The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 12

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 12 Moonchasers infiltrate Cosplay exhibition of Armageddon, Kuto brings Malia and Tristan together

Mr Marvin chose Ningning for the Asia Datu Championship and relied on her to win for his company, Ningning assured him of winning the the Armageddon game. Looking at his wolf’s fang, Tristan believed his father would be proud of him if he was alive.

After a breakfast with Dory and her family, Miyo started helping the family by selling corn next to SMV Corporation to gather information on the owner. Miyo saw Supremo going inside his car and overheard an information concerning her.

Tristan introduced his family to Doc, and Domingo showed interest in Betty, Tristan’s aunt. Betty decided to sell some products to help Tristan with the expenses. Summer came in to yell at Tristan to take the jeepney and go to work. Tristan recalled Prof T telling them that those who would work as Moonchasers would earn like those in the military.

He then drove his jeepney away to attend Moonchasers’ meeting. They were thinking of means to overcome the vampires at the event which Ningning would be there. Tristan gave the fang to Prof T and he revealed to Tristan that his father was a Luna. He explained that Lunas were special people trained to k!ll evil vampires.

Meanwhile, Erin was still not over the massacre which took away his boss, Yago so he stormed the SMV Corporation to blow everyone together along with him. However, Malia was there selling her corn, and hit him right on the neck to make him faint. The security helped her to take him away from there. She told the security that Erin was her brother and was drunk.

Prof T said he could only know for certain if he personally asks Tristan’s father whether he was a Luna but Piolo retorted that his father died. The team had a foreplan to know the ins and outs of the venue. Joey came up with a plan on how the group would enter the hotel without having an invite and they worked towards the plan.

Erin was upset that Malia did not allow him to end it all and Malia said he would risk his life for nothing. She asked Erin for protection and formed an alliance with him to take down Supremo. She told him about her new power of hearing conversations of both humans and vampires and said she could leverage on that in her fight against Supremo.

Betty returned home without getting a customer to buy her product and asked Apple to help her sell her products online. Summer offered her laundry job so that she could pay her and Betty embraced it.

In the woods, Baristo and Gael planned on their next step to help Malia carry out their next mission. They talked about calling the werewolves which Lord Sentinel told them he has already spoken with them and are willing to help. Catleya believed those werewolves would be caught at the airport before they arrive in the country due to their scent.

Baristo said they had to risk it since he knew Malia was doing fine wherever she was but they had to also prepare to support her when the time arrives. Jake that night escaped the camp but Catleya followed him to stop him. He told Catleya to give him three days to search for Veruska and Malia and if he did not return on three days time then it meant that he has lost his will to fight.

The Moonchasers in disguise made entry into the hotel to familiarise and gain all the necessary things to make their grand entry during the Armageddon Datu Asia championship. They successfully sneaked into the cosplay exhibition of Armageddon. As they were talking in a bus about their successful mission, Tristan received a call and he promised Aunt Betty that he would withdraw money for his grandpa’s medical expenses on his way.

Doc helped Betty to do the laundry and it got Summer upset, knowing Doc was interested in Betty. Glenda was in labour and she had to be operated on, since there was no money to carry out the operation, Kuto ran off to look for a person he could robb to support his family. He came across Tristan who had withdrawn money and he asked him for a spare change.

As Tristan was helping him, Kuto stole the wallet of Tristan and fled with it. Tristan realised it an ran after him. In the woods, Baristo asked Catleya where she went and asked about Jake. She said Jake left the camp and asked for three days. She indicated that after three days and he failed to return, they should assume, Baristo interjected that they would search for him.

Kuto saw Miyo on the way and he told her that Glenda was in labour at the hospital. Miyo gave Kuto money and Tristan saw them. He ran after Miyo, thinking Kuto gave him his money and accidentally they fell into a pit.

Elsewhere, Madam Star while reading her cards saw Malia and Tristan together. She tried to separate the werewolf and the vampire to be together before the full moon. Realising Tristan as the guy who helped her, Malia remained quiet while Tristan asked Miyo for his money.

Miyo now understood that Kuto stole Tristan’s money and told him he would get the money for him. In Supremo’s palace, Veruska was sent inside the cage of Jethro and she was shocked to meet him. Veruska said so all those years he was alive. Jethro’s told her that the prophecy has not changed. Veruska now wished for one thing to escape there alive and help Malia in her mission in order to make up for her wrongs.

Kuto reached to the hospital and gave the money to Dory, saying Miyo borrowed it to help Glenda. Tristan asked Miyo to help him up so that he could also help him up. Miyo was scared that there would be a spark after they joined hands so she hesitated, she was shocked to realise there was no spark.

After coming up, Tristan was searching for a rope to help Miyo up but Miyo thought he had left him inside the pit as punishment so he came out by himself, making Tristan thinking he was a vampire. He and Miyo went to the hospital. Elsewhere, Jake found himself in trouble while searching Malia. He came across vamp!res who he fought. Veruska had a nightmare about her son.

She woke up to hear Supremo giving orders to one of his minions concerning the Armageddon event, Diana intruded that they have caught a werewolf, Veruska became scared thinking it was Jake.


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