The Better Half Episode 62 Camille's professional license revoked over immorality

The Better Half Episode 62

The Better Half Episode 62 Camille’s professional license revoked over immorality

Camille told her parents that Bianca was the brain behind their omen and she got their house burnt.

Rafael asked them not to worry since he had taken measures to ensure that they would all be safe.

Rafael also used his connections to do a country wide man hunt on Bianca. Edgar said that he would not hesitate to hurt Bianca if she hurt his family again even if she was a woman.

Rafael went to the meeting at their company to discuss their decision about the Pueblo Verde project with the Buenaflor lawyers.

Luicito said were dissolving their partnership and Rafael brought out the papers for the buyout. He said they would no longer work with Bianca since she had killed a member of his family. The people from Buenaflor took the papers with them to discuss the issue with the shareholders.

Camille talked to her lawyer about filing charges against Bianca and Aris for Julio’s death.

Marco arrived and he went with her to officially file the charges. The lawyer told them that they had a strong case because they had witnesses and Aris’ confession.

Bianca called her henchman and told him to follow Camille and Rafael to take photos of them. When Marco took Camille home, Rafael was waiting for them outside.

Marco left as soon as he dropped of Camille and Bianca’s henchman took photos of Camille and Rafael before they entered in the house.

Edgar was worried about their safety, they did not have any security at the village that they lived moreover Bianca knew where they lived. Camille suggested that they move out and she decided to start looking for a new place to live.

The following evening at the furniture shop, two ladies went to look at the pieces and they could not stop gushing about how handsome Marco was. Edgar told Marco to attend to them and they promised to go back to the shop later.

Edgar asked Marco if he still wanted to find his father but Marco said he did not want to since he already had a family; referring to Edgar, Susan and Camille.

When Bianca received photos of Rafael and Camille, she published it on social media using an anonymous account.

Rafael took Camille to a restaurant on a date and she told her about their plans to find another place. Camille said that her parents would not accept it and it would also make things complicated for her annulment.

As they were having dessert, a waiter brought them wine along with a letter. The letter read that “she was rooting for the two of them because she was a mistress too.”

Rafael got offended and wanted to know who sent the wine to them but the waiter was not able to tell them anything since he just got the tray with their table number.

The Better Half Episode 62: Camille receives anonymous letter

Bianca went out to buy some stuff but she ran into a police officer at the store that she went to. The officer recognised her and went after her fortunately for her she was able to escape.

The Better Half Episode 62

Bianca panics when she hears noises in her hideout

Rafael learnt that Bianca had been spotted and that the police thought she was somewhere around Manila. Camille and her family were alarmed and Rafael told them that he had a house ready for them to move into.

Marco received a text from prison saying that Aris wanted to confess the truth before it was too late so he went to see him. Aris heard about Clarita’s death and figured that he should tell the truth before Bianca got to him. He apologised for not telling Marco the truth he said he was scared of Bianca.

Aris went on to tell Marco that he saw Bianca burying Juancho and also helped her move the body. They asked her to burn the remains since Clarita would not stop looking for Juancho but Aris said he did not do it.

He agreed to confess everything to a lawyer as long as Marco protected his family from Bianca. He also showed the police where he buried Juancho’s remains.

Aris confesses Bianca’s crimes

The photo that Bianca posted online was circulated and in turn, Camille received a letter from the teaching board revoking her teaching license under grounds of immorality.

The Better Half Episode 62

Camille was devastated by the news as she could no longer be a teacher to accomplish her dreams.

Camille loses her professional license

Susan console her and told her not to worry about anything, saying with time things would be okay.


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