The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 17

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 17 Supremo hires Luningning Ramos at Youtopia, Malia carries out plans to infiltrate the Heat bar

Miyo sent corn inside the SMV Corporation to seek the security’s permission to sell food. He promised to give them free lunch. Moved by the offer, he was given the acceptance so he rushed for rice meals from a certain vendor since it was getting to the lunch time.

At the coven of the vampires, Chino asked permission from Supremo to take Nognog on a tour. Supremo urged Nognog to listen to everything that Chino would say.

At the training camp, the Moonchasers had an intensive training. Miyo came to sell the rice meal to gather information on the boss only to discover that a woman was the boss of SMV and none knew the name of Supremo. She overheard the conversation of Chino when he was taking Nognog to tour the SMV facility.

They went to the heat bar, Miyo followed them but did not have the code to access the heat bar VIP in the elevator. He then access the available one, heat bar. In there, he saw some whine glasses which had blood in it. As she was smelling it someone came to drag her from there, claiming the place was a restricted area.

As Tristan was lost in deep thoughts at the hospital with the family, and the Moonchasers were in the sea training with their might not ready to give while Malia was doing her best to discover Supremo’s weaknesses, a voice over narrated the zeal of these three clans in working to bring to an end the evil vampire with the cursed ink’s reign.

“Many lives have already been lost because of the evil vampires. many lost father’s, mothers, siblings and other loved ones. We are in the midst of the war of the ages, the war we are fighting in pursuing of a peaceful world. A world where all races are equal, where it is every beings birth right to live in harmony with one another.

It’s your mission to push back against those who are depriving us of that peace. Your lives are no longer just your own, it is now bound with the lives of those you loved and swore to protect.”

As the Moonchasers were having their intensive training, Sir Gabriel was also undergoing his surgery. Miyo saw Supremo and he followed him in the elevator. Supremo while in the elevator with Miyo asked him who he was and he said he was just a food vendor who just making enormous living.

Supremo then queried what he was doing in there and he said he was searching for the exit. Supremo was glad that he found what he was searching for but warned him not to go to places where he did not know otherwise, he might find himself in harm’s way.

At the ground floor, Miyo tailed Supremo and he heard good comments about him that he was the owner of the heat bar but very friendly, down to earth, respectful and a good man. Miyo was surprised to hear such a complement.

During the training, each member of the Moonchasers recalled their family members and loved ones who were bitten by the evil vampires. The operation was successfully done and Mr Gabriel was thankful that he would no longer be living in darkness and would love the rest of his days seeing the bright world. He felt better now than ever.

Tristan thanked the doctor and said few days later he would have the other eye of Gabriel operated. Gabriel was grateful to Tristan since because of him he would be able to see again and his dark world would now become brightened again. He would also discover new ways of doing things.

When Tristan and the family came home, he told Aunt Betty that he was leaving for work and he asked the area guys to watch over his family especially his grandpa as he underwent an operation. If any complications occurred in his absence the muscular one should carry him to the hospital and would also pay for their snacks.

The werewolves managed to find a new camp through the help of the foreign ones. They got another place where they could mask their scent from the evil vampires. Baristo toured Erin, Gael and Lemuel in the area and showed them a facility provided by their allies where there was internet connection and telephone, which meant that they would not go out to make phone calls again.

He offered part of the facility to Erin for him to train his new Luna recruits and Erin accepted the offer. Soon, Miyo applied for a waiter job at the heat bar. Although, Miyo said he was hard working and not choosy when it comes to work, he did not fit the requirement.

He was told that only special people were working there and he would have to need a recommendation from an affluent person or a person who sided with the owner before he could be hired. Miyo was aware that only vampires were working at the heat bar as he did not feel the heartbeats of those there.

Meanwhile, Luningning Ramos arrived at Youtopia and was not made to join the cue. She was sent in an and was oriented on the job. Youtopia started off as a Mobile App but with the new management they were now a technology development company and needed Luningning’s skills and experience to get it going.

The lady introduced to her their new App which consisted of social media apps, games including the Datu game, a game which Ningning loved. She said the company was planning to use Ningning as their face or an ambassador for their upcoming multi app launch. Ningning did not want to have any commitment since she recently came from one. She cried that it still hurt, behold Gilbert Imperial appeared and he was introduced to Ningning as the CEO of Youtopia.

Gilbert Imperial told Ningning not to worry if her boyfriend hurt her. He said she was special and it would be the man’s loss. He further talked to Ningning concerning the app and said they needed fresh blood with creative mind to make the Youtopia excel. Ningning was amazed and accepted the offer without a second thought.

Tristan went to the headquarters to find his friends being treated after their intensive training. Prof T arrived and fired Tristan much to the surprise of the Moonchasers. Tristan explained that there was a vampire stalking his family and he had to keep them safe.

However, Prof T stood on his decision, Tristan now believed the fight was not for him and left. His friends ran after him to make him see that Prof T might be testing him. Prof T arrived and asked the Moonchasers to excuse him while he had a talk with Tristan. He took his scientific formula and Tristan questioned the authority he had over him to attempt to erase his memories and experience he had of vampires. The two fought and Prof T encouraged him to let go of his anger.

He accepted Tristan back into the team and advised him that the fact that he had an exceptional fighting skills did not mean he had that will, adding that the battle they were fighting was from within and not the outside one. Elsewhere, Malia told the LLU how she came face to face with Supremo and wanted to end it all for him but couldn’t.

She said she applied a job at the heat bar to infiltrate Supremo’s camp but was not employed. She needed a recommendation from an influential person or someone who sided with Supremo.

Erin said it was a shot in the dark but would try by talking to sir Andrew who was also called Omar, a former Luna Soldier who was also a friend of Malia’s grandfather, Noah. Omar was busy in the gambling den playing poker and he defeated all the players.

Erin indicated that Omar became his idol even when he was a vampire and did not choose evil. He travelled out of the country and returned as a different person when Supremo’s reign began as he now sided with Supremo. Malia wanted to know where Omar was but Erin said he would first talk to him so Gael and Lemuel decided to go with him.

At the Moonchasers headquarters, Tristan asked Prof T how he was able to abandon his family just to pursue the agenda of the Moonchasers. A flashback showed that Prof T’s daughter was sleeping and a vampire bit her. Prof T came to meet it and stabbed the vampire, held him tight for k!lling his precious daughter till the vampire denigrate.


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