The Better Half Episode 65 Bianca tortures Marco, plans to erase his memory again

The Better Half Episode 65

The Better Half Episode 65 Bianca tortures Marco, plans to erase his memory again

Bianca searched for Marco and when she found him she asked him what he was looking for and Marco grabbed a book, pretending to be reading.

Bianca asked if he was looking for his phone or the car keys but Marco said he only wanted to make breakfast for them and read something.

Bianca stated that she was his wife and should be the one making breakfast for them not the other way round.

Helen and Luicito visited Edgar at the hospital to see how he was doing and to empathise with him because they knew that Marco was Important to him. Helen also told him that she and Susan had already made up.

Rafael went to look into one of the properties that Bianca owned to see if he could find Marco and Bianca there but they were not there.

Camille was worried when she found out what he had done and she asked Rafael not to go out looking for Bianca alone.

Camille and Rafael went to church to pray that they find Marco unharmed. Camille was specifically worried since she had been having nightmares about him.

The Better Half Episode 65 : Camille and Rafael went to pray for Marco’s safety

She tried calling him again but his phone was still out of reach. Rafael went to console her and assure her that they would find Marco.

Camille then expressed regret for allowing Marco to use himself as bait inorder for them to catch Bianca, Rafael shared similar view, saying he should not have supported Marco too.

The Better Half Episode 65

Bianca tied Marco to the bed since she no longer trusted him to be with her willingly.

The Better Half Episode 65

She called the man supposed to get her and Alfredo out of the country and told him that she would leave with Marco instead.

The Better Half Episode 65: Bianca ties Marco

Rafael learnt that Clarita did not give them a full list of the Buenaflor properties so he asked Orly to find out where the other properties were.

Rafael believes that Marco will make it

They were able to get an updated list and Rafael gave them to the police so that they would expand their search.

Bianca kept Marco tied up on the bed and only went in to give him food. She turned on Marco’s phone once and Camille’s call went through. Bianca was irritated that Camille was still chasing after Marco and she threw away his phone.

Marco tried to induce Bianca to untie him since he wanted them to be together but she was now hurting him. He pleaded with her to untie at least one of his hands but Bianca got a hallucination of Sheryl telling her that she was too gullible when it came to Marco because he would escape once she untied him again.

Bianca therefore decided not to untie Marco and tried to feed him but Marco refused to eat.

After a week, Edgar was discharged from hospital and he moved into the new house that Camille and Rafael had moved to.

He was insistent on starting his therapy immediately so that he could get better and protect his family but Camille and Susan asked him to be patient and to follow the doctor’s orders.

Marco refused to eat thinking that he would get weak and become sick but his plan did not work. Bianca only loosened one of his hands for him to eat but she never let him go and also refused to take him to the hospital.

She told him that the following day, they would leave for Mindanao and then take the back exit from there to Malaysia.

She added that from there, they would leave for Colorado and she might get a doctor to erase Marco’s memories of Camille once again so that the two of them could start over.

Camille had another nightmare of Bianca holding a knife, ready to stub her. Rafael told her that she was safe as long as he was with her. He also went to surveil the house just for Camille’s sake.

Camille’s nightmare

Camille sent a text to Marco telling him that they were doing their best to try and save him.

Marco tried to unbind himself because he could not let Bianca take him to America and erase his memories again but he was not able to do much. He gave up and fell asleep from exhaustion.


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