The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 35-39

The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 35-39 Lady in red helps LLU to rescue Catleya, Toni secures Tristan from Omar’s capture

Samantha and Jethro contemplate on Tristan’s role in the chosen one’s life for the final battle against Supremo. They decide to keep Tristan’s role hidden while protecting him from Supremo’s wrath.

Supremo hypnotised a security intelligence boss to lie in setting Paglinauan free from jail. He proceeds to test Jacintha to watch how his minion who has chained Catleya terrorise her. Gilbert who is anticipating a negative response from Jacintha is heartbroken when Jacintha tries to link the violence to his manifesto, asking whether he will fight violence when voted into power.

Still not convinced, Gilbert sends Jacintha to a restaurant where he gives her a meal that is not meant for a supernatural, she eats in proving Gilbert wrong. Tristan manages to escape at the blind sight of his guards to meet Toni.

Obtaining vital information with Toni ready to join the Moonchasers, Tristan sends Toni to the Moonchasers Headquarters and Samantha engages Toni in a fight, compelling Toni to k!ll her. Much to her surprise, Samantha survives but Toni is not accepted. Tristan gets emotional as he talks hearty to Toni on their way home.

They return home to find Berto lamenting on how Paglinauan is acquited and set free at the expense of the justice he is seeking for his beloved wife, Dory and son Miyo. Soon, an unusual face appears to send his condolences. This annoys Berto to fight. Tristan confronts Senator Paglinauan and reveals to him that he is the brain behind the leak. Supremo learning about the whim of Tristan orders his minions to capture him alive.

Tristan gives the Moonchasers tough time while protecting him. Elsewhere, Jacintha who watches the viral video of Catleya which Supremo has set to trap the LLU that night, makes a cunning plan to sway the vampire lord. Soon, Tristan is attacked by some vampires and he manages to k!ll one. Seeing Tristan is backed by battalion, the rest of the vampires escape.

Prof T who is aware of the significant role Tristan has to play in ending the atrocities of Supremo now has a big agenda to secure his trainee’s life. In doing so, he declares Toni a member of the Moonchasers. As Prof T explains why the two vampires fled he is compelled to put Tristan in a mission to protect Zeny Mallari, the senators’ wife. Elsewhere, Supremo makes Omar’s group prepare an attack on Zeny Mallari while another crew will launch an attack on the LLU.

With new members who arrive in the country to fight at the side of the LLU, they plan to rescue Catleya even knowing it is a trap by Supremo to have them k!lled. Samantha rolls a vicious plan to get a force stronger that can match Supremo’s power and asks Prof T not to meddle but should concentrate on Zeny and Tristan.

As planned by Jacintha, Supremo can’t miss his political campaign strategic meeting to fight the werewolves so he leaves his minions to handle. In order to put her new power to test, Malia joins the mission to save Catleya. The vampires use some supernatural walls to k!ll two werewolves while the werewolves also k!ll some of the vampires. The minions lure the LLU to Catleya to use that supernatural defence wall to finish off the LLU.

Elsewhere, Gilbert runs out of patience when Jacintha is not showing up and have people serve him. Back to the trap, the vampires are ready to attack when a lady in a red cloak breaks that defence to k!ll some of the vampires, compelling the rest to flee. This makes it easy for the LLU to revive themselves to leave with Catleya. Elsewhere, Samantha shows up in red and black dress to pay Madam Star to dig into the life of Tristan.

After securing their base in Mallari’s house, Tristan realises that Jake abandons what he is told to do to always be by Tristan to fulfill his promise to Malia, while Tristan remains puzzled. Hearing of the failure in their mission through a phone call, Gilbert becomes upset believing Lia is the powerful lady his minions talked about.

When Jacintha shows her face in a red attire, he believes she tricked him and the two engage in a misunderstanding but are able to sort things out when Supremo uses his controlling ability to fish out the truth from Jacintha’s driver. Elsewhere, Omar’s group are ready to strike but are forced to pull back when they saw Samantha. One of the minions testifies that Samantha is equally powerful like Supremo so they lay back to find appropriate time to strike.

Samantha is there to protect Tristan to prolong his death and to enquire from him his origin. As her eyes glowed red, he makes Tristan watches it to recall a voice which keeps telling him they will be together soon while he was forming in his mother’s womb.

Meanwhile, the LLU cannot cure the wounds of Catleya since it is so deep so she is rushed abroad to a certain werewolf who has a formula to suppress vampires poison in wolves but before she will leave, Malia calls Jake who is on a mission with Moonchasers to bid a final emotional good bye to her. Samantha calls Prof T to be in Mallari’s resident to protect Tristan. Omar tricks Tristan to capture him for Supremo.

Knowing where the traitor will send Tristan, Malia is one step ahead of him to save Tristan. With the support of Jake, Tristan is saved. Malia finding out from Jethro the reason for the spark is determined to fight for Tristan at all cost to save his fate.

Samantha confronts Prof T for failing to secure the life of Tristan as she needs him alive to play that vital role in the life of the chosen one. However, Prof T finds no remorse, pointing out that no one can change anyone’s destiny not even Samantha. Since Tristan has a blood of the warrior in him, Prof T decides to move with the boy’s principles than protecting him.

Elsewhere, a response of Gilbert Imperial makes Jacintha queries him about his awful childhood only for Gilbert to use his Sandrino’s (vampire) side to provoke her to fight back as Lia but Jacintha gets scared and dumbounded. Realising she is not Lia, Gilbert erases Jacintha’s memories on the vampire experience with Sandrino.

Waking up to terms with the future fate of her nephew while also finding his werewolf fang weapon, Betty confronts Tristan and he finally voices out his affiliation with the Moonchasers. Betty in her attempt to dissuade Tristan from fighting vampires ends up revealing Tonio and Rica’s past as Luna Soldiers.

She confesses that Tonio’s wife, Rica is turned into a vampire, a fate which Madam Star has predicted Tristan will also suffer.

With her distinctive hearing power, Toni overhears the conversation while standing outside. Tristan introduces Toni to Betty and tells her the mission of his and the youth outside their house who are victims of vampires and are willing to fight them. Betty is left with no choice than to support Tristan’s mission.

Jacintha recovers from Gilbert’s threat and makes her believe she fainted. Later, Jacintha meets Gilbert and makes him talk about his traumatic childhood experience. Gilbert also shares experience of a death attack from four to five years ago when a lady in red explodes his car and fights to ensure he dies.

Meanwhile, Omar enlists Senator Paglinauan’s help to capture Tristan once again before Supremo finds out that Tristan escaped. Since it is difficult to get Tristan, Apple becomes his target as Nisha pulls a fast one on her to capture her from school. Since Toni fails to get Prof T to add her to Tristan’s group, Toni manages to get a camera on Tristan to make the LLU monitors Tristan to attend to his aid when the need arises.

Tristan and his team successfully infiltrates Paglinauan’s office to obtain necessary information about his activities. As Betty grows worry of Apple, Paglinauan’s men tortures her in a secured place.


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