The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 40-44

The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 40-44 Samantha discovers Sandrino is her brother, Paglinauan becomes a trap for Gilbert Imperial

Mission to infiltrate Paglinauan’s office is accomplished. However, Tristan arrives home to meet the sad news about his missing sister. As the family initiates process to find Apple, she appears out of the blue.

Unwilling to fall into Jacintha’s game, Gilbert Imperial stops playing, relieving Jacintha from her duty as his political strategist. Before Gilbert could roll his plan, Jacintha has already made his heart beats for her.

Falling on to the sweet words of Jacintha and the fear of losing the professional touch to win the election, Supremo reminds himself of being a monster and doesn’t deserve to think about a woman.

Tristan finds himself in grave danger when he falls into the hands of Senator Paglinauan after the Senator receives a go signal from Supremo to end Tristan’s life once and for all.

In proving his monstrous nature to himself, Supremo goes on blood haunting but the lady in red ruins his plans as she is not ready to leave the vampire king to change his vulnerability.

Paglinauan tortures Tristan into squealing the name of the group behind his protection but Tristan fails to cooperate. The senator gets upset and shoots him multiple times while he gives Supremo the feedback of Tristan’s death.

Meanwhile, as the LLU lost connection with the hidden camera implanted on Tristan, the group storms the office of Paglinauan to watch in horror the atrocious act of the Senator on a device found by Lemuel at the office.

Believing Tristan is dead, Malia cries her head out as she reflects on all the times she has spent with Tristan. Sailing in victory, Paglinauan orders his men to dispose the corpse of the courageous warrior only for him to realise he has been used by the Moonchasers for a bigger course.

In order to continue using Paglinauan as element to destroy Supremo’s political ambitions, Prof T erases his memory. As Tristan brilliant plan against the corrupt Senator unfolds, Malia is however shocked to see Tristan alive and breathing but is relieved that she act fast otherwise the LLU plans would have ruined the Moonchasers schemes against Paglinauan.

Since the various plans of each group could hinder their goal in ruining Supremo’s political ambitions, Gael asks Jake to help him meet Samantha to form an alliance, a move that almost backfires when Prof T outsmarts Jake to know his real identity and affiliation together with Toni.

After brushing death off, Tristan immediately goes to a mission with Toni. They are to secure the corporation and the security of the guard who has seen Senator Paglinauan’s crime on the video feed. His several run-ins with death and the people around him, pushes Tristan to seize the moment to confess to Toni how he truly feels about her.

Confronted with how he will brilliantly adjust and fit to a political party, Gilbert finds himself thinking about his strategist while his strategist is also digging his horrible past to find a lasting way to deal with him after firing her.

Soon, Gilbert finds out about the existence of Samantha, giving a lasting rest to his mind on the suspicion of Jacintha being the woman in red. Gael’s visit to the Moonchasers albeit unwelcomed, manages to bridge the two groups together. Prof T finally agrees on cooperating in order to prevent Gilbert Imperial from winning as president using Paglinauan as bait.

Sandrino’s discovery about Samantha makes him take a U-turn to plead with his political strategist to be by his side again. Amidst all tactical preparation, Tristan decides to have a quite time with Toni but their date greets with some interference. Tristan emotion runs high and his desire for the warmth of Toni gets in the way of their relationship.

Elsewhere, Samantha seeks Jethro’s help to find guide from Barang to know the actual role of Tristan in the prophecy. However, Barang’s guide rather traps Samantha in luring her to meet her brother, Sandrino in the lair. Finding out the truth about Gilbert Imperial’s real identity, Samantha fails to accept it even when Barang adds her voice.

Unknown to Samantha, Barang has long lost her guidance gift since she consumed all her powers in evoking the curse ink in Sandrino. Meanwhile, what could have been a great start for Tristan and Malia turns out to be a disaster. While Tristan seeks Doc’s advice on his feelings for Toni, Toni also falls unto the shoulders of Jake to voice out her fear of Tristan waking up to reality of her identity.

Sandrino plans to lure Samantha to his side for them to rule together as the undefeated chosen ones. However, Samantha keeps declining his invite until the unknown face she reports to advised her otherwise. As Gilbert is glued to the company of Jacintha, the strategist who now knows his real identity as Sandrino schemes to use his trust to her advantage.

Realising Samantha’s character has changed after her sudden visit to the lair and returning alive, the LLU comes up with a backup plan if their alliance with the Moonchasers at a point affects their mission. Jacintha overhears the plan of Supremo’s minions who are into construction and sees how they misuse their controlling power to do things in their way.

Fast forward, Gilbert continues his fight for a perfect world for the vampires to freely take dominion over races and species. As Jacintha magically shapes him to lead his campaign with l0ve, Samantha also strives to make her brother realise the need to cherish a life irrespective of the race or social class for the world to be ruled in harmony but Supremo is hell-bent on being the unopposed leader of them all.

Elsewhere, Tristan and his team bring Senator Paglinauan to his dead end when he threatens him to drag him to the mud along with Supremo should he fail to cooperate to move with the Moonchasers’ plan. Later, Toni blows the whistle of Samantha and Supremo’s meeting to Tristan, making the hyper boy fuels his anger for his leader while also doubting Toni for who she really is.


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