The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 45-49

The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 45-49 Paglinauan d!es, Jacintha defeats Supremo in his game while Veruska turns into a monster

Samantha tries to get her long-lost brother on her side but Sandrino has his own agenda. His change in behaviour makes some of the vampires especially Omar casts doubts in his dream of factoring their race should he obtains the presidential seat.

Barang is also shocked seeing the new Sandrino and makes it a mandate to find the person turning the heart of her evil creation. Zeny Mallari puts into disrepute the camp of Gilbert Imperial when she threatens on national television to releases a daring video of Paglinauan’s deeds.

Pressure intensifies and emotions heat up as the day Gilbert announces his candidacy looms. His preparation amidst threats of exposé makes him shivers but plays it low to win at all costs.

Not happy with Theodore’s decision Samantha seeks the location of the LLU and storms there to terminate the alliance formed between the Moonchasers and the LLU. However, she suffers accusations from the LLU for siding with Supremo.

Not allowing her brother’s evil plans to be actualised, Samantha goes to the lair to gain an evidence that changes Paglinauan’s mind to cooperate with the Moonchasers to drag Gilbert Imperial’s name to the mud.

As the senator is scheming with Tristan and Toni, Nisha, his secretary also rats Paglinauan out and shows an evidence that makes Supremo doubts his sister’s true intentions. Unknown to them, Jacintha is listening on to the conversation. Soon, Nisha is bitten and Paglinauan faces judgement in the lair.

Though he is deemed as exceptionally loyal to Supremo, the vampire king does not take it likely for any betrayal. He then maneuver to execute his plans through Paglinauan. The much anticipated day approaches as Paglinauan introduces Gilbert Imperial to the public as the Una Republika flagbearer.

The combined forces of La Liga Unida and the Moonchasers keep a close watch at the event making sure Paglinauan adheres to the plan.
Least do they know, that Gilbert has some mind blowing schemes under his sleeves. Together with his minions and strategist, he makes sure that no one succeeds in impeding his first step to political stardom.

Catching on to Supremo’s tactics, Tristan who is prevented from joining the group in the rally calls Toni’s group in order to alert them. Sandrino has prepared well for his enemies plans against his presidential bid. Not only does he foils their attack, he even manages to disassociate himself from Senator Paglinauan and portrays himself as the latter’s innocent victim.

However, he fails to anticipate the attack of his secret enemy who uses his own plan against him. His fake stage attack rather renders him deeply wounded and weakened as he wakes up to the reality of his heart beating once again like Mateo.

Battling the emotions that has revived his dead heart, the Moonchasers and La Liga Unida prepare to attack the vampire king at his weakest moment. With Malia at their forefront, members of the La Liga Unida attack Sandrino’s lair.

Malia k!lls many of Sandrino’s followers and takes Omar on. Knowing his power can’t match up with Malia’s exceptional powers, Omar has nothing done to plead with Malia for forgiveness. Consumed with pains for her fallen comrades, Malia slashes his heart wide open for him to disintegrate into ashes.

This feat seals her position as the new Lord Sentinel of the group but her declaration gets Veruska envious since she has for years seeks that position for her clan most especially Jake. Elsewhere, Prof T aborts the operation of Tristan and his team due to change in the vampires’ plan and are ordered to go to the lair to support the LLU.

There, Tristan discovers Toni’s other association which is made up of werewolves and vampires. He however, stays unaware of Toni’s true identity and her role in the organisation.

Knowing fully well that he simply cannot exhibits any weakness, Sandrino acts in time with hopes of stopping his heart from beating to regain his strength. Though greets with an obstacle, Sandrino arrives at the lair to save it from complete destruction. He finds Veruska and some werewolves which they suffered his wrath.

Hellbent on making Veruska pay for destroying his mighty lair, Sandrino fails to notice the absence of some of his followers who are led by Barang to take revenge on Jacintha.

The attack leaves Jacintha no choice than to exhibit powers which is more dangerous and destructive than what their beloved supremo possesses.

Soon, Veruska’s supposed death drives Malia into pushing to reveal her true powers so that she may face Sandrino head on. Jethro tries to help her in the process by providing guidance to help her unleash the powers. Through the conversation, Malia learns from the seer the new prophecy which has changed and shockingly Tristan possible part in the prophecy and in her life.

Unknown to them, Veruska is still alive but bitten and in transition of becoming a monster as Sandrino’s poison blood runs through her werewolf veins to make her look like Lucas due to her jealousy and evil in heart. The action of Sandrino is to make history repeats itself and to make her reach havoc on her kind.

Making Veruska the first to experience his wrath after his change of heart facilitated by Jacintha, he also has a grand plan that will compel the Moonchasers to come out from their hideout.

Jacintha and Samantha scheme up to double up steps against Supremo. Unknown to them, Barang finds the two and rushes to the lair to inform Sandrino. But Sandrino turns down Barang claims of Jacintha being his enemy, revealing that he introduced his sister to Jacintha, much to Barang’s surprise.


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