The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 80-84

The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 80-84 Soraya leads the Waya Council to overthrow Malia, Lucho pits Sandrino against Tristan to foil his evil reign desire

After all his arduous preparations behind his enemies’ back, Sandrino thinks it’s time to attack the La Liga Unida in the open, yet his resilience in catching them off-guard fails when Tristan, obviously with his own plans in mind shows himself to Malia. Tristan shows himself to Malia to diligently warn her of the enemy’s possible attack.

Malia warns the council of the enemies’ plans and calls for immediate action but the council rejects the motion as Soraya puts her schemes to play. Soraya convinces the board to replace Malia as the Lord Sentinel. Malia seeks means to understand Tristan’s motive. Little did everyone know that a war is brewing within the LLU.

Soraya, the leader of the black werewolves is planning to overthrow the reign of the white werewolves to be elected as the next Lord Sentinel. Yet during the selection, another white werewolf is pitted against her.

On the night of the duel that will determine who the Lord Sentinel is going to be, between Jake and Soraya, Malia wittingly uncovers the plans of Sandrino and comes to shield her allies from Sandrino and Tristan’s force but not before some council members d!e.

Realising that Malia has been saying the truth about Tristan being alive all along, the LLU reinstates her as the Lord Sentinel, crushing Soraya’s evil plans. Together they brace for what their enemies having in store for them. Now that LLU knows about his existence, Sandrino resurfaces to the public and resumes his position at the forefront of the Imperial Corporation.

He surmises that if he cannot k!ll the LLU members in one go, he plans to bring down the Waya Corporation which is their source of influence and strikes them one after the other.
With the help of the government, Sandrino becomes more aggressive in dealing with the LLU.

Through the national ID system, there is mass arrest of the werewolves. As the LLU thinks about the fate of the captives, Jethro sees a new horrible prophecy about the fate of the captives. Getting wind of his brother’s tactics, Tristan orders Prof T to join the Moonchasers with the LLU to level the playing field. He then confronts President Osmundo to put a quit to the arresting of the werewolves.

As Osmundo advises Tristan to talk to Supremo, Malia makes a move to free her comrades. Soraya now knowing she can no longer gets the position as the Lord Sentinel targets Tristan instead. The conflict intensifies and Sandrino deepens his quest to obtain the powers of the two cursed inks.

Through that desire, he uses ancient incantation to summon Lucho, the actual owner of the book of the cursed ink and spells, the old man at the hermit to force him to reveal the keys in getting the cursed ink. Lucho pits the two brothers against eachother as he tells Sandrino that the only way is to k!ll Tristan.

Sandrino can’t bear to k?ll his brother so he devices a scheme to find out if his brother is betraying him before. He then sets out a trap to determine whether or not Tristan is still on his side. He organises a heroes ball where mass conversion will take place. He makes the information to reach his enemies camp. La Liga Unida and the Moonchasers plan to foil the vampire king’s plans.

Malia also decides to k!ll Tristan if that will put an end to the evils spreading. The black werewolves take advantage of the opposing camps to push through their selfish agenda. In a crafty plan, Soraya manages to force a meeting with Sandrino where she offers him her allegiance in an exchange for securing the highest position in La Liga Unida.

Doubtful of her motive, Sandrino asks Soraya of a steep price, a blood offering that will seal their compact to which Soraya willingly complies. Meanwhile, Malia and Prof T’s plans work out as no guest at the ball turns into a Vampire. Yet, a sudden complication arises when protestors arrive at the venue.

Not protected by Prof T’s serum, the protestors become the target of the vampires. Malia unwilling to let any mortal suffer the attack fights the vampires and finds herself facing Tristan yet again. However, her determination to k!ll the man she l0ves vanishes when Tristan does the unexpected.


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