immigration and he went over to stop Bianca from leaving. Camille was sleeping in the car, Rafael left her there and asked Marco to look after her.

Bianca and Alfredo tried to escape via sea but the immigration officer found them just before they boarded their boat.

Alfredo realised that he was an officer and got his gun out. The two men began to fight and Bianca tried to get Alfredo so that they could leave.

Alfredo told her to go instead and told the men at the boat to take her away. The men dragged Bianca to the boat and left with her.

Alfredo was left behind trying to fight off the officer and Rafael went to help since Alfredo almost shot the other officer.

Camille woke up to find Rafael gone and she rushed over to the beach even after Marco tried to stop her.

She arrived just as Alfredo had his gun pointed at Rafael and was ready to shoot him but the officer got up from where he had fallen and shot Alfredo instead. Bianca watched everything as the boat left and saw her father die.

Helen was furious at Camille after she found out what happened because she had put Rafael in danger but Rafael told her not to blame his wife because he could take care of himself.

Rafael defends Camille

Marco and Rafael decided to work together to catch Bianca before she escaped and she could pay for what she had done.

Bianca decided that she would avenge the death of her father and made a decision not to leave to pay Camille and Rafael for getting her father killed.


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