The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 75-79

The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 75-79 Jacintha vanishes after k!lling Tristan and Sandrino, Malia discovers Tristan is alive but as a Vampire

The much anticipated night is finally here, the night of the blood moon brings Jacintha, Malia, Sandrino together in a battle that has long been foretold by a great prophecy. A battle to end Sandrino’s life and to protect Tristan from being turned into a vampire.

The efforts put by Malia and Jacintha to protect the bearer of the cursed ink are not good enough leaving Sandrino to bite Tristan. Under the blood moon, the poison begins to spread into the system of Tristan to facilitate his transformation. However, Jacintha is compelled to k!ll Tristan to prevent the omen that is foretold.

Not long after the Lord Sentinel finds herself alone in the battlefield, holding unto Tristan’s lifeless body as Jacintha after the supposed k!lling of Sandrino also vanished in the thin air, leaving her cloak behind. The battle with the evil vampires which the La Liga Unida and the Moonchasers believe to have come to an end renders them a pain as the heavy prize they have to pay is the loss of Tristan.

Unknown to them, Sandrino’s alter ego is the one k!lled by Jacintha. Sandrino survives with an eye default and is compelled to make the La Liga Unida believe he is something of the past and use that defeat to reshape himself in wait of the next blood moon to revive his younger brother in other to tap into his powers to survive and continue his reign and evil ambitions.

Prof T disbands the Moonchasers and its remaining members from service. In contrast Malia chooses to carry on in the honour of what Tristan might have d!ed for. Soon, Malia leads a Waya Corporation, a business conglomerate runs by the LLU. Now with more members in play, Malia makes sure that the council does not lose sight of their core purpose by helping the mortals.

However, the council members are more concerned about the coming national elections where they pit their support for a presidential candidate they trust, Zeny Mallari. At the end of the day, Osmundo Mercado gains the leverage he needs to win.

In the midst of the peace that they experience, Jethro feels uneasy after Osmundo wins the election. Tristan who helped Osmundo to win the elections summons him and the president starts off by introducing the National ID system. Malia recognises the uncanny resemblance to that of Sandrino and begins to doubt Osmundo.

Malia initiates an investigation on the new President and this leads her to Osmundo’s event where she meets a familiar person who is in mask but the spark makes her believe the vampire is no other than Tristan. Meanwhile, Sandrino attacks the Waya Council to get their contracts cancelled.

The Waya council feels threatened as all their biddings are lost to one company and in eagerness, they seek the help of President Osmundo but are refused entrance to the Osmundo event. Unknown to them, Malia is already in the venue. She later tells the council about the mysterious vampire, only for her to be criticised.

She does her own investigation after she chances on that vampire and this time she is certain, he is no other than Tristan. Malia reports again to the council and they decide to carry a DNA test on the corpse believed to be Tristan. Tristan then shows up to Prof T to seek his help to start a war that will k!ll both vampires and werewolves, leaving the world for the human race.

Tristan despite a vampire still carries out his mentality that the world belongs to the mortals. As his plans fall in place for the war, Malia’s test on the body proves to be Tristan but fails to believe her former fling is dead. This gives Soraya, a new werewolf ally to seek for the dismissal of Malia as the Lord Sentinel with what she terms as emotional unfit.

But her plot against Malia is put on hold when Jill Imperial, the company which is winning all the Waya Council biddings invites the council to an event. Sandrino discovers the power of the two cursed inks and wonders how he can obtain them. Following Tristan’s orders, Prof T gathers the Moonchasers to fight for only the mortals.


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