The Better Half Episode 68 Bianca breaks from prison abducts Camille on her wedding day

The Better Half Episode 68

The Better Half Episode 68 Bianca breaks from prison abducts Camille on her wedding day

Marco visited his father and he asked him why he abandoned him. He explained to him that he was not there to reproach him but all he wanted was to get answers.

Marco’s father told him that he could no longer stay with Marco when his mother left them. Marco said he still needed his father even if his mother was gone and his father apologised for not realising that he was still a father even with his wife gone.

He said he knew everything that had happened to Marco and felt sad because his son was paying for all the bad things he had done.

Marco visits his biological father

He however added that the best thing he did was to let Marco grow up with his aunt since he turned out to be a good man.

Marco also said that he wanted to know the truth about Bianca and if it was true that her uncle did harass her. His father said that it was true because he once heard Clarita and Juancho arguing about it.

Bianca wanted to leave the cell but her contact asked her not to because it was too dangerous.

She asked whether they were suspicious of her for causing the fire but she was told that she just had to lay low for a while.

Marco went to see Edgar and Susan and found them preparing for the wedding menu. They told him that things had been kept a secret so that Rafael and Camille would be safe and he agreed that it was a good idea.

The secret wedding

Marco then told them that he had met his father and he had decided to have Bianca moved to a mental institution. Edgar said that it was fine as long as it would give Marco peace of mind.

Rafael went to see Camille on the eve of their wedding and Camille joked that it was bad luck to see the bride on the eve of the wedding but Rafael said that no bad karma would stop them from getting married because they had already gotten over a lot.

On the day of the wedding, the security Rafael’s family had deployed to protect Camille were on high alert to make sure that no one went to the wedding without invitation.

They checked all the cars at the venue and made sure that things ran smoothly.
The head of the operation said he would be the one to drive Camille to the wedding so that nothing would go wrong.

Everyone was already waiting at the wedding for Camille when Rafael learnt that Camille was on her way.

As Camille was heading to the wedding, she received an email from Bianca showing her the people at the wedding as targets from a shooter who was at the wedding venue.

Camille receives a threat from Bianca

She got a call from Bianca after she read the email and Bianca told her to meet her otherwise the people at the wedding would be killed.

Camille asked the driver to stop the car and took a taxi to the address that Bianca gave her. She arrived to find Bianca distracted and she attacked her for always attacking her and her family.

Bianca could hardly fight back and she was unable to get Camille off her until her accomplice arrived.

The man supposed to drive Camille to the wedding was the one who was Bianca’s accomplice.

He was Francisco, the man the general sent over to help Bianca. He was also the one who the Cabreras hired to take care of the security at their wedding so he ended up telling Bianca everything that the Cabreras had been planning.

He helped Bianca abduct Camille and infiltrate the wedding since she had a sniper at standby on the church.

Bianca asked Fransisco to tie Camille to a chair and went on to explain that she would play a game to see who among her family members she would kill first.

Rafael was sick with worry at the wedding because Camille was more than an hour late and she was not answering her phone.

Bianca chooses her first victim

He received a text from Bianca telling him to go to their location and not to tell the police anything. Rafael said that he had to look for something outside and left the wedding without telling anyone anything.

The Better Half Episode 68

Marco had been outside seeing how everything was going and he followed Rafael when he got into the car.

At the church, everyone began to worry because Rafael had been gone for too long and they suspected that something was wrong.

The abandoned wedding

They decided to call the police and Luicito went outside to talk to the guards but Bianca’s hit man started shooting. They all took cover and went back to the church.

The Better Half Episode 68: Bianca’s sniper randomly shoots people

Rafael saw Marco behind him when he arrived and he told him to call SPO3 but to make it discreet because he did not want to alert Bianca and make her hurt Camille.

Camille tried to distract Bianca by telling her that she should be better than her uncle who had hurt her and not get people who were not involved in her vendetta.

Bianca told Camille that she wanted her to suffer too by taking everyone away from her. Bianca said she and Marco were happy when he had forgotten about Camille and they had built a family together.

Camille told her that the family was no longer there and Marco would not be happy if she killed Edgar and Susan because he considered them family too.

Bianca realised that Camille was only trying to distract her when she went behind her and saw that she had been untying the tied ropes all along.

She got mad and shot Fransisco on the spot for not securing the ropes on Camille. Camille was surprised by Bianca’s outburst. Bianca told Camille that she too would pay for taking away her happiness.


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