The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 55-59

The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 55-59 Sandrino holds Tristan and some Moonchasers as captives, Lady In Red reveals herself to Prof T as the real founder of Moonchasers

The La Liga Unida members clear their doubts on Jacintha’s real identity after conversation with the mysterious lady’s family. Elsewhere, Jacintha is at the mystical forest, carrying out a task given by the old sage before the Ancient Book of Spells will be given to her.

As part of her test, she bumps into a lad, the young Sandrino whose soul is lost in the mystical forest and being haunted by dwarfs. Jacintha saves him and becomes a mother figure to the lad. The boy laments how despicable his real mother is for abandoning him alone in the woods, making him feed on live fowls.

Meanwhile, the day for Sandrino’s grand VIP party approaches and as the vampire king expected, the Moonchasers are there and his minions set the plan in motion. The anti-vampire group is stricken with fear after discovering their enemy is using their own family members against them.

On the other hand, Tristan and Prof T are grief-stricken with the unexpected finding their leader’s lifeless body in a coffin at the centre of the Charity ball. Sandrino celebrates in his lair, unbeknownst, the Moonchasers also have a plot under their sleeves.

The evil vampires set the ball rolling as they climaxed the occasion with a feast that will convert the mortals at the gathering into vampires. However, their night turn sour when the blood of the humans burnt their throat for them to fall sick enabling the Moonchasers to erase the memories of the mortal attendees with the memory blocker and carry from the function the body of their female leader to mourn her.

Seeing the mess, Supremo moans in disbelief and schemes up to ensure Prof T doesn’t poison their source of meal.The night also tears apart the friendship of Tristan and Toni as the former discovers the painful truth that Toni is Miyo and also not an ordinary mortal when Malia encounters Greta outside the ball. The La Liga Unida are able to capture some of the minions and caged them.

As they mourn with Prof T putting all his scientific combination together, he still can’t resurrect the female vampire he has grown fond of. The Moonchasers vow to continue the fight in Samantha’s memory to honour her. With change in leadership, Malia offers an alliance between the Moonchasers and the La Liga Unida but Tristan vehemently refuses.

Malia agrees to leave but not after telling Tristan the whole truth about her identity. Soon, Tristan finds himself in trouble as Sandrino in the name of Gilbert Imperial leads an outreach programme at Pulang Lupa to threaten him. Learning about this Malia sends help to the Moonchasers to protect Tristan.

She arrives at Pulang Lupa to help him but Tristan declines her offer, leading her to tell him the reason his safety is paramount to her. Amidst all these, Jacintha remains oblivious and is still in the woods with the young Sandrino to carry out the test to find answers to her troubles. With time, Tristan opens up his heart to Malia while he embarks on a trickery mission to keep his family out of Sandrino’s sight.

Fast forward, Sandrino captures Tristan along with some Moonchasers into the lair. Madam Star also sees a bad omen while Jacintha faces a battle in the woods as she is told to kill the young Sandrino before her mission could be accomplished. However, Lady in Red fails to k!ll the shadow of her presence enemy as she refers to the lad as mere hallucination.

The hermit shows her the scene of the death of Samantha, making her wails in agony. Meanwhile, the fight between Tristan and Sandrino goes on in the lair as Tristan witnesses Sandrino k!lling his comrades one after the other but still fails to give in to his whims while imprisoned.

Sandrino is compelled to release one of his captives to deliver a message to Prof T to surrender himself in an exchange for his members. In a surprising move, the lady in red passes the test and gains the Ancient book of Spells. She rushes home and searches for Samantha at once. She calls her line but someone else receives the call, confirming her worse fear about her friend.

Meanwhile, Malia desperately tries all option to save Tristan and his comrades from the hands of her enemy. This compels the Lord Sentinel to capture Greta in enlisting her help to get to Tristan but Greta refuses to help while warning that no mortal escapes the lair alive.

Sandrino’s letter reaches Prof T, prompting the Moonchasers headmaster to accept the King of Vampires offer but before he leaves the headquarters, Jacintha arrives. Prof T, upon meeting the Woman In Red for the first time realises the Moonchasers mission is not dead along with Samantha. He gains a new hope finding the real founder of the Moonchasers.

At the LLU, Malia keeps convincing Greta to side with her but her plea falls into deaf ears. Elsewhere, Ningning intercepts the conversation between Prof T and Gilbert so she reports to Malia. Together with the LLU, Malia goes to the location and discovers that Supremo wants to pull a fast one on Prof T. Unknown to her, Prof T also has a plan on his own to counter Supremo’s surprises.

Sandrino’s ploy against the Moonchasers begins to crumble with strings which Malia is pulling at her end to foil the vampire king’s plan. Unaware of a traitor in his circles, Sandrino wakes up to the reality that a newly-converted vampire is sent to help Tristan and the Moonchasers to escape from the grasp of Supremo.


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