The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 16

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 16 Supremo targets Senator Rodolfo Mallari, Summer plans to keep Tristan’s trust fund after he left her house

Since Tristan was bent on leaving, Summer questioned Tristan about his debts and the sudden change of mind to pack out. Tristan indicated that the place was not spacious and gave an amount of money to Summer to settle his debts. Betty saw Tonio in Tristan and wondered why he suddenly change his attitude.

Tristan went to the mechanic shop to ask of Miyo, speaking of him, Miyo arrived and Tristan asked him if there were available room in his area. He made Miyo follow him to his place to search for a room to rent.

Meanwhile, Supremo was surprised to hear that Luningning did not remember anything about her boyfriend. Diana said Ningning was acting as if she has forgotten everything about Nognog and had not been searching for him. Supremo then made up his mind to search for the group supporting Ningning and pursue Malia wherever she was.

He was not ready to allow anything to come in between his zeal of becoming president. He targeted his political opponent Senator Rodolfo Mallari. Elsewhere, Prof T received a message from the co admin of the Moonchasers concerning the new target, Senator Rodolfo Mallari.

While searching for a place to rent, Tristan and Miyo ran into trouble. However, Berto came to their rescue from the bullies. Tristan saw the place as not appropriate for his family. However, when Berto said in that area they watched eachother’s back, Tristan was happy with the lifestyle there.

Berto sent Miyo and Tristan home. Dory told Tristan about an available house which he could rent with a discount. Elsewhere, Summer and her sisters plotted to get Tristan’s trust fund after his birthday but the other sister, who had always been compassionate with Tristan wanted them to give the boy’s money to him since Tristan would need it for Mr Gabriel’s surgery.

However, Summer indicated that they have waited for that money for long, reason they went for Tristan while he was a child to take care of him. She even said they had to secure every possible means to get all Tristan’s trust fund’s money from him voluntarily.

Supremo told Nognog that it was a time to take control over his life as a new being. There was a woman who has been kidnapped and he ordered Nognog to k!ll the woman but he was unable to do so. Betty and Apple packed their staffs, awaiting for Tristan’s return. Jake got to the refuse dump where Baristo and Catleya was. Baristo was happy to see him and warned him not to go away from their sight again as that got them worried over him.

Tristan went to see the house together with Dory and Miyo, he liked the house and made down payment to Dory since she said she was going to the market and would pass the landlady’s place. Dory went to Madam Star, the landlady to pay the money. Madam Star even gave Dory a portion for getting someone to rent her house.

Tristan asked Miyo if he was a gay, stressing that he has been looking at his face all those time. Miyo said he was not a gay and admitted watching his face but it was because Tristan looked worried and believed something was bothering him. Tristan asked if he was a fortune teller and told him that he would not tell him his problems.

Later, Tristan arrived home and said good bye to Doc and Pokey. They were sad that he was leaving. Mr Gabriel also thanked Summer for her warm reception and said they would never forget her. Tristan promised doc that he would come around and shouldn’t act like he was going out of the country.

Tristan met with his friends and was asked whether he surely saw Lemuel. Tristan said he was sure and told his friends not to worry to watch over them as he has been able to get a new place for his family to stay. He thanked the Moonchasers for their help.

Soon, Tristan and his family settled in their new house. When packing Tristan’s things, Betty saw the wolf’s fang and asked Tristan about its use. Tristan revealed that he was part of Martial Art Class and he used that to train.

At the lair of Supremo, his informant address him on the strength and weaknesses of his political opponent, Senator Rodolfo Mallari. She said he was the people’s man who has embarked on humanitarian works, associate with the people and many believed he was the right person to be the president.

However, Senator Mallari was a person who according to the informant, did not care about the economic state of the country and that was where Supremo could fit in. Jethro saw the prophecy again and began to have an episode. The guard brought them food and Jethro scratched the fork against eachother to make noise to drive the vampire away.

He told Veruska that there was something about the prophecy that he did not say and it was not only Malia he saw in the prophecy. Due to the noise, Veruska barely heard what he said so Jethro said he would tell her once they were no longer there. The vampire returned and punished them for talking under low note. Their punishment was that they wouldn’t eat for three days. Tristan watched over his family while they were sleeping.

He locked all doors and windows and came to sleep on the couch in the living room with his wolf’s fang in his hand. He promised not to allow Lemuel get close to his family. The next day, there was a knock on the door. Betty rushed to open and was shocked to see Tristan sleeping on the couch. She queried why there were many locks on the door.

Tristan rushed to open it by himself and told Betty that the place was a bit dangerous and did that for their own safety. When he opened, it was Miyo’s family who were there with corn to officially welcome them. Meanwhile, Supremo was making plans with Senator Paglinauan concerning the Youtopia, online business. Prof T had a conversation with the mysterious lady introducing the members of the Moonchasers to her.

He revealed the strength and weaknesses of each, for Piolo, Prof T said he did not contribute anything to the group and he would let him go as he was a liability but not an asset. He saw Tristan as agile, smart and special, good with Martial Art and with proper training he would become a great and strong fighter so did the rest.

Senator Paglinauan called the lady incharge of the business and she assured him that everything was set for the launch of Youtopia.
During the launch, the lady said Youtopia was under new management, due to that they needed young and fresh blood who were computer wizards to work with the company.

Ningning was playing a computer game, she vented all her anger on the game due to Nognog’s issue. She then received a message from Youtopia, demanding her to work with them due to her efficiency and effectiveness as computer literate.

Ningning replied them and the lady delivered the good news to Supremo. Tristan introduced his family to Berto and Dory, Betty was glad that their neighbours have visited them and with food. They felt happy. Later, Tristan urged his grandfather to get ready for him to escort them to the hospital for his grandfather’s eye surgery. Betty wondered if he would not go to work.

Miyo asked Tristan if he would have to go to the auto shop now that he no longer stay there. Tristan said there was no need and asked Miyo to pay his debt in installments whenever he got the money. Miyo saw Jake around and gave him a sign. They met in a secret place, Jake who was becoming jealous of Tristan asked Malia not to trust Tristan but Malia indicated that what made her special was that she could associate with anyone and asked Jake not to lecture her.

Jake then revealed the purpose of his coming. He said the werewolves outside the country have helped them and provided a phone which had their numbers on it already, all that Malia had to do was to use their initials to operate in order for no one to find out. Tristan arrived at the hospital with his family. Piolo called him since he did not show up at their training.

Prof T asked about him and he wanted to know where he was. Tristan indicated that he was with his grandfather at the hospital and ever since he encountered Lemuel he did not want to compromise the safety of his family. Prof T spotted Piolo abandoning the training and was talking to Tristan. He snatched Piolo’s phone and threw it away, demanding him to leave the place. Tristan heard it on the line and was despair.

Miyo began selling corn at SMV Corp and she asked some of the workers who brought her corn if she could go in to sell some. She was told that only those who sold rice meals were allowed in since they became friends with the security. Miyo now had an idea on what to do.


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