The Blood Moon Highlights Finale Episode 90-93

The Blood Moon Highlights Finale Episode 90-93 Sandrino k!lls Baristo, Gabriel and Pina, Malia and Tristan finally fulfill the prophecy

Malia and the La Liga Unida members rescue the mortals who Sandrino holds them as captives for his blood farm after gaining the National Defense Secretary while Tristan trashes the blood farm. The much anticipated night of the super moon is here. Hanno tells Tristan of Prof T’s plans after he fails to stop the professor.

Greta also tells Sandrino about Prof T’s plans but Sandrino brushes off Greta’s warnings. He is willing for his followers to d!e if it means the death of his enemies. He has hopes to convert more surviving humans into vampires when his followers d!e during the Super moon.

Greta then warns Elise and the other vampires as well as Soraya and the black werewolves about the catastrophe that awaits them during the Super moon, Jake on the other hand warns the LLU to seek shelter.

Fortunately, Tristan and Malia stop Prof T on time before the serum rain. As no words can stop the professor from wiping the vampires and the werewolves, Tristan uses memory blocker on him and encourages him to live a peaceful life in USA as his experiment and research are successful and he is happy in life.

As Greta and Soraya witness Sandrino k!lling many of his followers and mortals, Soraya asks if that means Sandrino is their new enemy now. Later, Tristan discovers that James had been lying to him and he still a vampire. He confronts Malia but Lemuel apologises and justifies that the lie is to convince Tristan to be their ally for good.

Malia asks help from her deceased parent and she is bathed and lifted up the ground to gain a new power. Elsewhere, Soraya bravely tells Sandrino he has been k!lling his followers all along. The realisation of this prompts the evil version of Sandrino to come out to introduce himself.

It turns out that evil Sandrino end game is to k!ll everyone and be the last one standing after everything. Sandrino protests but his alter ego defeats him and they merge once again. Collin sneaks out of his mom’s place to visit Doc and Apple. The evil vampires use Collin as link to find the Toralbas new place.

Tilde and her companions save Doc, Apple and Collin while Baristo d!es while saving Gabriel and Pina. Sandrino then keeps Gabriel and Pina as hostages. Sandrino k!lls Tristan’s grandparents after the latter fails to k!ll Malia. Tristan k!lls Elise and all the rebel vampires in retaliation.

Greta becomes disillusioned with Sandrino and walks out. Sandrino tasks Soraya to k!ll Greta, Malia tries to convince Greta and Soraya to join her. Soraya insists on staying with Sandrino and d!es in the ensuing fight. Consequently, Sandrino appoints Jill Imperial as the new WC Telecom head to replaces Soraya.

Malia returns to La Liga Unida and insists on Greta and the black werewolves be treated as allies. In the meantime, Jethro has another vision of a fiery bloodbath. Elsewhere, Apple is bent on revenge and tells Tristan to turn her into vampires.

The alter ego of Sandrino hypnotises the public to commit much suicide through network failure. Apple and Collin fall prey to the trick and the intervention of Doc saved them.

The act of Sandrino compels the La Liga Unida to come up with three different strategies to save the mortals from the clutches of Sandrino. First the LLU tries to save the mortals from drowning in the sea.

Jake takes on Jill Imperial on top of the WC Telecom Tower to stop the signal coming from the deadly cell phone. Thirdly Hanno and Greta get on the rooftop to stop people from jumping to their deaths.

The alter ego wounds Tristan as it takes advantage of Tristan’s beating heart, when the alter ego of Sandrino is about to give the k!lling blow, Malia stops by absorbing the blow. Mercifully, there is still enough real Sandrino that rises to fight his evil to protect his brother Tristan, just then Tristan and Malia hands light up with a electric shock as they touch eachother.

This, leads to the death of Sandrino’s alter ego for Sandrino to redeem himself from his evil side.


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