The Better Half Episode 66 Bianca arrested for kidnapping Marco

The Better Half Episode 66

The Better Half Episode 66 Bianca arrested for kidnapping Marco

Rafael told Camille that she should not be afraid because he was there with her. Camille said she gained strength from the time that Rafael saved her from drowning and she could not understand why she had only met with Rafael after being with Marco or why Marco had suffered so much in the hands of Bianca.

Bianca was sleeping beside Marco and when he woke up to find Bianca next to him. He used the rope that Bianca had loosened on one of his arms to strangle her and nearly killed her.

Bianca fought to get the rope from her neck but Marco finally let her go after saying that he did not want to become a murderer like her.

The men searching for Bianca and Marco finally found them and they sent back a report of where they were. Rafael and the police set up a raid that evening to rescue Marco.

Bianca gave Marco a gun and told him to shoot her and said if he was not able to do it, she would go after Camille.

She told Marco that she would make sure to kill Camille if Marco did not shoot her. Marco took the gun from Bianca but he shot up at the roof, scaring Bianca.

Bianca urges Marco to end her life

He told her that he would not kill her because he did not want to have to explain to their daughter why he took her mother’s life.

Bianca had an episode where she talked to Sheryl and explained to her that killing Juancho was justice for her because he had attacked her when she was a child and her mother did not do anything.

She added that she fell for Marco since he protected her against her uncle, that she noted stopped Juanch from going to her room when Marco was there.

Bianca’s dark past

Rafael planned on ambushing Bianca and refused to let Camille go with him. When Bianca heard the police enter, she thought it was the general’s men arriving to take them to Malaysia but she soon realised it was not the case because they had not been alerted.

She took her gun and went to see who it was. There were a lot of policemen so she opted to run away.

Marco shouted for someone to help him and the police found him tied to the bed. They untied him and sent word to the other officers that Bianca had run away.

Bianca was not able to go far and was soon surrounded by the police. Rafael told her to give up, saying she had nowhere else to hide. Bianca put down her gun and was handcuffed then taken to the police station.

After taking the mug shots, Bianca called the general to ask him what happened to their plans and he said they had to leave when they saw the police at Bianca’s place. He also stated that they were not able to call her since she always changed her phone number.

Bianca asked him to help her after which she was given the prison uniform and taken to jail.
Marco was taken to the hospital where he recovered.

Marco is free

Camille and Rafael’s family were happy and commended Rafael for saving Marco even with the rivalry between them.

Edgar specially thanked Rafael for saving Marco. He said he now understood why Camille loved him and apologised for their misunderstanding before.

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