The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 13

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 13 Moonchasers embark on mission to save Ningning, Supremo sends his minions after Malia after her identity is revealed

Madam Star went to the pit to prevent the werewolf and the Vampire ever merging their powers under the full moon. Tristan and Malia had already escaped from the pit and were at the hospital in search of Kuto.

Tristan was surprised to have found out from Dory that the money has been spent on the hospital expenses of her daughter who has delivered a baby girl. Dory was grateful to Miyo for giving Kuto the money. When Dory left to buy medicine, leaving Miyo and Tristan, Miyo promised to pay the money.

In Supremo’s palace, Veruska, the prisoner was saddened thinking Jake was the one captured. However, the werewolf Diana captured for Supremo was rather a she wolf with a name Denise. Supremo asked Veruska whether they were acquittance. Veruska denied knowing her and ordered Supremo to set Denise free.

Supremo now compelled Denise to talk by playing with her mind. He said since she was not useful to him, he would k?ll her right away. This compelled Denise to reveal that she was a member of the LLU and Veruska was Lord Sentinel’s wife who they were all in the same camp. Supremo asked her to describe the face of Malia to him and he would grant her desire to travel to Brazil, where she was going before Diana captured her.

Kuto return, realising what he has done, he told Tristan that he would pay the money since Miyo was newly adopted and did not want to drag him into their family problems. Beto and Dory came to understand that the money she was given by Kuto was actually a stollen money. Berto gave Tristan 2000 from the 10,000 Kuto stole and took Tristan’s number while he gave Tristan his residential address to go there if he failed to pay.

Dory talked to Kuto against stealing, she said although they were poor but they were no thieves and warned him to desist from the act otherwise she would denounce him. Kuto said sorry and promised not to do that again. Veruska told Denise not to do it as after doing it, Supremo might k!ll her so she should remain silence to keep herself alive. Supremo told her he would not have any use for Veruska if she describes Malia to him.

Denise described the chosen one and Supremo made his men make a cartography of Malia. He then bit Denise and put her inside his prison. Jethro did not want the hybrid to be with them in the same cell. Miyo chased Tristan and overtake him to ask for his help in paying off the debt. He said since Tristan was a jeepney driver, he could employ him for him to earn money to pay him off.

Tristan who was a bit afraid of the smartness and fast moves of Miyo at a point thought he could be a vampire and asked him to open his mouth for a dental check. After assessing him, Tristan accepted to help Miyo.
Struggling with her new identity as an hybrid, Denise got on her feet and engaged in a feud with Veruska. Veruska told her that what she has done has recklessly put her son in danger but the hybrid did not care and attacked Veruska.

Veruska k!lled her and Supremo was glad to see that. Meanwhile, Miyo was called by Dory for Kuto to say sorry and the kid promised that he wouldn’t steal, con anyone, pick pocket or engage in any form of vices again. Dory gave Miyo her blessings as she left to Tristan’s place to work as a mechanic. Tristan was leaving when Summer gave him a broom to sweep but he was in a hurry so he told his aunt to give the work to someone else.

Miyo arrived, Tristan introduced Miyo to Doc and his family. Tristan left him in the hands of Doc. Poky began to doubt the identity of Miyo and told Rebecca and Doc that Miyo was gay and was not a real man. Miyo heard everything they were saying. Elsewhere, Jake was in sack clothes, holding refuse dump, acting like a mad person just to keep himself from the vampires catching unto his scent.

He went to Lia’s grave to discover that Malia has not returned after she last left there. Jake was hopeful that Malia would return there so he wrote a letter and left it in a flower pot at the grave and left. As he was asked to get them some tools, Miyo saw a news on Luningning Ramos and Nognog Sebastian on television. Malia was happy to see her childhood friends and made it a point to be at the Amergaddon Datu Championship.

Meanwhile, Adee had managed to do replica passcards and distributed among the Moonchasers. Prof T provided them with weapons while he reinvented the wolf fang which Tristan’s father gave him. Supremo sent his minions and gave them the sketch they made of Malia to search for her at the event as he was sure Malia would never miss that event.

Malia wore a wig and dressed up for the function. She went to the hotel where her friends were lodged. Ningning and Nognog were having fun as couple. Nognog ensured his girlfriend, Ningning gain everything she wanted without Marvin’s help. Malia did not have ticket so she was not allowed inside the venue. Upon insistence on speaking with Ningning, the receptionist called Ningning’s room just a moment after Ningning and Nognog left the room for the event.

Malia saw someone passing with some passcards and she followed the person only to find her friends in the company of journalists. She sensed the presence of vampires and she hid herself. She saw that the vampires were desperately searching for her, which made her realise that Supremo knew she was friends with Ningning and Nognog. She decided to flee from the trap and she bumped into Tristan and fell in his arms.


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