The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 85-89

The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 85-89 Tristan becomes Malia’s ally, Prof T is hell-bent on k!lling werewolves and Vampires over the death of Prof Eli, Leo and Eunice

Tristan returns from the Heroes Ball with a grave news for Sandrino. Already doubting Tristan, Sandrino fails to subscribe to the belief that Tristan stood idle for his kind to d!e. Sandrino cannot pardon his brother’s misgivings, he now relies on Greta to find the exact incident that transpired at the ball.

However, Soraya possesses the information which Sandrino is hell-bent on knowing. Soraya has learnt from the council members that Tristan aided the La Liga Unida in finishing off Sandrino’s followers.

Hurriedly, she sets out to report to Sandrino but not before stirring up suspicions of Miriam. While wondering about Tristan’s recent actions, Malia finally understands and unravels Tristan’s agenda. Through Prof T, Malia manages to send a message across to Tristan to finish it all out with him in a given location.

Before the final confrontation, Jake uses the opportunity to confess his actual feelings for the Lord Sentinel. Tristan shows up and Malia spills his plans of wiping out werewolves and vampires from the surface of the earth on his face and demands him to finish her off first before his agenda can be carried out.

Finally, Lemuel’s experiment sees a new twist as James’ heart begins to beat again. Elsewhere, Prof T and Eli also gain a formula that can k!ll both werewolves and vampires without harming mortals. Now the burden is to try the serum on a werewolf and a vampire so Tristan captures Greta for the purpose.

Sandrino also hypnotised President Osmundo to uncover Tristan’s goal of ending both vampires including Supremo and the werewolves including the Lord Sentinel in a grand battle that will see only mortals remaining on earth. Not siding with Tristan, Malia remains determined to win Tristan over and sends him to a village where the immortals, werewolves and vampires live peacefully with the mortals.

This makes strides on Tristan’s motive and he begins to withdraw from his thoughts. Keeping their eyes on Soraya, Gael and Miriam uncover that WC Telecom that Sandrino through Jill Imperial Corporation ceased has since been released to Soraya. Meanwhile, Collin makes a decision to resign his post so Apple reminds him of his l0ve letter.

It turns out that Collin is the biological son of Doc and Apple after discovering this organises a family reunion for Collin, Doc and Bernadette, Collin’s mother in Mabini circle. Tristan spills the news on the evil black werewolves to Malia. As promised to end the lives of Tristan’s family, the minions launch an attack on Apple and Doc. Luckily, Tristan and Malia save the day.

Teo who manages to escape warns Soraya before hand that Malia has captured the black werewolves, including Vanessa. Malia then uses Vanessa to make Soraya confess her deeds. This leads to the incarceration of the black werewolves in La Liga Unida. Prof T uses weak tactics and falls on Hanno and Harvin to lure Jake to the headquarters for him to experiment his serum on the werewolf to see its potency.

Malia rescues Jake before he suffers any real damage. Soraya and her lackeys take advantage of this crisis to escape back to Sandrino. Unknown to everyone, Lemuel is keeping a big secret as his serum only makes James heart beats again but he remains a Vampire. Lemuel keeps the pretence and insists on James to continue pretending on being a human to make Tristan remains on Malia’s side.

Knowing Tristan is good, Malia manages to make his heart beats again. Meanwhile, Prof T apologises to Malia and Tristan at the behest of Prof Eli. Soraya and her lackeys infiltrate the headquarters of the Moonchasers and k!ll Prof Eli, Leo and Eunice. Later, Lucho struggles with his escape as the black werewolves capture him, Luis stabs Lucho while Malia and Tristan save Hanno.

Sandrino acquires the two set of the cursed ink and becomes pretty indestructible, this enables him to survive the poison serum thrown by Jake and Baristo at the rebel vampires. Elsewhere, Grata escapes the clutches of Prof T and returns to Sandrino. Meanwhile, Prof Eli’s death sends Prof T over the edge and he comes up with a new mission to destroy the two immortal races.

Later, Sandrino discovers that President Osmundo has deleted all the database of werewolves and vampires registered on the national ID system. This leads to the untimely death of Osmundo and his vice, Cecilio takes over. The vice President is under Sandrino’s control. Soon, Sandrino becomes the new secretary of the National Defense and he continues his evil against the mortals.


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