The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 65-69

The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 65-69 Erin plans to k!ll Tristan to alter his fate, Jacintha is stricken by a strange ailment

Believing that Tristan is Sandrino’s target to use against Malia, Jacintha and Prof T decide to hide Tristan and his family. Sandrino, realising Tristan as his brother with more supremacy than him, he then targets Tristan in order to rule through him since Tristan is now the true bearer of the cursed ink’s protection making Tristan an enemy to Malia.

But Tristan refuses to be manipulated by Sandrino as his heart remains loyal to Malia and the cause they are fighting for. Tristan agrees to hide with his family but seeks one thing from Malia that the two of them spend time together acting like normal people, having normal dreams.

Before the night ends, Malia and Tristan are brought back to reality as the weight of the prophecy bears down on them yet again. Same time Jethro sees another harrowing vision about Tristan.

Malia believes in the prophecy but trusts in Tristan so instead of plotting to k!ll him, she chooses to protect him against Sandrino’s evils. However, protecting him doesn’t come easily as Sandrino targets not just Tristan but his entire family in order to win the family to gain Tristan by his side.

Soon, Tristan digs deeper into his identity and discovers that Sandrino is indeed his brother and the vampire king he despises told him the truth much to his utter dismay. Jacintha further exacerbates the situation by telling him that he is destined to be a vampire, and it will come into actualisation only if Sandrino bites him. At the Vampires lair, Sandrino who captures Starr, learns from the fortune teller and he resolves on turning his brother into a vampire to fulfill what is destined to happen.

Planning to stop what is about to come, Jacintha embarks on a journey with Malia to find the future of Tristan from the helmit. Malia leaves a promise that she will tell him about the Tristan he will see in the future.

The decision whether or not to k!ll Tristan for who he is possible to become triggers a conflict among the La Liga Unida members. While Erin makes himself clear on the matter, he cannot do anything but follows Malia’s order as the Lord Sentinel.

Her order is to protect Tristan at all cost but Tristan is able to escape his guards after finding out that Sandrino has his sister. Meeting, yet again, he tells his brother that they will never be allies. Sandrino who feels so disappointed sees Tristan’s cold hearted towards him as weakness to use it to his advantage. Elsewhere, Jacintha and Malia have glimpse of what is to come. Malia sees the terrible horrors that Tristan with the cursed ink will bring.

Nevertheless, her decision to stop what is fated to come stays the same and she goes home to face the current Tristan to inform him what he will be in the future. The tension among the La Liga Unida members grow as Erin leads a small band of the Luna Soldiers to go against Malia. Under the pretence of isolating Tristan for his safety, they plan to k!ll him to stop the prophecy from happening.

Yet the plot reaches the LLU, resulting to the expulsion of Erin and his group. Hunted by Sandrino and the rebel Luna Soldiers, Tristan and Malia escape together. Nonetheless, Erin with his allies continue the chase. Suspecting that Jake knows where the runaways are, they tail him only to discover that he is hiding the monstrous creature, Veruska.

Meanwhile, Jacintha tries to speed up her plans as a mysterious disease manifest on her body. This, while still keeping everything away from Sandrino’s prying eyes. Due to the seeming enmity among the enemy’s camp, Sandrino starts to wonder how important Tristan is to them. The rebel Luna Soldiers trace Tristan and Malia’s whereabouts and hurry to carry out their plan against Tristan.

Getting wind of this, the Moonchasers chase after them and manage to stop their twisted plan. Despite their current safe condition, though Malia knows of only one way to end all their troubles, do what is inevitable to face Sandrino and face him she does with her full powers but Sandrino succeeds in evading her.

Now aware that his usual tactics of finding Tristan won’t work due to the destined saviour’s protection, Sandrino creates a drama that will make the entire world search for Tristan.

Amidst this, Betty finally accepts Doc’s marriage proposal, Jake also receives help in dealing with his mother, Veruska the monster.


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