The Better Half--- Episode 7 Camille and Rafael finally get married

The Better Half— Episode 7

The Better Half— Episode 7

Camille and Rafael finally get married

After Marco faced Bianca’s mother the scene starts with her leaving the house.

Rafael found Camille packing her things at the foundation. He pleaded with Camille and asked her to forget about the earlier incident and forgive his family especially his mother.

He insisted that he cannot live without Camille and they could run away together.

Camille was still upset… Sheryl informed Rafael about his mother’s misbehaviour, saying Helen earlier came to see Camille to give her a prenup agreement.

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Rafael could no longer tolerate the actions of his mother and he went to see Helen to reprimand her for giving Camille a prenup.

Helen mentioned that Camille said it was no longer an issue, she said revealed to her that they were not getting married anymore. Rafael who was furious replied that they were not getting married because of her.

He told Helen that he had realised she had never forgiven him for Veronica’s death and if she continues with her action she would lose him to.

Helen insisted that it was not true that he has not forgiven him for losing his sister but she did not want anyone frame him all in the name of love hurt just like what happened to his sister.


Rafael followed Camille home from work and because it was late in the evening Camille got scared as she never knew it was Rafael. He asked that she listen to him and he told her all about his relationship with Veronica which would explain why his mother was so overprotective of him.

Rafael narrated that he and Veronica were very close and she was the only one who believed in him even when he continued to drink and mess himself up.

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She was the right minded one, the one who was molded to take over the company but he failed her when she needed him.

Her boyfriend had films a sex tape and Veronica was afraid that she would shame her family once it got released so she killed herself instead.


Rafael said that his mother had blamed him for not being there for Veronica but Camille said that she now understood why Helen was so protective of him since she did not want him to fall into such a predicament too.

Rafael then appealed to her so that they could revive their plans to get married and Camille said that she was afraid of going through the same thing she went through with Marco if ever she lost him.

Rafael assured her that he would always be there and Camille agreed to get married again.

They had a civil wedding with only two friends as witnesses. After that, they went to have food at Rafael’s car and he pranked her by telling her that he had a child.

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Camille was completely in awe but then Rafael burst out into laughter. He said that he loved to play pranks and Veronica was the only one who appreciated them.

Camille indicated that she would allow him to play pranks on her but not too often.

Bianca and Marco packed up their stuffs and moved to America. Alfredo bought a grocery store for them and gave it to them so that they could run it and build their life there.

On the other side, Rafael went home to pick up his stuff and move into the condo with Camille. Helen tried to talk to him about staying and he told her that he already married Camille so there was not much else she could do.

Helen who is afraid to lose her son pleaded with Rafael not to go. She said that she did not want them to drift apart and advised him to live in the family house with Camille since the house was big enough for all of them.

Helen decided to accept Camille and she went with Luicito and Rafael to see Camille’s family to apologise for their previous misunderstanding.

Camille forgave her and said all that was behind them, they finally accepted eachother and planned a church wedding.

Rafael gave Camille a 20 million peso cheque as a wedding gift for her to build the dream school that she wanted to have.

Camille did not want to accept such a huge amount but Rafael insisted that it was an investment and encouraged her to work hard to make the school a success.

Rafael married Camille in front of their family and friends at church and they posted a lot of photos on line.

After the wedding, Luicito and Helen called Rafael and Camille and gave them their wedding gift.

Luicito said that they would give the house to them since the two of them would move to another house once they retired. Rafael and Camille accepted and were happy.

As time passed by, the baby bump of Bianca grew. She and Marco set up their life in America. Bianca went through Sheryl’s Facebook feed and was glad to see photos of Rafael and Camille getting married.

To Bianca, that is what she needed to glue Marco by her side without him getting any hope to ever be in the hands of Camille.

Meanwhile, Rafael and Camille went on their honey moon.

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