The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 70-74

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Highlights Episode 70-74 Veruska, Betty, Erin die, Malia warms up to finally battle Sandrino at the much anticipated night of the Blood Moon

Instead of running away from his brother, Tristan ponders on using Sandrino’s attempt of finding him for the benefit of their course. Carefully, he crafts a plan with Malia and Prof T, thereafter he returns to Sandrino to set the plan rolling.

Jacintha, who belatedly knows about the said plan enlists the help of Erin and the Luna Soldiers to prevent Tristan from joining his brother. Unfortunately, the Luna Soldiers fail and fall captives to Sandrino who in turn torture them to squeeze out information about Tristan from them. The vampire king doubts his brother’s intentions and refuses to open his heart to him, hence tries to know his motive from Erin.

Unfortunately, Jacintha loses her influence on the vampire king in her attempt to coax him into letting his heart beat again. Gilbert Imperial discovers a hidden truth about Jacintha as a wound on her shoulder makes him believe that she is a werewolf. The person he has learnt to trust is actually his enemy, Lia.

Malia together with the LLU and the Moonchasers wait in bated breath as Tristan tries to make Sandrino’s heart beat again. While preparing the entire forces of the La Liga Unida and Moonchasers, she closely monitors Tristan’s situation in Sandrino’s camp, making sure nothing goes awry with the plans she has devised with him.

This, while, also dealing with Jacintha who constantly reminds her of what must be done if Sandrino succeeds in turning Tristan into a Vampire, she insists that Malia must k!ll him. Despite the initial joy of finally having his brother by his side, Sandrino is not ready to have himself to be easily swayed. Wary about Tristan’s real intention, the king of evil vampires put his younger brother into a test.

Tristan refuses to take the test and relies on Sandro’s eagerness to have him. Tristan pitches his own game against Sandrino and so begin the initial tag of war between the two brothers which leads them back to where it all started in San Isidro. In a bid to stir his brother’s emotions, Tristan tells Sandrino about the death of his father the most painful moment of his life.

Sandrino realising how he has caused Tristan suffering, confesses about his part in Tonio’s death and asks for Tristan’s forgiveness. In the middle of an argument, Tristan’s Communication line goes off, prompting Malia to his aid only to find out that Tristan has succeeded in his mission.

However, Malia’s presence spoils the trick which makes Sandrino discovers his brother’s plot of deceiving and betraying him. Sandrino escapes for his dear life. He returns to the lair to find his hostages waiting for him. He succeeds in finding that Tristan is the vampire with the cursed ink and plans to use him for his own advantage.

Meanwhile, all efforts in cleansing Veruska from the monstrous poison fails and Jake has no other choice than to end his mother’s life. On the other hand, Prof T discovers that Jacintha suffers from similar poison and believes she is Lia but she fails to tell him the mystery behind her identity.

As her strength fails, Prof T injects her to slow down the adverse effect of the poison on her body. The La Liga Unida and the Moonchasers hunt everywhere for the vampire king after his heart beats again to put an end to their fight once and for all.

Seeing his strength cannot match that of Malia, Sandrino remains in hiding and resolves in protecting his clan by turning Tristan into a vampire to live through his younger brother who is now much powerful than him as the bearer of the cursed ink. Elsewhere, Jacintha tries to coax Sandrino by engaging the media to expose the evil acts of Gilbert Imperial to destroy his candidacy.

With his hopes of presidency being crushed yet Sandrino doesn’t budge. Jacintha gets a phone call to an unknown location where Sandrino presents a lifeless body of her comrade as gift. Learning the cursed ink’s ability to empty the goodness of its bearer from Jethro, Malia warns Tristan against falling into Sandrino’s trap.

Soon, the Toralbas’ most waited moment comes to pass as Doc weds Betty. Knowing Tristan will be there, Sandrino plans an unlikely surprise for his junior brother and what is supposed to be a glorious occasion turns into a tragedy. The minions attack and bit Betty leading to her death. Sandrino arrives to get Tristan but with Malia’s presence, he quickly run.

Tristan is affected by the the death of his dear aunt and becomes aggrieved. Malia knowing how anguish can affect him as the bearer of the cursed ink, she plans to meet Sandrino and end it all with him. Malia’s wish comes to past as Jethro’s vision reveals the night as the blood moon which gives her the green light to put an end to Sandrino’s evil reign.

In her dire condition, Jacintha still vows to fight side by side with Malia to put an end to Sandrino that night.


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