The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 26-30

The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 26-30 Samantha Imperial saves the lives of the Moonchasers, Miyo hits by a tragedy after the death of Dory

In San Isidro, Umang sends Tristan and Toni home to meet his friends and family. Tristan informs Betty of spending the night at Umang’s place. Toni also steps out to speak with Dory and she is informed that Baristo passed by to see her.

Shortly after, Tristan calls Miyo to ask of his help in taking care of his family, however, he almost caught Toni in her identity game. Due to the mass k!lling of the vampires, Joshua informs the mysterious lady to lay low for a while with the Moonchasers.

In an attempt to take attention and wrath of Supremo from him, Joshua reveals to Supremo about Nognog and Veruska’s conversation. Per the recorded video, Supremo realises that Nognog is being used by Veruska and Jethro to deliver a letter to the LLU and traps him.

Soon, he orders the death of Joshua and a certain female vampire for conspiracy and betrayal but Joshua did not die before cursing Supremo.

The La Liga Unida topple up efforts in fishing the vigilante group. Lemuel uses himself as a bait and Leo, Adee and the black guy decide to revenge the death of their comrades by embarking on their personal mission to k!ll Lemuel.

However, they get defeated by Lemuel with the help of Gael. The two good vampires try to explain to the group and form allies with them but Leo and his friends fail to listen to Lemuel and Gael with an intention that all vampires are evil and are working under Supremo.

While in San Isidro, Tristan and Toni go to the town and visit the corn plantation which has been cleared off. Tristan narrates how he met a certain girl at the plantation one night and the girl gave him a corn, they shook hands and felt a spark just like how he and Toni felt at the club and believes Toni was the kid.

Malia then is excited to know that Tristan was the kid she gave the corn to but denies being the one. She recalls Baristo and Catleya’s words that she is destined to be with Tristan and queries herself “why Tristan.” Unknown to Tristan, Chino together with other vampires are haunting for him.

Realising Toni is not Tristan’s girlfriend, some friends of Umang who are induced by alcohol try to make a move on Toni. This gets on the nerve of Tristan and they engage in a banter.

Tristan decides to leave with Toni. On their way, they came across Supremo’s minions. Toni helps Tristan in the fight with the vampires. Tristan k!lls Chino and later queries Toni about her fang. Toni reveals that he is also a victim of the vampires as they k!lled her parents. Tristan tells her to join the Moonchasers but she did not give a definite answer.

She takes the contact of Tristan incase she changes her mind. Elsewhere, Supremo hit Nognog with his tail while carrying out the orders of Veruska and Jethro. He takes the letter written in symbol by Jethro concerning the change in prophecy.

When Nognog comes to his senses, he runs from Supremo’s car to search for the Moonchasers. Unknown to Nognog, Supremo has sent his minions after him to destroy the Moonchasers. Toni goes to the LLU camp only to discover that Baristo already knows about the Moonchasers after Lemuel takes a band of Adee during their encounter. It is a band Prof T gave to all the Moonchasers.

Soon, the hideout of the vigilante group is compromised due to Nognog’s presence. Prof T had no choice than to set the place ablaze. Tristan receives a call from Piolo informing him about the attack of the vampires and he calls Toni to seek her help. Betty follows Tristan with the help of Doc when Tristan suddenly informs his family that Piolo is in trouble and wants to help him.

Moonchasers are ambushed so Prof T settled in a certain building just to fight the vampires. They were overtaken by the vampires and the presence of Samantha saved the group from Supremo’s minions. After saving them, some Moonchasers want to attack her but Prof stops them and announced to them that Samantha Imperial is on their side.

Toni meets Tristan at the location and they did not find the group or any vampire. Betty now sees that her nephew only makes up a story just to meet his girlfriend and she left. Prof T shows the message Nognog delivered to Samantha and she says it is a prophecy for the future and it is not good.

That night, Malia and Tristan think about the time they spend together and couldn’t sleep while their lips are beaming with smiles on their respective beds.

After many of his minions lost their lives, Supremo now asks Omar to be his right hand man. Elsewhere, the family tease Tristan for keeping his girlfriend as secret. He later bumps into Miyo and looking all cheerful as he confesses his happiness for a girl that he has crossed path with. Miyo pretends and reveals to Tristan about his new job as a security for Senator Paglinauan. Tristan is happy for Miyo an leaves with him.

Prof T meets Samantha, she recalls how she is turned into a vampire and for so many times evade death even when she attempts to end her life. Prof T wants the Moonchasers to side with the LLU but Samantha declines the offer. Since she can’t gets in touch with Joshua they assumed that he is dead. Samantha now proposes to seek the help of a guardian or a seer to know about the future in order to fight Supremo.

Meanwhile, Tristan didn’t take it likely to discover that a lady vampire saved the Moonchasers. He hands over his band and abandons the Moonchasers. Supremo sets Omar incharge and reminds him of the length he could go when betrayed. Veruska is desperate after knowing Supremo wants to k!ll her. She plans to side with him but Jethro is against that.

Nognog is threatened by Supremo for going against his orders. Nognog rescinds on his decision in order to keep Ningning alive. Gilbert Imperial comes across Miyo at Senator Paglinauan’s office as a bodyguard and warns Paglinauan against him. Later, Toni and Tristan have a date together. Meanwhile, Omar parts ways with the LLU due to the new post he has gained from Supremo.

He informs the LLU that Jethro and Veruska are alive and promise Jake that he will take care of his mother since Supremo now is focussing on his political career. Samantha seeks the help of Madam Star and she refuses to be her guardian. Tristan reveals Samantha’s name to Toni as the good vampire who saved the Moonchasers. Toni promised to use her contact to find who Samantha is.

Manuel sends Miyo on an errands which almost took his life but he defeated the enemies to find more compelling evidence against Paglinauan and Manuel.

Soon, Miyo discovers the senator’s dirty secret. The senator sells illegal firearms and engages in other illegal businesses while k!lling those who know his secret. Paglinauan sensing Miyo as an infiltrator rolls out an irrational against his personal ally, Manuel and frames Miyo for Manuel’s death.

Tristan holds a meeting with Moonchasers who disagree with Prof T on Samantha and they plan to carry their own missions if the need arises. They make a decision to remain in the Moonchasers just to use the weapons of Prof and his information to carry on with their with their own agenda.

Elsewhere, Jake is escorted by Erin and Gael to go for Moonchasers audition and he proves beyond Prof T’s imagination with his exceptional fighting skills. Erin later talks to Prof T to join forces with his group since they are fighting for the same course but Prof declines the offer. Elsewhere, Tristan tries to get in touch with Toni. With the help of Piolo he tracks her location at a pier.

Meanwhile, Gilbert Imperial explores chances to get in touch with Jacintha Magsaysay after hearing how she manages to gain a presidential seat for the current Indonesia President. With all the set backs, Gilbert pursues Ms Magsaysay.

During his search for Toni, Tristan encounters Samantha and he fights him to prove to him that he doesn’t have the power to take down the evil vampires and will equally needs a powerful good vampires like her to defeat the  evil ones.

Knowing his reputation will be stained Paglinauan sends his men to temper with the cylinder of Dory. Miyo who sets off from the house with Kuto spots the men and chase after them. The noise attract the neighbours including Tristan. Following the advice of his wife, Berto goes out to find Miyo and Tristan after some unknown men.

When Miyo joins the pieces together to fish out that the unknown men are workers of senator Paglinauan, he rushes home together with Berto, Tristan and Kuto to meet the house on fire. Dory has lighted the stove and due to the leaking of the gas the house is set ablaze.

Senator Paglinauan sets Miyo up for the death of Manuel, the senior security who is also his friend in crime. Paglinauan then enlists the help of Supremo who hypnotised some police officers on patrol while on his way to the airport.

At the prison of the lair, Nognog promises to help Veruska escape since her days in the prison are numbered. The doctor reveals to the family that K!sses is fine, however, Greta suffers second degree burnt while Dory suffers third degree burnt.

Berto and Miyo visit the ward of Dory as Berto asks her to fight for her life, Miyo asks for forgiveness. A sign of Dory suggests to Miyo that his foster mother doesn’t want him to worry. A moment later, Dory dies. In the midst of their mourning, the police men who are hypnotised by Supremo arrive to take away Miyo.

Miyo gives his phone to Tristan and orders him to call Baristo to inform him about what has happened to him. Tristan did as he is ordered and follows to the police station only to discover that the officers did not send Miyo to the precinct.

Baristo also arrives and the police explores all the chance only to reveal that the death of the case is not even filed and no warrant of arrest has been issued, leaving Tristan and Baristo perplexed. Tristan recalls the names of the officers and the inspector opens their profile and tells them that the officers are good and can’t act unprofessional.

Elsewhere, Miyo is sent to a certain were house where he is maltreated, tortured and is forced to sign confirmation of murder but he refused. This makes the officers add more to his plight while Tristan and Baristo are lost on what to do. What will happen to Miyo? Subscribe to the site for your day today update.


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