The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 50-54

The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 50-54 Sandrino k!lls Samantha, Jacintha embarks on a mystical journey to obtain a book that can k!ll Sandrino

Wanting to outsmart eachother, Supremo and Samantha roll out dangerous plot against eachother hoping for each to fall into the other’s trap. As his plans are far fetched, Sandrino tortures his sister by ordering the attack on the families of the Moonchasers while Samantha keeps at her game of distracting her brother with Jacintha.

Samantha and Jacintha seem to have the upper hand as the former orders Prof T to prepare the Moonchasers for the coming onslaught. Prof T works on a serum that may save the families of the Moonchasers from Sandrino’s evil plan. Yet, not all of them are kept safe, as some of the family members including Greta have already been abducted.

Meanwhile, Malia sets out on a solo mission to get near Gilbert Imperial, a mission that unpredictably reconnects her to her childhood best friend, Ningning and leads her to the realisation that her mother may still be alive after all, working as a political strategist in the enemy’s camp.

Still believing that Jacintha is Lia, Barang decides to expose her face to the public to lure Lia’s former allies. The plan works and Jacintha is seen by the person to whom Lia matters the most, Malia.

While visibly shaken by her encounter with the new destined saviour, Jacintha adamantly denies any connection with Lia. Secretly, she orders Samantha to k!ll Barang for being a nuisance and a stumbling block to her plans, in order to avoid any complications that may expose Malia to the vampire king. Elsewhere, the Moonchasers and Sandrino both prepare for the coming war.

While the Moonchasers focus on protecting their families, Sandrino’s camp creates and trains new vampires. Among his new breed of followers, Sandrino takes particular interest in someone who shows a deep sense of purpose, not knowing that he and the vampire, Greta are out to k!ll the same enemy, Malia.

Amidst their preparation, Barang suddenly goes missing, a reason best known to Samantha. She works to execute Jacintha’s order of eliminating Barang but Barang won’t go easily, she still has a last trick under her sleeves and she’s determined to use it against Samantha, if only to stay alive.

Barang succeeds in tricking Samantha and momentarily k!lls her. As Barang is about to free herself, Jacintha arrived to finish the job Samantha had failed to accomplish. K!lling Barang enables Jacintha to conceal her identity a little longer. As it turns out, Barang isn’t the only one after her, members of the La Liga Unida soon arrives to check her out.

Back at Pulang Lupa, Tristan’s family entertains an unexpected visitor, Greta, whose extraordinary recovery from her injuries persuades Tristan that his former neighbour is a vampire. Confirming his suspicion, Tristan tries to win Greta from Sandrino’s side, only to be told an unlikely tale about her reason for staying, that is she had to take revenge on Miyo since he is still alive, and he, in fact, is a she.

Greta and her tale about Miyo aren’t Tristan’s worst problem. The vampires attack again,and this time, one of them bites Betty. Now Prof T’s serum is put to the test, and they have to wait whether or not its protection will work on his aunt. Prof T’s serum passes the test, Betty wakes up free from any complication a vampire bite may cause.

With this result, the Moonchasers carefully execute the next stage of the plan, administer the serum to Sandrino’s targets, starting with themselves. While the rest of the Moonchasers react to the drug as expected, Tristan responds differently, almost fatally, leading Prof T and Samantha into believing that Tristan is not an ordinary human.

Meanwhile, Sandrino finds out about Barang’s death. Having no clue as to who has done it and why, Sandrino naturally turns to the most plausible cause, his surrogate mother died while gathering evidence against Jacintha. He concludes that Jacintha is the reason behind Barang’s death.

Mournfully, he vows to take revenge on Jacintha. Yet, as Sandrino reminiscences his time with Barang, he, too, remembers a woman named Rica, a woman whose voice Tristan also hears in his dreams, calling out to him. Soon, Malia has to make a heartbreaking decision that may break her bond with Tristan. Leaving the Moonchasers is a move Malia must commit to so that she can focus in leading the La Liga Unida as the new Lord Sentinel.

In order to still protect Tristan, she offers him the choice of transferring to the LLU, but Tristan declines the offer with an excuse that he can’t leave his friends. He nevertheless promises Malia that they will remain partners despite being in different groups. Sandrino still reeling at the discovery of Barang’s death, orders his followers to commit mass murder to lure the woman in red out.

He expects to meet Jacintha and is prepared to k!ll her in vengeance but faces a different enemy instead, Samantha, who unknown to Sandrino, disguises herself as the woman in red to erase her brother’s doubts on the real one, Jacintha. But Samantha pays for her disguise dearly, and Jacintha isn’t there to come to her aid.

The latter is out in the woods, seeking out the book that may hold the key on how they can counter the protection of the cursed ink on Sandrino and k!ll the king of vampires once and for all.


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