The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 21-25

The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 21-25  Malia falls for Tristan after the prophecy changed, Supremo smites his loyal vampires

At Moonchasers Headquarters, all the casualties are lined up receiving Prof T special serum. Senator Mallari pledges to provide Prof T with all the necessary resources to help him innovate more scientific formulas to facilitate the healing process of his team.

He also provides the resources for the burial service of all those who pass away while saving his life.

The news of the death of Joey, Rocky, Lauren among others is read on air and Lemuel tells the LLU members that he knows all those people. He believes the story told by Senator Mallari is not the truth, since he sees that those youth fight vampires and his life was even at risk when he encountered them. The LLU decides to find the remaining to side with them since they are fighting for the same course.

Rambo is sent to the coven of the vampires. Failing to reveal the head of his group, the vampire king bites to turn him into one of them but Rambo has a strong will in pursuing a good course so his blood is not poisoned, rather he fights Supremo and dies in his course.

Betty begins to do her own investigation about the Moonchasers and with the help of Doc, she gets in touch with the lady who introduces Tristan into the Moonchasers. She denies Tristan being a member of the group which makes Betty heave a sigh of relief yet she feels Tristan is hiding something.

Supremo appears in the house of Senator Mallari to convince him to side with him, when the Senator fails to join him, he makes ready to bite the senator. Not ready to become an evil person, Senator Mallari is forced to make an irrational decision.

Soon, his death news goes viral and per the police report , he committed suicide. This makes Prof T meet the mysterious lady and talks about his sad feeling concerning the mission. However, he is bent on crashing the vampires.

In the lair of the Vampires, Supremo suspects a traitor and plans on finding the mole among them.

After blaming himself for the death of his colleagues, Tristan enlists the help of Piolo to run out from the headquarters to spy on his family to check if they are okay but bumps into Miyo.

Miyo saves Tristan and sends him to the werewolves hideout. Piolo is sent by Prof T to find Tristan. He is surprised not to find Tristan but meet Betty who asks him lots of questions. He finds out that Piolo is Eye, the old friend who used to beat Tristan during childhood.

Jake discovers Malia’s action and becomes jealous of Tristan. He later sets a trap for a vampire in order to get information that will lead to his mother. However, Catleya falls inside the trap. Madam Star after she leaves Dory’s house under the full moon remembers a fortune she read about someone with a cursed ink.

Malia treats Tristan, later Tristan has a convulsion and Malia holds his hand and there is a spark. Jethro has an episode and Supremo comes to find out if the prophecy has changed but Jethro says it remains the same. When Supremo left, he tells Veruska that things has become complicated now as the prophecy is changing.

Actually, the serum that Prof T applied on the wound of Tristan to poison vampires blood in human changes Tristan blood since Tristan is actually a son of a vampire and has a vampire blood in him. Magically, Tristan gets healed so quickly with the serum after it mixes his blood under the full moon and calls Betty to talk to her.

Supremo lays a trap to catch the traitor. Meanwhile Lemuel and Gael attend the funeral of the Moonchasers who lost their lives in hopes of identifying Tristan to them. Malia is eager to find out the reason there’s always a spark between her and Tristan. After reading it online, she asks Baristo and he explains that it means both are destined to be together. Catleya asks Malia if there is that special someone in her life and she denies.

Determined to k!ll the evil vampires not only for his father but for his lost comrades, Tristan goes to the Moonchasers headquarters and finds out that the group is being prepared for a new operation. He joins but Prof T denies him the privilege.

Omar manages to find a new job for Miyo as a body guard for Senator Paglinauan, an ally of Supremo. When he starts to work, Senator Paglinauan doesn’t like him and as his oath of secrecy, the senator asks him to kill someone who is his enemy but Miyo refuses as he insists that his job is to guard him not to k!ll others.

Miyo stumbles on a piece of information about an event that Supremo next target will be unveiled. Since he is deprived of being part as a body guard, he enlists Jake’s help to buy clothes to enter the event as a woman.

Tristan embarks on a solo mission after obtaining details of the operation from his friends and he goes to inform Safari about it. Unknown to Tristan, it is a set up by Supremo to discover the group that is saving humans to crush them down.

Knowing the traitor among his clan, Supremo does not hesitate to k!ll her. Least did Supremo know that the real traitor is still with him, and keeps leaking information to the mysterious woman. Veruska keeps turning Nognog against Supremo and she uses him in hopes of helping her and Jethro to escape in order to reveal to Malia an insight about the new prophesy.

Supremo in proving himself to Nognog as a good vampire to sway Nognog from siding with Veruska, he takes Nognog to Youtopia where he sees Ningning but he prevents Nognog from getting close to Ningning.

Prof T soon receives an information to abort the mission. He aborts it while Piolo explores chances to get in touch with Tristan to inform him about the development. Supremo sends his minions to the event to finish the group off and Chino leads that operation since he knows the members of the said group.

Tristan bumps into Malia and recognises her but also discovers that Malia’s name is Toni and she is an escort to men. With the help of Malia, Tristan makes his entry into the event but eventually split as both carry out their mission there.

Malia is able to listen to the conversation of Supremo, known as Gilbert Imperial. Jake in an attempt to find his mother runs into trouble and the intervention of Baristo, Gael and Lemuel saves him. Baristo warns Jake against his action since he will be the next Lord Sentinel should Malia caries on with her life.

Returning into the event after he wakes up to the reality, Tristan finds Toni in the arms of another man and he leaves. However, Chino and his allies cornered Tristan at the parking lot but Prof T saves him. Meanwhile, the real Toni comes to the event and Malia has to escape for her life. She bumps into Tristan who is also escaping and she joins Tristan in his rented car.

Later, Jake returns to the event to pick up Malia but she is not there. Due to fear, Jake then reveals the truth to the LLU. Baristo becomes so desperate to search for Malia so he goes to Dory and Berto to find her while Omar goes to Supremo’s coven to find if he has Malia only to find out that Malia is not with Supremo.

Supremo confines in omar concerning the traitor in the midst of his kingdom and Omar gives him an advice that puts all the warriors of the vampire king in grave danger.
Malia wakes up to find herself alone in the car at San Isidro’s cemetery. Tristan has gone there to visit his father’s grave and to ask him for guidance. Toni comes there and they soon left to the eatery to find a food to eat.

There, some random gangsters get enticed by Malia’s sultry looks and follow her to the boutique which Tristan tells her to find something decent to buy and wear. The boys begin to harass her and Tristan fights to save her from them. It seems Malia has fallen for Tristan, she is bent on knowing Tristan better especially why he is always at places where vampires are.

Elsewhere, Jake tries searching for Tristan as he fits Lemuel’s description for a person that fights vampires. Tristan has a lead on a new mission of the Moonchasers and he is in a hurry to go but Malia secures means to hinder his plans for him to remain in San Isidro. Jake and Catleya receive a lead about Malia being alive.

Chino and other rebel vampires take a trip to San Isidro to find Tristan when they receive a footage that the car Tristan use heads to the place. They cannot find the real face of Tristan and Supremo wonders who Tristan is. Unknown to the vampires, Prof T has cleared all the footages and they only get the footage of Tristan at the parking lot.

Inability to pinpoint the exact person with an idea that one spoilt tomato can get all tomatoes rotten, Supremo after se×ing his girlfriend, Diana and reveals his future plans to her, he also smites her.

Two of his rebel vampires come to him with a bad news on their inability to obtain information about the strange guy who has been defaulting his plans. He feels that they are doing that on purpose and k!lls them. One vampire spies on Supremo and discovers how he has been smiting his warriors and left while Supremo wonders the next person to smite.


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